hey folks, this is a recreation of the Israeli air force 144 squadron - "Phoenix" , previously known as the "protectors of the desert" (arava desert). its was formed at 1972 and operated the "IAI Nesher", "IAI Kfir C.2" and "IAI Kfir C.7" , during the "Yom Kippur war" ...
Datum: 05/28/2020
... for a classic flying bird. Streak along the skies with your afterburner on full at your next airshow in this screamin' firebird skin! A dramatic swept-wing arc of fiery-orange on deep black has been lovingly stenciled with an outline of a fiery-red phoenix. Details extend to the bottom of the aircraft with this livery, making for a beautiful look when performing stunts. Skin English DCS: World F-15C Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute 02/04/2016 16:00:19 1429
Datum: 02/02/2016
MiG Cap across the DMZ in Southvietnormandy, Launching from Barville Airbase with AWACs support Welcome to Barville Forward AFB, the year is 1979, the Vietnam conflict has raged for 20 years. The USAF has recently begun to field the Navy's excellent F-14 in order to bolster their existing Phantom squadrons. As unrest roils at home in the states, the NVAF has grown bolder, fielding new soviet MiG-23 'Floggers' in occasional daylight patrols. This morning you are fragged for a routine patrol just...
Datum: 06/12/2020

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