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[SP] The Valley Run v1.4

Hochgeladen von - Mauser55
Datum - 02.03.2012 18:06:09
Tested only with v1.1.1.1 !!
UPDATE v1.4:
1. Message corrections
2. Trigger corrections
UPDATE v1.3:
1. Enfield 1-1 (2x F-16 SEAD) => assigned frequency 134 MHz VHF AM (same as ATC)
2. Typo correction
UPDATE v1.2:
1. Issue with LZ pickup by Ford 1-1 fixed
UPDATE v1.1:
1. JTAC update
2. Sounds during radio messages

Hi all. This is first mission i have ever made. It is very easy and short just for fun. This mission was intended just as ME practice but i decided to post it here. I was inspired by Repsol and his amazing missions but i am definitely not even close to his work. Feel free to post bug reports and your feeling about the mission. :-) (Sorry for my english)


Two days before your mission start the SEALS unit Jaguar 1-1 was deployed in the valley near the village Tsageri. Their mission was to locate secret documents (even we dont know what these documents says). They located two heavy armored bunkers during their journey across the valley. But no secret documents found - until now.

The current position of Jaguar 1-1 is northeast tip of village Mestia located height in the mountains. Jaguar 1-1 informed us, that they found out two possible locations of secret documents in that village. They need to search those locations/buildings but insurgents presence was detected. They cant handle it on their own. They need your help.


Your mission has two parts.

At first you have to destroy two heavily armored insurgents bunkers detected by Jaguar 1-1 during their jurney across the valley (TRG1 and TRG2 in your FP). During this part of the mission the satellite support (Eye 1-1) will be provided to you. Eye 1-1 will be confirming target hits and maybe help you with threats detection.

After the destruction of bunkers you will fly to IP and provide CAS to Jaguar 1-1 during their search mission. Jaguar 1-1 will be picked-up by heli (UH-60, Ford 1-1) after reaching LZ. They will contact you when you reach IP. Jaguar 1-1 must to survive!!

Before your mission start, 2x F-16 SEAD
mission will take place in order to destroy insurgents mid/long range antiair.


1. Take-off at 2030 from Kutaisi (ramp)
2. Destroying TRG1
3. Confirmation by Eye 1-1
4. Destroying TRG2
5. Confirmation by Eye 1-1
6. Orbit at IP until Jaguar 1-1 contact
7. Provide CAS to Jaguar 1-1
8. Wait until clearance to RTB
9. RTB


SEALS (Jaguar 1-1) = JTAC guy (if available) => 30MHz VHF FM

ATC - Kutaisi - 134 MHz VHF AM

F10 - Other menu
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