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DCS UH-1 Huey Voice Attack Profile

Autor - Baileywa
Datum - 08.09.2019 02:34:48
Did you know the Fortunate Son had a brother?! Now you do and you have been reunited thanks to this Voice Attack Profile for the DCS Huey. Voice command your Copilot to do the things that, well, he is supposed to do! Tune the radios, take the controls, set up weapons. Lift that Purple Haze and give this VoiceAttack profile a try!

This Voice Attack Profile will enable you to command all four radios in the DCS Huey
You can:
-Tune a specific frequency
-Tune the tower of any airfield on Caucus or Persian Gulf
-Pass the controls to the copilot (and take them back)
-Have the copilot set up the weapons

Let me know if there are any mistakes, anywhere.
I really value any input you may have on this project. Anything from "It doesn't work", to "The voices are too loud in my head.", to "I would like X feature!". Oh, and a "Thanks!" will do too!

Feel free to change anything about this VoiceAttack Profile that you want. Also, feel free to mix and match this profile to other profiles that you have. I have covered some unique things, but the guy in the back can’t raise the gear! Think you have a change that will benefit others? Let me know and I may incorporate it in the next update.

*I don’t use VAICOM PRO. For those that do, I'd still appreciate your input!

I hope we can make this VoiceAttack profile better as time goes on. Tell your friends!
The download for this VoiceAttack Profile is located here:

~Bailey 02DEC2019
Discord: Bailey#6230
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