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22 mar

DCS World ED Miles Update

After reading your feedback from our earlier announcement of the upcoming ED Miles loyalty program, we have modified our plans to better support our clients with Bonus Program points. Rather than have Bonus Program points expire at the launch of the ED Miles, we will allow Bonus Program points to expire one year from their earning or until March 31st, 2020, whichever comes first. This will allow all clients to use their Bonus Program points for up to one year since the points were earned. Additionally, you can get up to 30% off DCS World e-Shop purchases using your Bonus Points during the week before the launch of ED Miles. This will include all developers taking part in the Bonus Program.

Crash Reporting Tool

As some of you may have experienced already, we have added a function to the core of DCS World to submit information directly the Eagle Dynamics Team. When a crash occurs in DCS World, a window will pop up, and allow you to send the required logs and associated files to the team, as well as a message describing the issue.

Why should you take part? This is a great way to add another layer of support to DCS World in order to catch and fix major blocking issues, especially those that take part in Open Beta Testing. DCS World will recognize that a crash has occurred, and collect the required files and logs needed for the ED Team to identify and fix the issue. These files can be logs, tracks and crash files.

What do I need to do to use this feature? In the unfortunate event that you do experience a crash, DCS World will collect all the files on its own, in the window that pops up, you will see a comment box. To the best of your knowledge, try to describe, or give steps to repeat the crash you experienced, if you are using any modifications (ranging from custom aircraft to a simple LUA edit). Once you have fully described the issue you experienced, just hit submit. That's it. No collecting the files yourself, posting on the forums, etc.

What is ED collecting from me? You can see for yourself what you are sending to ED, by clicking on the "Open in Explorer" you will see the files being submitted to us.

After submitting, what is next? For you, really nothing. If you want to open a support ticket or a forum thread about the issue, you can, but it shouldn't be needed. For us, we will examine everything given, and try to decide what the best course of action is for DCS World, whether it's a hotfix or information about other issues, such as a bad modification.

While this isn't as exciting as a new aircraft, or new gameplay feature, it's a very important and powerful tool to make sure that DCS World remains as stable and playable as possible. Being able to act on major issues as those reported by this feature, make the turnaround time for an action to fix major issues much less. For those of you that take the time to report and provide information on DCS World we appreciate all that you do to try and help make DCS World better. We hope that a feature like this helps you help DCS World grow and improve going forward.