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3 jun
The "DCS: A-10C Warthog" Patch is now available for download.
This patch should be installed on the version.<br /><br /> Change Log:
<li>Added new surround sound system. Working in any Windows supported configurations, from 2 up to 8 channels: 2.1, quadraphonic, 5.0, 5.1, 7.1, etc.</li>

<b>User Interface</b>
<li>Added the Briefing panel in the flight - [LALT-B]</li>
<li>Added the Debriefing panel in the flight - [RSHIFT - ‘]</li>
<li>Aerial refueling now tracked in log book.</li>
<li>AIM-9 loadout listed twice corrected.</li>
<li>Option to turn random systems failures on or off.</li>
<li>Pre-set HDR options of Off, Normal, Hard, and Soft added.</li>

<li>New E-2D "Hawkeye" AWACS.</li>
<li>Corrected L-39 landing/taxi lights.</li>
<li>Fixed CH-53E textures.</li>
<li>UAZ LOD model fixed.</li>
<li>Su-33 floating on carrier deck fixed.</li>
<li>Low-level of detail (LOD) distance adjusted.</li>

<b>World Environment</b>
<li>Detailed terrain texture distance extended.</li>
<li>Building shadows corrected.</li>

<li>New dynamically self-shadowing cockpit with option to turn off and on in Options screen.</li>
<li>Improved cloud density.</li>
<li>HDR overcast blur adjusted to be less noticeable.</li>
<li>HUD preventing shadows in field of view fixed.</li>
<li>Lightning color fixed.</li>
<li>Fixed glowing dust clouds behind ground units.</li>
<li>Fixed blue flare.</li>
<li>Fixed disappearing cloud shadows.</li>
<li>KC-135 navigation light bloom adjusted.</li>
<li>Improved distant terrain noise texture.</li>
<li>Internal canopy glare added.</li>
<li>Improved distant terrain noise texture.</li>

<b>Artificial Intelligence</b>
<li>Reduced delay in JTAC messages.</li>
<li>JTAC Abort messaging adjusted.</li>
<li>JTAC releasing player before all targets destroyed fixed.</li>
<li>Predator taxi problems corrected.</li>
<li>Wingmen Engagement logic improved when threats are in target area. Better self-preservation.</li>
<li>Corrected remaining gun ammo report to JTAC.</li>
<li>JTAC "use cannon" message fixed.</li>
<li>After refueling other aircraft, tankers will no longer fly into oblivion.</li>
<li>Wingmen now better engage targets around player SPI when give "Engage With..." command.</li>
<li>Wingmen no longer detect and reports RWR spikes well before the player's RWR detects any emitters.</li>

<li>Corrected inaccurate AGM-154 JSOW.</li>

<b>Track Replay</b>
<li>Improved track replay accuracy.</li>

<li>Multiplayer performance degradation due to an anomaly large SADL message traffic was fixed.</li>
<li>Muliplayer users spawning at same location fixed.</li>
<li>Multiplayer timeout / server timeout fixed.</li>
<li>AI planes will stop taxiing when more than 1 player is on server.</li>
<li>Client aerial refueling corrected.</li>
<li>Air-to-Air TACAN working correctly.</li>
<li>Laser Spot Search and buddy lasing working.</li>

