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DCS: World 2.5

Operation Jasmine

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Datum - 21.08.2020 15:07:25
SP and MP. Operation Jasmine is a dynamic multiplayer mission for the Syria map that scales with the number and type of participant client aircraft. For that reason it can also be played in single player. Both sides are flyable. Mission goal is the complete elimination of enemy armored vehicles in the theater's three areas of operations.

See "more screenshots" for mission briefing.

Edit: 1/11/2020: improved helicopter aspect of mission. Fixed a scripting bug.

Russian forces are pitted against a coalition of US and Isreali forces. Blue forces and Red forces are in a state of war and are attacking the other side. The primary locations of these attacks are south and east of Damascus, and there is also an AO east of Beirut. Both sides rely heavily both on helicopter forces and airpower.

All airfields within the theater of operation are active, and both sides will launch fighters and bombers from their airfields throughout the mission. All players should monitor airfields for enemy activity. Ground attack aircraft should closely coordinate with fighter protection. Helicopters are tasked with troop transport, sling-loading and CSAR.
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