Fictional Swiss AF "Steinbock" Sqn. Skin for A-10C

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Fictional Swiss AF "Steinbock" Sqn. Skin for A-10C

Typ - Anstrich
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Datum - 13.01.2014 18:21:24
My first skin for DCS I made for myself, thought I'd share. Inspired by CHSubZero's fine swiss skins. Made from the layered template of the A-10C.

Basically the layered template; removed dust (it's swiss ;) ) & usaf markings and added swiss markings + sqn logo.

No automatic numbering, since the USAF numbers are esthetically far from the swiss ones.

Used the S letter because J is for Jagd - hardly adequate. I think germany used S for attack planes.

just unpack in Bazar/liveries/A-10C/
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