FC3 F15C Modified Mission 4 for campaign

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FC3 F15C Modified Mission 4 for campaign

Hochgeladen von - John C Flett
Datum - 26.01.2014 17:09:58
A modified mission 4 for the Flaming Cliffs F15 campaign to avoid the frequent stalemates I encountered.
The mission is designed to conclude either if your airbase is destroyed OR all enemy strike aircraft are destroyed.

However, any time I've played this mission one or more strike aircraft are driven off and abort the mission meaning neither trigger activates. I've simply added a third trigger to win the mission if this happens.

My first ever upload / mod and intended more for my own use but somebody may find it useful.

Simply back up and replace "FC3-F15C-04.miz" in the "DCS world/mods/aircrafts/flaming cliffs/missions/EN/campaigns.

I've played the mission a few times and it seems to work ( it's a simple trigger ) but best keep the original in backup in case anything goes wrong.

I don't expect any issues but feel free to contact me if need be.
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