F-22A Hoover Damn / Las Vegas Speed Run UPDATED!! 12/12/21

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DCS: World 2.5

F-22A Hoover Damn / Las Vegas Speed Run UPDATED!! 12/12/21

Autor - blkbelt
Datum - 15.06.2020 03:40:05
UPD ATED!! F-22A mod by Grinnelli is working and decided to do a run. If you already have this mod installed, you're all se t.

Not sure if this is the newest version but it works for me. Let me know if there is a problem.

This Course Starts with long high speed checkpoints, and 3 F-18 Fighters coming at you in a head on. They are at 1000 ft and are pretty easy to avoid  (just thought I would throw in some eye candy) getting closer and closer as you travel up the River to the Hoover Dam, as the turns get closer and you get slower, you will have to start "Sliding" around some of the curves. Eventually reaching the damn, and flying up over and around to begin the Las Vegas run. Fly through valleys, small mountains, to blasting over residential neighborhoods at 100 Ft, then a Pass through the city, and finally fly through or land for the final checkpoint on the runway, In this video I will be blasting through the final check point as I'm doing a time trial. Time Starts at First Gate and ends at Runway Gate. R Shift + R and R Shift + N to turn off warning sounds.

Preview video Here, with time stamps
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