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USS Chosin (USN cruiser fix/update) 1.5.8&2.5.0>

Typ - Sonstige
Hochgeladen von - Xtreme690
Datum - 19.07.2017 22:04:40
A quick fix for the USN cruiser in DCS. Making the Ticonderoga-class warship better for CA combat.

    This mod fixes the US ticonderoga class cruiser in DCS. Installation/Uninstallation takes a couple of seconds.
    Default and modified folders are included.

> The unit name was fixed

> The tomahawk is more responsive to commands and delay time of launch has been removed.

> Missile renamed to appropriate name

> Max ship speed changed to 32.5 knots(real life max speed)

> Missiles were shuffled around the VLS cells to more realistic positions

> Tomahawk cruise missile now has new specifications of 900nm max range and 13.5nm minimum range(factual info)

> 127mm Mk-45 cannon is now very responsive to CA fire point commands making it effective against hostile land units.

CA Usage of unit: -- 12.5nm max range for 127mm cannon (any targets within 12.5nm will be targeted by artillery)(CA Fire point command)

                   -- 900nm max range for cruise missile, will not fire below 13.5nm(to allow effective cannon use)(CA Fire point command)
           -- Waypoints can be set, the "mph" bar is the speed in knots.

           -- SM-2 Air defense can be toggled with ROE.
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