(Fictional) VF-177 Dirty Barn Yard Bird

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(Fictional) VF-177 Dirty Barn Yard Bird

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Hochgeladen von - capella.jorge
Datum - 30.07.2019 23:11:30
This is my first livery attempt using only some modified met maps from "=TIA=PorcoRosso86" and the rest from the same old modified HB template with my own touches. This bird is dirty - hope you enjoy! You don't have to read the fiction along with this bird. I was just having fun lol

This bird has been stored in your dads barn since 2006. After your dad vowed to keep it in storage for “A time to fly again” under complete secrecy. He managed to sneak this F14 out by swamping of some paper work whilst in transit to the bone yard, with the help of James L. Larocaa and his secret connections in the pentagon.

While they both loved and wished to retain the F14 in the US arsenal. The writing on the wall was clear with the governments decision to defund the F14 for political reasons – as well as a developing rival whom still operated this formidable bird. Motivating their action to keep one bird in the US in secrecy in the best recoverable state they could muster-->(continued inside)

(continued)<--Your dad left this bird in his will to you after passing away hoping you’d be able to completely restore and refit this amazing bird. But without the help of an F14 crew to assist with the finer details, the task proved difficult but possible. After it’s restoration you take to the sky once more and decide to leave the livery deign your pop applied to her while in his possession in his honor. Take her up!

PS: There's a higher resolution version of the livery floating around. Just the performance hit is alot harder than the DCS file share version. I'll try to post the google drive link in the comments (Since it's to large for upload here)
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