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DCS: World 2.7
A-10C II Tank Killer
Operation Piercing Fury - COOP

Operation Piercing Fury - COOP

Typ - Kampagne
Autor - patpatpowercat
Datum - 15.06.2021 03:18:18
Operation Piercing Fury upd ated for the A-10C II Tank Killer. This is a 4 person co-op version, updated to 2.7

Include <Snakedoc> fixes for missions 3, 9, and 14

Ranger79's Operation Piercing Fury updated for the A-10CII update. This includes <Snakedoc>'s fixes for the campaign to update for 2.5.6. All credit for to those two, all I have done is change Hawg flight out for A-10CII instead of the older A-10.

Additionally, each Hawg is a unique skin from atomtomgo's 25th squadron texture pack, since per the story you are A-10's from the ROK. Side numbers are se t to match individual skins.

Texture Pack Here: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3312531/

***All credit/copyright to content creators Ranger79, <Snakedoc>, and atomtomgo***

Please let me know of errors and issues!
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