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DCS: World 2.5
IDFAF strike mission against Iranian Targets on Syria territory
Author - Valium1994
Date - 04/09/2020 22:38:19
1/07/2020, time - unknown :
Israeli intelligence reports after suspicious objects belonging to Iran on Syria territory.
There're 3 objects to destroy. One of them looks to be reinforced.

1/07/2020, 6:20 P.M. - allied AWACS reports about suspicious flying objects, probably UAV which is flying near our grounds.
1/07/2020, 6:40 P.M. - tasks are changed to intercept flying object and recon and destroy enemy ground objects
1/07/2020, 7 P.M. - ground crew finishes preparing Baraks to flight.

Your weapons:
2x AIM-120C
2x AIM-9X
6x Mk82
2x Mk84
1x fuel tank

* All targets are hidden on map. They're marked as 4 (bunker), 5 and 6 steerpoints on your HSD.
* No information about Syrian SAMs but be prepared to higher activity of S-300, Buk M2  and S-200 activity which could be located in this area.
* Syrian UAV is in flight.
* Pay attention during mission. SAM and Enemy Air Force activity possible.

That's my first uploaded mission. Please, be forgiving.
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