Civil Objects v1.95 by JR for DCS World 2.5 Civilian style objects library. See changes below. Heliports Hospital Heliport Helipads Emergency Service Vehicles / Static & Ground units Animated vehicles / Lights Airfield Objects Airfield Vehicles I have created a forum here with more images: To install: 0. - If you have earlier versions, just overwrite when prompted. Previous content will still be intact. *Large...
Datum: 12/12/2018
Two skins from the original 112 Cantabria Bell 412 Rescue helicopter. Dos skins del Helicóptero de rescate original del 112 en Cantabria, Bell 412. Two models; one in blue (Color until June 2016), and red (From June 2016). Dos modelos, uno en azul (empleado hasta Junio de 2016),...
Datum: 09/27/2016
... perhaps the most famous firebrand of Hitler's Luftwaffe became the sword of the Jewish state - against Egyptian Spitfires over the contested skies of the mid-east. Based on reference photography of an IAF 101st Bf-109G(6??) in livery for aircraft #112, Israel, 1947 Bf-109 Israeli Air Force Livery - Aircraft #112 Skin English Bf 109 K-4 Kurfurst Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution 09/21/2015 05:16:25 1055
Datum: 09/19/2015

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