Hotas Warthog Profile for F/A-18C (Shiftstate/TrackIR/Teamspeack/SimpleRadio/LEDmanagement) Update 9 29/03/19

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DCS: World 2.5
F/A-18C Hornet

Hotas Warthog Profile for F/A-18C (Shiftstate/TrackIR/Teamspeack/SimpleRadio/LEDmanagement) Update 9 29/03/19

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Hotas Warthog Profile for F/A-18C (Shiftstate/TrackIR/Teamspeack/SimpleRadio/LEDmanagement) Update 9 29/03/19 - Work In Progress

****Hi mates, sorry about it, i received many emails, and you're all very kind and a wonderful community, but i wasn't able to answer. I had shitty times and no ressources to spend on DCS, and to be honest i was not well and im not seeing the end of it now. I can't update my work, i tried to make it easy for another one to take over, let me know if i need to share more.
Thank you all.

Hotas Warthog Profile for F/A-18C.

Sorry about the long delay between updates, private life was complicated the last months. If you have any questions or request, just email me at, I’ll much more fast than in the comments here, again sorry about it .
For those who are interested, the F-14 profile should be out soon but I can’t commit to a delay now, I didn’t get a chance to fully learn the module yet. It may be only for the front seat, but I might change my mind and do a profile for each seat, not sure yet.

Update 8 v1.9 :
-Added Sensor Select Depress on TMS up long
-Photoshop Template Updated.
-Launch Bar script changed, thanks to "kbj9037" (Thank you man for your help !).

Features :
-Combined stick/throttle profile
-Scripted switches and 3 pos switch abstraction binds
-Alternative axis (Zoom/Mouse on slew, Radar elevation/Mouse wheel on slider)
-LED management (Battery/Gear/Airbrakes/Tailhook/Lights indicator, Backlight turns on/off at engine start/stop, Blinking ejection warning)
-TrackIR Center/Pause and Teamspeack PTT/Whisper binds.
-Simple Radio Radio1/Radio2 binds, acts as Push-To-Talk (se t in Simple Radio settings). Radio1 bind is the same as Teamspeack PTT bind, as you usually mute Teamspeack when Simple Radio is engaged.
-Commented .tmc file, so you can modify it/make your own easily.

Install :
0. Unzip file content wh ere you want on your PC.
1. Open Target GUI Software.
2. Run the "Combined FA-18C.tmc" with "Run configuration" Button.
3. Open DCS.
4. Load the 3 .diff files provided in the correct category (see file name).
5. Enjoy !

Warning ! : Works only if you load the 3 DCS command profiles provided, in the proper categories (Keyboard/Thrustmaster Virtual Device/Thrustmaster Virtual Device Axis), and se t the TrackIR/Teamspeack keybinds as specified in the layout image provided.

****************************************************************TROUBLESHOOTING *************************************************************************
- [For Thrustmaster T Rudder] The profile just change stick and throttle but DCS seems to mess with autodetection and changes TM rudder binds too (i have TM rudder too and the same issue). The solution is to load everything so the profile works, and then clear the rudder category, rebind rudder and brakes and save a .diff profile of this category.

AV8B-NA Fictional French Marine Livery :
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F/A-18C Fictional French Marine Livery :
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M-2000C Fictional French Livery :
MiG-29S Fictional French Livery :
Su-33 Fictional French Livery :
UH-1H Huey Fictional French Marine Livery :
Yak-52 Fictional French Livery :

Skinpack Spitfire IX v2.0 - 13 Liveries :
Skinpack Bf-109 K-4 v2.0 - 14 Liveries :

Cockpit PBR texture mod for RAZBAM M-2000C – WIP -

A-10C Profile :
AV8B-NA Profile :
Bf-109K-4 Profile :
F/A-18C Profile :
L-39C/ZA Profile :
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SA342 Gazelle Profile :
Spitfire LF Mk.IX Profile :
Su-25T Profile :
Su27/33 Profile :
UH-1H Profile :
Yak-52 Profile :

My DCS movies :


Update 4 v0.9 :
-Corrected TRIM NOSE DOWN Dimming Left MDI.
-Added LANDING LIGHTS ON/OFF on Boat Switch mode 2.
-Added CHAFF/FLARE to China Hat F/B, NWS-AUTOPILOT-GLIMITER OFF on China Hat Long Back.
-Added FINGER LIFTS (BOTH) to Left AP Button.
-Added ATC on CMS Push.
-Trigger 1 is now mode 2 only for locking, don't interfere anymore with pressing Trigger 2 in mode 1.
-Moved RESET MASTER WARNING to Speedbrake Back 2

Update 2 v0.7 :
-Corrected Master Caution Reset

Update 1 v0.6 :
-Corrrected missing tailhook bind in "LOAD IN DCS CATEGORY KEYBOARD.diff" file.
-Added Launch Bar on AP engage. -Added Left-Right MDI DAY/OFF on Engine Operate Right.
-Added HUD-MDI-MPCD LIGHT + on Coolie Left

Update 5 v1.4 :
-As many of you requested, moved APU On/Off to APU Switch (You can re-synch the switch with mode 2)
-Added Parking Brake PULL/STOW/LEFT/RIGHT on DMS Long Mode2.
-Moved RESET MASTER WARNING to Landing Gear Warning.
-Added SELECT CTR/LIN/RIN to select the 3 Wet Hardpoints (fuel tanks) retry if the timing fails (ED should fix that soon i hope), use the JETTISON CTR/LIN/RIN when selected to drop the tanks.
-Many binds ingame are no working properly now, timing is very important now to press some buttons, if a command fails, retry or try to re-synch the warthog with the game

Update 6 v1.6 :
-Corrected keybinds, sorry about the delay, i got a new job and had very little time to maintain the profiles (i also have a Ka-50 and SA342 profile on the way, but no ETA yet, i hope soon !)
Update 7 v1.7 :
-corrected not-working radar switch binds on TMS
-Added NWS AP OFF on Speedbrake Back
-Added HMD +/- on TMS long Left/Right
-Moved Fuel Probe to Fuel Flow Norm Right (2-Way Bind in DCS)
-Changed APU ON/OFF, now it's not keystrokes sent but a 2-Way Bind in DCS, the hardware/game synch should be ok.
Update 8 v1.8 :
-Moved TDC DOWN ACTION to Left Throttle button, use the Left Throttle button to lock and enable the TDC slewing mavericks, etc ..
-Moved Finger Lifts to Trigger 1 Mode 2 (for those like me who use the afterburner detent).
-I ran the profile fr om full cold and start on the latest openbeta and it seems fine to me, I hope it will be ok for you guys !
-A Photoshop Template (sort of organized) is now included in the profile for Mods or DIY profiles (WIP).
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