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30 apr
Hind’s Petrovich

When DCS: Mi-24P Hind delivers to Early Access with v1.0 of the ‘Petrovich’ AI, you will notice that it is designed as a human assist tool which requests specific sets of instructions via the onboard AI, whether from pilot to co-pilot or vice-versa. Please see below for more information.

Petrovich Al's overall philosophy is based on the 'Functionality First' principle. The flight commands interface for Pilot-Operator to Pilot-Commander will be via a virtual HSI offering specific commands and sub-modes. This interface is controllable simply by use of the 4-way hat or 4 buttons (for keyboard ops) in addition to the use of the modern HOTAS practices of long and short presses. 

We also aim to use the Pilot-Commander's line of sight for target spotting and designation functions with transmission to the Pilot-Operator for further target recognition and engagement. A 'human' delay in response times is simulated and is measured from tester multi-crew interaction data and military practice guidelines for target spotting, identification and selection as well as the correct 'click to weapon activation' cycle times of the real platform. 

In addition, we are planning to prepare a special mode for Multiplayer slots, where Petrovich can be assigned limited abilities. These can be toggled per slot and chosen by the mission designer at will. As for the Al voices, we are planning to use two different Russian voices for each seat in the helicopter. Both gentlemen are former operational military pilots and will deliver English and Russian versions.