F-14B - VF-84 Jolly Rogers - with noseart "Gotcha... Baby !"

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DCS: World 2.5
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F-14B - VF-84 Jolly Rogers - with noseart "Gotcha... Baby !"

F-14B - VF-84 Jolly Rogers - with noseart "Gotcha... Baby !"

Typ - Anstrich
Autor - Clorydric
Datum - 04.12.2019 07:16
Livery of the VF-84 F-14A with the noseart "Gotcha... Baby!"

Added the noseart "Gotcha... Baby!" to Jack's wonderful "VF-84 Jolly Rogers USS Nimitz 1980" livery and uploaded with his kind permission. (Thanks A LOT ! )

As far as I know, this plane is a former VX-9, re-painted for a museum (not for active duty) with a gloss finish.
This mod add two variants : one with a gloss finish (quick roughmet edit), the other one uses default roughmets (mat).

All credits for the original VF-84 Jolly Rogers livery (https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/fr/files/3305094/?sphrase_id=20563166) goes to Jack.

This livery links to Jack's one to reduce disk usage, so you'll need to download and install these as well :
https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/fr/files/3305094/?sphrase_id=20563166 .
You MUST install at least "VF-84 Jolly Rogers AJ200 (1980)" and shouldn't rename this folder.

Extract zip contents to C:\Users\[YOUR USERNAME]\Saved Games\DCS\Liveries\f-14b\ .

v2, 2019-12-04 : Added a "mat" livery with default roughmets (per user request).
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