Yugoslavian AF Mig-29 Pack (part 2)

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Yugoslavian AF Mig-29 Pack (part 2)

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Datum - 22.02.2017 16:06:38
Set of skins for Mig-29 as they were used in Yugoslavian AF in 1987. Part 2 includes skins from 105 to 108.

The former Air Force & Air Defence Force of Yugoslavia (Jugoslovensko Ratno Vazduhoplovstvo i Protiv-Vazdusna Obrana, "JRViPVO") purchased a total of 14 MiG-29s and two MiG-29UBs from the USSR, in 1987.

MiG-29s were taken into service with the 127. Lovacka Avijacijska Eskadrila (127.LAE, Fighter Air Squadron), known as "Vitezovi" (Knights), part of the 204. Lovacki Avijacijski Puk (204.LAP, Fighter Air Regiment) based at Batajnica AB, west of Belgrade, in what is today Republic of Serbia.

In service with the JRViPVO the aircraft was designated "L-18", with L standing for "Lovac" (Hunter) and 18 being the type designation. The JRViPVO, namely, had its own designations for different types and their versions, from which also serial numbers of all aircraft were developed (the same system was - under Yugoslav influence - introduced in the Iraqi Air Force, in 1987). Being L-18, the Yugoslav MiG-29s were consequently serialled in the range 18101 thru 18114, and the MiG-29UBs 15301 and 15302.

Part 2 includes skins from 105 to 108.

For installation use JSGME mod enabler or copy the files manually to
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