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A-10C CDU-Data-Loader

Typ - Tool
Hochgeladen von - mattin1128
Datum - 23.12.2012 09:16:00
Tool to upload waypoints and flightplans into the DCS A-10C CDU.
DCS 1.2.8 compatible

You can find further Updates for DCS 1.5 and 2.0 here:

With this tool it is possible to upload several waypoints which are stored in a text file in LAT/LONG format into the DCS A-10C CDU with a few clicks.  
The text file lists the coordinates, elevation (altitude), the DTOT (preferred arrival time) and the name of the waypoint(s).  This waypoint(s) can then be used by the tool during the game to load them into the A10 CDU.

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