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DCS: World 2.7

Yak-52 Syrian Campaign

Type - Campaign
Uploaded by - dggoofy
Date - 12/29/2021 15:04:11
A story driven campaign of 5 missions. Not hard but fun.
Fully voiced over! More than 350 dialogues, different voices and accents for a full immersive feeling.

Include 3 bonus missions : same story line, but you fly another airplane involved in the previous Yak-52 mission.

Kneeboard with map, flight plan, checklist, notes for each mission.

You need :
Yak-52 as United Arab Republic Air Force Yak-18A, ca. 1960


Syrian Arab Air force Pack

2010. Syria leaves in peace, but the Arab Spring protests slowly grow up in the country. The Syrian Air Force needs new pilots. To train the cadets the Air Force bought Yak-52 fr om Russia.
The School is at Kuweires Military Aviation Institute wh ere Yak-52's meet L-39's!

You are a young cadet and you have to pass the last exams before to get yours wings.
Pay attention : Things happen sometimes not exactly how they were planned.

Of course you can fly a mission alone, but it is better to play the campaign : You will learn how I thought, and it will be easier to do the right thing at the right moment if you start from mission 1.
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  • Language: English
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