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DCS: World 2.5
VNAO Ready Room (Multiplayer In Game Multicrew Version)
Type - Mod
Author - Particleman
Date - 06/24/2020 19:31:03
Squadron briefing room for use in multiplayer missions. Support up to 25 pilots in one room with synced briefings.

Just place a new heli, make sure to set it to client, pick the livery if you have a custom one or pick from one of the two we provide and that's it. Fire up the server and you should see the 25 slots that pilots can join into.
  • License: Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute
  • Language: Any language
  • Size: 256.42 Mb
  • Downloaded: 604
  • Comments: 32
DCS: World 2.5
NVG shader update v0.02
Type - Mod
Author - Particleman
Date - 10/02/2019 04:26:17
Night Vision Goggle (NVD) Shader update to make it behave more like the real thing. You can view the cockpit instruments and panels in your peripheral vision. Should work with TrackIR and VR. I am aware that in VR you see two circles but in Track IR you see one. I'm still working on the convergence for the VR viewpoint and will update when I figure out that code. So for now enjoy the wider field of view! Video of it in action here!
  • License: Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution
  • Language: English
  • Size: 4.18 Kb
  • Downloaded: 273
  • Comments: 9