Mirage F1 Fighter Weapons School - training campaign +++ obsolete ++ new version available +++

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Mirage F1

Mirage F1 Fighter Weapons School - training campaign +++ obsolete ++ new version available +++

Typ - Kampagne
Hochgeladen von - Don Rudi
Datum - 17.08.2022 06:04:54
Map - Syria
+++ the completely reworked campaign for the F1BE, F1CE and F1EE is available for download here:

Welcome to the Fighter Weapons School training campaign for the Aerges Mirage F1

In this 16 mission training campaign you will learn/practise every aspect of weapons delivery in the Mirage F1.
Tasks range from simple navigation using TACAN offsets to low level bombing to more advanced techniques like toss bombing or pop up attacks.
Overall there are 10 air to ground missions, 5 air to air missions and 1 naviagation exercise.

Each mission is described in the accompanying manual, providing the player with all necessary attack parameters, gunsight depressions, sight pictures and if needed cockpit switches.

Moreover the manual covers basics like cold start, radio handling and creating own waypoints using TACAN offsets.

Required are the Syria map and the Aerges Mirage F1.

List of missions:

#1: T-Scramble!
#2: TACAN Offset
Air to ground
#3: Rockets and guns
#4: Low level bombing
#5: Dive bombing
#6: Anti runway (Durandals)
#7: Toss bombing (Belougas)
#8: Pop up attack
#9: Laser guided bombs
#10: Anti shipping
Air to Air
#11: Intercept (easy)
#12: Intercept (medium)
#13: Intercept (hard)
#14: Close air support
#15: SEAD
#16: A-Scramble!

Except for the three "exam" tasks, the player is provided with all relevant data, like waypoint data, target QFE, attack parameters, depressions and a sight pictures. In addition he can request a smoke marker via the F10 communication menu or disable/enable enemy defensive fire.
For the maritime strike he can choose between three different ship types as the target.

Please make sure to have the 28 page manual in PDF format at hand, when flying the missions.

Kneeboard pages with all relevant navigation and communication data, as well as a pictorial cold start guide are included.

Copy the folder from the ZIP file into your local saved games/DCS/missions/campaigns/en folder.


Note: this is the campaign version of FWS single mission: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3325430/

+++ Update 31.08.2022 +++
Mission 5 - scoring system changed.
Mission 11 - Intercept easy: Briefing image does not disappear when pressing spacebar - fixed.

+++ Update 20.11.2022 +++
Mission 9 - JTAC drone not orbitting - fixed.
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