RCAF Fictional F-14 Livery V1.2

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RCAF Fictional F-14 Livery V1.2

RCAF Fictional F-14 Livery V1.2

Typ - Anstrich
Autor - TheNorthernFox
Datum - 11.12.2020 18:26:26
This is a fictional livery based off the current CF-188B aircraft.

The Zip file contains two liveries with the following differences:
917 – RCAF Roundel without RCAF ARC text
931 – RCAF Roundel with RCAF ARC text

Hope you enjoy, and any feedback would be much appreciated!

- Updated A/C number to replicate the CF-188B numbering system
- Minor update to the secondary colour coat
- Updated Decal Colour
- Added fictional spotlight/police light on the left fuselage
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