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Caucasus Pendulum v1.8.3

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Datum - 24.08.2019 11:25:13
Gudauta, Sukhumi and Gali are being disputed by both BLUE and RED coalitions.
At regular intervals assault forces will be automatically directed by both coalitions to the Capture Zones (CZs).

*** WHAT IS IT? ***
Caucasus Pendulum is a PvE/PvP endless mission.
The mission is scripted dynamically using MOOSE, a mission will never be the same as another one.
AI CAP and CAS units are randomized and spawn fr om different templates with random skill levels to create a different experience every time the mission runs.

*** WHY THE NAME Caucasus Pendulum? ***
During the development of the mission I noticed at one point that bases were switching back and forth between RED and BLUE coalitions and it reminded me of a pendulum.

The map is a fluid battlefront that reacts to events on the Capture Zones (CZs).
There are three main capture zones: Gali, Sukhumi and Gudauta.
At mission start RED coalition will have the advantage of owning already all three CZs but with no units in them.

On Gali, where the battle begins, there will be spawns for both RED and BLUE coalitions in random locations.
If RED mangaes to capture Gali then BLUE coalition will keep sending columns at regular intervals to attempt re-capturing, BLUE side will send CAS flights to Gali until it is captured.
If BLUE manages to capture Gali then a BLUE armoured column will be directed to Sukhumi at regular intervals and RED coalition will send CAS flights to Sukhumi and Gudauta.
RED reinforcements will be sent regularly to Sukhumi and Gali until BLUE doesn't capture Sukhumi.
If BLUE manages to capture Sukhumi a BLUE armoured column will be directed to Gudauta at regular intervals and a BLUE reinforcement column will be sent to Sukhumi.
RED will get reinforcements to Gudauta and attempt to capture Sukhumi while they control Gudauta.
If BLUE manages to capture Gudauta then RED will not send columns to Sukhumi and will focus on Gudauta, hopefully with help fr om air units they will get it back and restore their troops going to Sukhumi.
If RED captures Sukhumi again then the cycle will continue as Gali will get RED columns to Gali and Sukhumi will get RED reinforcements and the cycle will keep looping.

AI will take a part in the mission as both sides will be sending CAS and CAP flights to support their offensive.

BLUE side has FAC units deployed and use CTLD for interaction. Again, FACs will be directed to the most forward capturable CZ. This means no FACs in Gudauta if BLUE does not control Sukhumi and no FACs to Sukhumi if BLUE doesn’t control Gali.
RED side has forward observers nearby and they will shoot RED flares when in proximity of enemy units so you can finally pull out the Su-25 out of the hangar.

Strike missions are available and targets spawn in random locations so finally there's something to do with the Viggen.
The Viggen is flyable for both coalitions as RED side, at the moment, does not have a valid player module with strike capabilities.

Briefings include recon data for strike missions with a recon photo of the target.
Additionally, these strike missions are marked on the map to get coordinates for the target area.

Players from both coalitions can request CAP/Air Cover, e.g., you are flying the Su-25 supporting troops over Sukhumi and two BLUE airplanes are coming for you. They can be requested through the F10 Radio Menu and have a cooldown of 30 minutes.
Air Strikes can also be requested. For RED side a Su-34 will be vectored to a strategic target and for BLUE there will be a F-15E vectored to the strategic target.
The above-mentioned strategic targets are a Barracks compound for RED and a Command Outpost for BLUE. Destroying these targets (or half or more of its units to be precise) have an effect as there will be no ground units spawning for 30 minutes. Use your strike planes wisely.

CAS supports can be requested on demand to Sukhumi for both RED (Su-25T) and BLUE (A-10A) coalitions.

*** WHAT DO I DO? ***

When a coalition captures a CZ it will direct units to the next capturable CZ.
Additionally there are F10 Radio Menu commands to request CAP cover or a strike against enemy strategic targets.

