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F-16C Viper

Better F-16C RWR Sounds [OLD]

Typ - Sound
Hochgeladen von - Voy7
Datum - 09.11.2022 03:39:18
--- NOTE: As of the latest OB, most of the sounds in this mod were added into the core game, this mod is no longer needed. A new version with touched up sounds may come in the future. ---

This mod aims to give the F-16 more realistic RWR sounds based off a few source videos. Whilst we cannot fully implement the full range of RWR PRF sounds, this mod is a good stop-gap until ED finishes the F-16 RWR.

Sound Changes:
- "New guy" chirping sound for surface and air radars, low and high Hz respectively.
- High Hz PRF tones for lock sound.
- Missile launch audio plays once, followed by low Hz PRF tones.
- "Recycle" launch audio plays every 15* seconds after initial launch audio.

Unzip the mod and place the 'Mods' folder into your DCS Saved Games folder.

* Does NOT break integrity check. *

Main source video:
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