USS Forrestal Deck Paint Upgrade

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USS Forrestal Deck Paint Upgrade

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Hochgeladen von - rpembert
Datum - 26.10.2021 23:27:50
Brighter paint for the USS Forrestal.

I love the Forrestal but had a hard time lining up and getting a visual on the landing area. This will help you guys in VR. No loss in the fine details. I based the textures on the 1987 pictures on the internet as far as visibility goes. Let me know what you guys think and please rate!

Put the texture in: X:\(your main DCS folder)\CoreMods\aircraft\F14\Textures\Forrestal

I don't know if this breaks IC. *******PLEASE BACK UP - - in the texture folder*********

Thanks, and enjoy.

Joshua Pemberton
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