If the enemy loses a strategic target (Barracks for RED, Command Outpost for BLUE) there will be no ground units spawned for 30 minutes.
If RED coalition loses 50% or more of the supply ships there will be no SAMs respawning in Gudauta for 120 minutes.
To consider a strategic target as "lost" it is enough to destroy half of its units (no need to destroy every single unit in the target area).


To make the scoring system work login as spectator and wait for all scripts to be loaded (you will see the notification messages).
After successful loading you can login with your desired coalition/slot.
See LIMITATIONS / KNOWN BUGS below for further information.

Take it easy, avoid taking off in a rush and relax, give the map a bit of time to "settle" and spawn the units that are moving around, there are approx 150+ groups for almost 400 units (excluding client planes).

The map has been thought from the beginning to be playable both PvE and PvP.

Destroyed targets inside Gali/Sukhumi/Gudauta space give a 20% score bonus.
Strategic targets such as Barracks/Command Outposts give a 50% score bonus.

You are free and encouraged to host the mission on a server but if you decide to host this mission on a server please get in touch with me because I'd really like to play it in a multiplayer scenario :)

- FC3 aircraft (A-10A, F-15C, J-11A, MiG-29A, Mig-29G (for BLUE coalition), MiG-29S, Su-25/Su-25T (both coalitions), Su-27)
- A-10C
- AJS 37 (both coalitions, I had to supply that there's no RED coalition strike aircraft module, see the nice soviet skins for the Viggen below)
- AV-8B N/A
- F-5E-3
- F-14B
- F-16C
- F/A-18C Lot 20
- Ka-50 Black Shark (both coalitions)
- L-39ZA (both coalitions)
- M-2000C
- Mi-8 (both coalitions)
- MiG-19P
- MiG-21bis
- UH-1H (blue coalition)
- JF-17

- AJS-37 Fictional Soviet Livery Pack by Krasniye (<a class="txttohtmllink" href="<a class="txttohtmllink" href=""></a>"><a class="txttohtmllink" href=""></a></a>)

*** CREDITS ***

Credits go to the original authors of:
- MOOSE (and to the Moose Discord for the help!)
- Mist

Reduced the amount of messages (see configuration parameter ctld.JTAC_sendNotificationMessage).
Function ctld.getJTACStatus has been modified for greater readability and message duration to allow interaction when inputting coordinates into aircraft systems. Target elevation is also included in the message.
Additionally, JTACs that have no targets will not display message "searching for targets" when ctld.JTAC_sendNotificationMessage is set to false.
Function ctld.JTACAutoLase has been modified in "out of sight" to send notification only when ctld.JTAC_sendNotificationMessage is set to true.
Some messages have now a shorter duration.
Some notifications now trigger a short radio squawk sound.
Smoke is no longer on top of target but scattered in a 250mt radius, you'll have to work a bit to get the precise target spot.


- Due to a known bug with DCS events in order to see the SCORING menu you will need to relog into the mission. Join in as Spectator and wait for "Caucasus Pendulum loaded OK" notification and then you can logout of Spectators and pick your desired slot/coalition.

I'm including Airboss Soundfiles at the moment, hence the larger download. The sound files account for approximately 1.4Mb.
If you don't need/want them simply open the miz archive with 7-zip (or similar tool) and remove folder "Airboss Soundfiles".

*** ToDo ***

- add a Radio Menu option to disable CTLD JTAC notifications if desired
- add ground and air support on call to Sukhumi for RED coalition
- extend BLUE coalition TARCAP/CAS/SEAD(?) to Gudauta

See ED forum post: <a class="txttohtmllink" href="<a class="txttohtmllink" href=""></a>"><a class="txttohtmllink" href=""></a></a>

*** CHANGE LOG ***

** 1.8
- fixed slow CAS AI airspeeds
- respawn JTACs and AWACs after landing/crash
- removed 15/30 minute cooldown for CAP/CAS/Strike requests
- removed LHA Tarawa (DCS bug with "Flight is Delayed")
- removed BLUE Gudauta FAC (FAC SIGHT)
- removed JTAC smoke
- removed CZ smoke
- replaced OH-58 FACs with MQ-9 Reapers JTACs and made them no longer invisible/immortal
- replaced RED SUPPLY SHIPS with a static Ammunition Depot in Gudauta
- reduced CAP flights per coalition for balance
- added SAM reload trucks
- added Strike Target coordinates radio menu option to get LL and MGRS coordinates
- added RED Gali unit map mark
- added F-16C

