Kuznetsov skin: Erusean Carrier "Orca", CV-01 (Ace Combat 4)

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DCS: World 2.5
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Kuznetsov skin: Erusean Carrier "Orca", CV-01 (Ace Combat 4)

Typ - Anstrich
Hochgeladen von - Davenport94
Datum - 29.10.2018 17:48:02
Tired of your classic, plain looking Kuznetsov with a deck so cluttered with symbols that you feel disturbed just leaving your plane not perfectly parked?
Maybe you're not such a compulsory order-obsessed person like myself, and just want to give an old carrier a new look?

Either way, this mod is for you!
Full feature list is in the details.

Changelog: The mod now uses the ship livery system - it will be easier to install and it shouldn't cause any problem with the Integrity Check.
Installation instructions in the description.

Mod features:

-A complete repaint of the Carrier's hull, deck and tower, including a new nameplate and sternplate;
-A more visible runway and VTOL hots;
-New takeoff markers to allow you to position your SU-33s for launch without relying on the external views;
-Removal of the old parking spots for planes;
-Thinner parking area markings.

This skin is a mixture of my desire to have a "cleaner" deck for this ship, and my Ace Combat nostalgia; I've used AC4 and some fantasy to imagine how the Federal Republic of Erusea would have repainted and modified a Kuznetsov class Carrier to integrate her in their navy.

You are free to use the skin in any video, project, mission, whatever you want; just remember to give me a shoutout in the credits.
If you encounter any issues or problems, feel free to let me know in the comments and i will gladly work on it!

TO INSTALL: Extract the .rar archive in any folder of your choice, then cut/copy the 'Bazar' folder into your DCSworld directory (NOT saved games) and merge if prompted. The livery should now beselectable in the mission editor, and work without overwriting the default one.

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