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DCS: World 2.5
F-15C Eagle T.Flight HOTAS X Profile (with PowerPoint Diagram) V2
Author - siIver
Date - 03/13/2021 01:50:15
(UPDATED 03/14/21, changelog included in Read Me)

Hello everyone! This is my current profile for the F-15C, and I though I'd share. The F-15C was my first aircraft and a great trainer, but the lack of detailed profiles available prompted me to help out. I'd also like to note that this profile was inspired by both GrEa5eLiTeNiN and badbob.

The SRS commands included are obviously optional, and can easily be replaced if needed.

As always, questions can be posted below in the comment section. Thanks, and have fun.
2 Modifiers to give 4 command layers:
Layer 1 (Black):     Press desired command (no Modifier pressed)
Layer 2: (Red):      Press Modifier 1 only + desired command
Layer 3: (Green):   Press Modifier 2 only + desired command
Layer 4: (Blue):      Press Modifier 1 and Modifier 2 together + desired command
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