** 1.7
- added RED air cover on request over Sukhumi
- added RED CAS on request to Sukhumi
- set A-10C waypoint altitude to 0ft
- added Kutaisi SA-2 and SA-3
- fixed regression with RED air cover
- replaced RED AI CAP Mig-29A with Mig-29S
- replaced BLUE Gali CAS Su-25 with Su-25T and reduced AI CAS frequency
- moved BULLS for both coalitions to Sukhumi Airbase
- upd ated tail numbers, wh ere applicable
- re-organised all client groups in flight of 2 units and related callsign
- AWACS BLUE/RED respawn after landing for fuel
- removed predefined weapon loadout from most client aircraft

** 1.6
- DONE: fix CAP request script and Bomber request scripts to work with coalitions rather than groups!
- removed CSAR due to downed pilots/infantry spawning in CZ area and messing up the capture states
- removed Gali HELO mission due to interference with CAS AI
- moved AI aircraft from Kobuleti to Kutaisi
- AI CAP/CAS aircraft are removed after landing (no taxiing anymore)
- add airboss sound files bundled in miz file (see above)
- fix bug in BLUE CAS requests
- fix bug in BLUE/RED CAP requests (follow up CAPs would never be available)
- repositioned BLUE Command Outpost to make it less difficult to attack and balance with RED Barracks
- RED AI CAS spawns only if BLUE captures Gali CZ
- BLUE AI GALI CAS spawns only if RED captures Gali CZ (has no effect on CAS on request to Sukhumi)
- moved shorter ranged RED units to Gudauta (L-39ZA, Mig-19, Mig-21, Mig-29, Su-25, Su-25T)
- added Gudauta AAA defences
- RED AI STRIKE Su-24 is now a Su-34
- RED CAP on request is now a Su-30
- BLUE CAS Sukhumi is now an A-10A
- BLUE CAS Gali is now a Su-25
- replaced BLUE CAS with a more dynamic CAS on request over Sukhumi
- replaced BLUE CAP with a more dynamic TARCAP on request over Sukhumi

** 1.4/1.5
- Update MOOSE distribution
- add Airboss functions (and replace some standalone scripts for Carrier functions)
- removed CAS weapons from F/A-18 wingmen (they never detect anything anyway)
- added random infantry spawning nearby CSAR BLUE missions
- fixed missing rockets after latest DCS update
- removed weapon restrictions by popular request and, consequently, balanced AI loadouts
- se t mission start at early morning
- added AI J-11A
- added AI F-15C
- AI F-16A is now F-16C
- because we have JSOW/JDAM now JTACs give also elevation data
- removed AI wingmen, see <a class="txttohtmllink" href="<a class="txttohtmllink" href=""></a>"><a class="txttohtmllink" href=""></a></a>
- added BLUE CAS to Sukhumi on request
- added LHA Tarawa

** 1.3
- Added CSAR missions
- Added random enemy infantry around CSAR downed pilots

** 1.2
- Added helo missions for BLUE in Gali CZ. (more missions to come)
- Reduced cloud coverage by 30%
- Disabled "player hit $some_unit" messages
- Enforce mission flags to disable Unlimited Ammo and Unlimited Fuel
- Added more units to CTLD filter in function ctld.isInfantry()

** 1.1
- Added flight plans with waypoints to client planes
- Added BK-90 and RB-15 to BLUE coalition
- Added U-22/A to BOTH coalitions
- Remove low frequency (138mhz) AWACS
- RED ships attack now influence Gudauta SAM respawns
- fixed Zuni rockets
- removed AI Helos and client helos slots (will have a specific mission for helos)
- reduced resources usage
- units heading to airbases randomize their end positions for more variety
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