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DCS: World 2.5
F-14 Tomcat
NZArmA BFM Mission

NZArmA BFM Mission

Autor - PSYKO_nz
Datum - 07.08.2020 02:48:18
I couldn't find a good simple guns only BFM mission anywhere, so I made one.

this is version 2.0 of it, it had a few minor changes since we built it and we're pretty happy with it.\

we use it most weeks

the key is SIMPLE

Players start over the Crimean Peninsula
10 nm apart
head to head
15000 ft


Fights on

that's it, simple as.

when there is a winner back to spectator and start all over again

all players on the server can watch what's going on if while in spectator they go briefing -> fly they have all the views available, f5 is a good one!

there are 4 of each aircraft for each side

a few versions are available, here's the key
N - Night
NM - The current public version with no mods

good for training or mini-tournaments or testing new toys out
now get out there and have some fun

In the future I'm hoping to add helicopters to this, so stay tuned
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