<b>Avionics / Cockpit</b>
<li>Fixed – M274 rockets on LAU68 launcher appear as M257 in DSMS.</li>
<li>Sidewinder jettison capability was removed.</li>
<li>HUD will not revert to NAV when Master Arm is cycled in Air-to-Air mode.</li>
<li>DTSAS status message on HUD and CDU was reworked. OFF MAP capability was restored – digital map is available in radius of 450 kilometers around operating area.</li>
<li>Numerous HUD symbology fixes in HARS mode.</li>
<li>Fixes to GCAS caution light – it will be lit now if EGI is not providing attitude information.</li>
<li>Fixed GCAS training auto-scroll function.</li>
<li>Fixed ILS audio control.</li>
<li>Fixed AC Generator caution lights logic.</li>
<li>More accurate signal light test indications.</li>
<li>Momentary AC electrical power loss (causing CICU restart) was removed when engines generators turned on.</li>
<li>Altimeter PNEU fixed. Additionally now ELEC/PNEU switch has 3 positions with spring loaded center position. It should be held in desired position (ELEC or PNEU) for 1 second to switch altimeter mode of operation.</li>
<li>Cold start IFFCC elevation correctly set to DTS and not HOT on ramp start.</li>
<li>Maverick power management by location fixed.</li>
<li>ILS working with no power fixed.</li>
<li>RWR symbol placement adjusted.</li>
<li>ILS and Marker beacons fixed.</li>
<li>Laser guided bombs guiding with no designation fixed.</li>
<li>Fire detect bleed air leak test button light fixed.</li>
<li>System Status page 1760 station indications corrected.</li>
<li>EGI is no longer selected automatically on NMSP on ramp start. In all cases the EGI should be selected manually now.</li>
<li>Fourth depress of UFC ALT ALERT button will exit altitude alert edit mode.</li>
<li>Most of the UFC SEL rocker functions were made UFC mode independent.</li>
<li>DTSAS PGCAS function was implemented – now GCAS will better predict collision in mountainous area with DTSAS turned ON and operating.</li>
<li>GCAS and weapon events counters were implemented on CDU LASTE page.</li>
<li>Fixed missing audio during RWR test.</li>
<li>CDU DIVERT page was fixed – some airfields were missing.</li>
<li>"Slave all to SPI" function for Maverick now works only if missile is RDY on DSMS page, and Maverick video is up on any of MFCDs.</li>
<li>Airfield name on CDU FLDINFO page has correct maximum length now.</li>
<li>TAD hook is cleared now if it was a SADL symbol and SADL was switched off.</li>
<li>AI radar detection range by RWR was adjusted.</li>
<li>Maverick stations selection logic in DSMS was fixed.</li>
<li>TAD symbols hooking and display priorities were updated.</li>
<li>HUD SPI symbology display conditions adjusted.</li>
<li>Maverick impact point accuracy in Forced Correlate mode was improved.</li>
<li>An option to turn on/off closest friendlies symbols was added on TGP CTRL page.</li>
<li>T-handle lights now working correctly.</li>
<li>Corrected cockpit tool tips.</li>
<li>Reduced probabilities for cockpit random failures. Random failure for gun and CICU was added.</li>
<li>Jerky Flight Path Angle indication on HUD during taxi was fixed. Minor logic adjustments were made to TVV symbol.</li>
<li>JTAC SADL NetID now working correctly.</li>
<li>HARS navigation is defaulting to active at ramp start. With the HARS mode active, you will not get any FPM/VVI in the HUD, and you will not be able to arm the EAC. If you switch from HARS mode to EGI mode after complete INS Alignment, then the FPM/VVI returns, and you can arm the EAC.</li>
<li>SAI excessive precession was fixed.</li>
<li>SAI cage function was fixed - it should cage much faster now.</li>
<li>ILS frequency selector function was completely reworked according to video recorded in the real cockpit.</li>
<li>Inverter OFF/TEST logic was reimplemented. In TEST it will revert Essential AC bus power to inverter. In OFF Essential AC bus will be not powered by any source (even if AC power from generators is available).</li>
<li>INST INV caution lamp logic was implemented. </li>
<li>APU GEN caution lamp logic was implemented. </li>
<li>LEFT/RIGHT GEN caution lights logic was fixed.</li>
<li>Inverter noise was added. It will be heard when inverter goes online.</li>
<li>With ITT gauges inop, L/R ENG NOT caution lights will be always on.</li>
<li>L/R MAIN PUMP, and L/R WING PUMP caution lights are connected to Essential DC Bus now (and thus will be lit in cold cockpit once DC power is provided by any source).</li>
<li>Excessive SAI precession fixed.</li>

<li>Reported errors in campaigns have been fixed. </li>