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DCS: World 2.5
UH-1H Huey
24 Hours In The UN
Autor - stevanj
Date - 07.12.2020 22:06:17
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You are Sandra Hernandez, a helicopter pilot.
Now retired you work as a sub-contractor for a local Air Logistics Agency.
Youve been called in to operate the UN's UH-1H in and around Beirut. On call for the next 24 Hours..
Take Off from Beirut International Airport and head into the City for your Briefing..
How many tasks can you do?
Your Co-Pilot with give you instructions as you need them, make sure you focus on task in hand.. One wrong move, and its over..
Show the CoPilot and the UN what youre capable of..
Mission Trailer
A hot start fr om Beirut International- as you fly into the City your copilot will find you tasks and advise you on wh ere to go..
Missions are generated automatically- If youre given a mission you dont like, just fly over Beirut and then back to the city to get a different one..
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