USAF 179th FS Serial No. 91-0336 by PorcoRosso86 UPDATE

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DCS: World 2.5
USAF 179th FS Serial No. 91-0336 by PorcoRosso86 UPDATE

USAF 179th FS Serial No. 91-0336 by PorcoRosso86 UPDATE

Typ - Anstrich
Autor - Porcorosso86
Datum - 05.11.2019 09:15
Minnesota ANG, 179th Fighter Squadron livery for DCS:F-16C
BEWARE! Provisional livery, it may change in conjunction with module updates

Hello there
This is a provisional livery of the Minnesota ANG, 179th Fighter Squadron, Serial 91-0336
That's was a really hard, because wasn't easy to reproduce a realistic have glass effect, and that was a real challenge for me. Also I added a lot of details, that make this livery as close as possible to the references.
That livery was requested by Bexter, that help me in many references based fr om real pilots and real ground crew: thanks a lot!
Canopy by Rybo

That livery included:
- a new roughmets that reproduce the "have glass" effect
- new better decals
- added new particulars like brass looking pitot, brass looking antennas, gloss paint for other sensors ecct
- modified the intake edge panel to be curved as like the references, with their normals
- added a black band in the canopy with a line of brass rivets, with their normals
- new canopy diffuse and roughmets
and more..

- Corrected typo mistakes
- Added a new canopy with separated glass between back and front

Put the folder on
C:\Users\USERNAME\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Liveries\F-16C_50
C:\Program Files\DCS.openbeta\Coremods\Aircraft\F-16\Liveries\F-16C_50
Create new folders wh ere's necessary.

USAF 179th FS Serial No. 91-0336 by PorcoRosso86. Free license, do not redistribuite.
If you want to use it as base for other works, give all credits.
Original LUA comments (not command lines) modification aren't allowed.
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