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DCS: World 2.5
F-86F Sabre

[F-86F] Japan Air Self Defense Forces v3

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Hochgeladen von - CHSubZero
Datum - 16.03.2020 05:50:01
This skin pack contains different schemes while in Service with the Japan Air Self Defense Forces. For every Squadron I implemented one livery with valid fixed BORT numbers and a generic, more reflective one with dynamic BORT number.

Japanese for Beginners :-) Kokudan means Air Wing while Hikotai means Squadron

  - 1st Kokudan 1st Hikotai
  - 2nd Kokudan 3rd Hikotai
  - 3rd Kokudan 8th Hikotai

Thanks to BoNidle for the pilot skin

v3: Lots of fixes and "1st Kokudan 1st Hikotai" (4 liveries) as well as "3rd Kokudan 8th Hikotai" (2 liveries) added
v2: "JASDF 2nd Kokudan 3rd Hikotai Generic" added and minor bug fixes on the tail
v1: Initial release with "JASDF 2nd Kokudan 3rd Hikotai 731"
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