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Georgian Stompin'

Hochgeladen von - james.r.wright
Datum - 14.12.2010 03:39:44
You fly a Su-33 in a ground attack mission in order to stop an attack on an airfield.

Mission Updated:
Added goal
Set up triggers for certain units
Added second strike force to help with assault force

Ukraine and Georgia have been feuding over the border they share for years now.  Georgia proposes to move the current border North to the Ukrainian city of Sochi.  Georgia is asking for control of Sochi in order to get another port city for commerce and tourism.  In return Georgia will pay 1 million Euros a year for the next 25 years.  Ukraine denied the proposal.  The residents in the city of Sochi have protested the request as well.

Turkey has decided to help Georgia and provided support in the event miltary actions do take place.  The Turkish government has provided the use of their air force to help fill in the gap for Georgia's lack of fighters. Thie allows Georgia to fly operations with CAP cover.

With the Turkish F-4s flying over the border, Sochi has lost most of its summer time tourism last year.  The population of the city is down by more than half because of the military flights overhead.

NATO is pushing for a peaceful outcome over the border situation.  Russia has been asked by NATO to provide support for Ukraine.  Russia has shown no need to be involved with the on going border fiasco.  With constant pressure from other countries as well, Russia has offered only a couple of fighters.  With Russia's carrier in the yards for an overhaul,  Ukraine will be hosting two Su-33's compliments of Russia.

Within the last couple of weeks, Georgia has placed a mechanized division at the airfield outside the city of Kutaisi.  From the satellite images, intel indicates the division is not at the airfield for training.  The division is set up for an assault with the ability to attack the Sochi airfield in 6 hours.

With that new information your are now on high alert...
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