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18 nov

Nine new DCS WWII missions have been released for the Channel Map, all based upon the events of the 19th August 1942, during Operation Jubilee. The airframes covered include the allies; the Spitfire LF Mk. IX and P-51D Mustang and for the axis, either the Bf 109 K-4 Kurfurst or the Fw 190 A-8. Please note the WWII Assets Pack is required as it adds to the overall immersion. 

The missions have been designed to encapsulate how it would feel to take part in the overall operation. You will see and hear other Sections/Gruppe as they execute their primary tasking. Your new mission sets include: Bomber Escort, Beachhead Close Air Support, Anti Shipping Strikes and Bomber Intercepts. Ground and naval based controllers will provide instruction where appropriate and troops/vehicles will actually be landed on the beaches at Dieppe. 

Each mission has a selectable difficulty level to suit a player’s individual skill set, from hardened veteran to those just starting out in DCS WWII. These new missions can be found by selecting MISSION from the main menu. After selecting your airframe of choice, you will find the Operation Jubilee missions.