The Syrian Arab Air force [2.0]

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The Syrian Arab Air force [2.0]

The Syrian Arab Air force [2.0]

Type - Skin
Author - OfficerAMR
Date - 12.08.2017 05:22
SaAF pack for DCS world. Includes skins for IL-76, SU-24, YAK-40, MIG-29A, MIG-29S, SU-27, KA-50, L-39C/ZA, MI-24 and MI-8 (Final update)

Mod that adds the Syrian Arab Air force to the game aswell as giving ground vehicles to the Syrian faction  
IL-76 is based off Syrian RA-76834+ Syrian Air livery
MIG-29A is 689th Squadron from the infamous T-4 Air Base
MIG-29S is fictional made by me
SU-27 is fictional and uses a similar camo design as the SU-27SK
MI-8 is based off Syrian Air force MI-24 and MI-8's
MI-24 is based off of Syrian Air Force MI-24V
KA-50 is based off Syrian Air force MI-24 and MI-8's
SU-24 is from the 819 Squadron, Tiyas
YAK-40 liveries are from Syria's national air line Syrian Air, old and new.

VERSION 2.0 Changelog
-Added SU-24 livery 819 Squadron
-Added 2 YAK-40 Syrian Air liveries
-Added IL-76 Syrian Air Liveries
-Fixed MIG-29A BORT numbers

1- Place the folder Bazar in your DCS directory.
2- :
drag and drop the folder scripts into your DCS folder

and you're good to go. Aircraft are found under the Syrian faction. This mod wont be updated with new skins until Cubanace Simulations SU-17M4 releases *I lied*

Update 2.1

Fixed the size of the Arabic Numbers so they shouldn't look broken on aircraft
Added SU-27 "04" skin, which was a demonstrator that Russia sent to Syrian in 2001, which had Syrian Air Force Markings
  • License: Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute
  • Language: Any language
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