JTAC Coordinates in Lat/Long [UPDATED]

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DCS: World 2.5
F/A-18C Hornet
JTAC Coordinates in Lat/Long [UPDATED]

JTAC Coordinates in Lat/Long [UPDATED]

Typ - Mod
Autor - _mu110_
Datum - 20.12.2019 09:30
This mod will allow JTAC's to give you the target location in the Degrees Minutes Decimal Seconds format as instead of just the grid reference so that you can plug the coordinates into the HSI page and create a new waypoint fr om them, or enter them into a JDAM or JSOW for a highly accurate strike. No more need to stop flying and convert the coordinates to the proper format, now you can find your targets no matter wh ere they are on the map without having to place a waypoint near them in the editor and then take them out with precision munitions. Passes the integrity check as well.

Keep in mind that in the Hornet, coordinates are entered on the HSI page via the UFC in Degrees Minutes Seconds (and Decimal Seconds if you use the PRECISE function), which is what the JTAC will read out to you, but show up on the HSI in Degrees Decimal Minutes. Make sure that you enter the last two decimals into the MSN page when using the coordinates for a JDAM attack.

Visit this mod's forum thread here:

Here you can see how to create a new waypoint and release a JDAM based on the JTAC's coordinates:

This is an updated and overhauled version of Sunski34's original M2KC coordinate mod, check it out here.

Updated on 4/4/19: Incorporated ED's latest fix to the Rapier and SA-2 lines from the JTAC.
Updated on 4/8/19: Fixed a bug that sometimes broke the radio.
Updated on 4/13/19: Added 2 decimal points of precision for use with JDAM's, made coordinates formatted nicely.
Updated on 6/9/19: Updated for DCS 2.5.5.
Updated on 11/17/19: Updated to include F-16C and other minor changes.
Updated on 12/20/19: Fixed an error in the latitude seconds for the DD version.

Known Issues:
When JTAC targets a group containing multiple enemy units, he will read out coordinates that describe the approximate location of all members of that group instead of coordinates for one specific enemy. For GBU employment this should not present an issue since the laser will designate one particular unit, but using these coordinates for JDAM is unlikely to result in a hit. This problem is inherent in how ED has implemented the JTAC and requires someone much smarter than me to try and fix, to work around it use separate FAC-Assign Group commands for each unit you wish to target.

The download includes two versions of the mod, choose "JTAC Coordinates DD" for use with the Mirage, otherwise install "JTAC Coordinates DMS." You cannot use both simultaneously. This mod is JSGME/OVGME ready, simply load either the "JTAC Coordinates DD" or "JTAC Coordinates DMS" folder as you would any other mod. Manual installation instructions are included in the readme. If installing manually, you must reinstall the mod after each game update.

Please leave any feedback here or on the mod's forum thread, enjoy!
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