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DCS: World 2.5
Su-33 | Grey Shark Skin | Cockpit Skin | Fictional

Su-33 | Grey Shark Skin | Cockpit Skin | Fictional

Typ - Anstrich
Autor - Phil 95
Datum - 26.10.2020 01:40:09
Hey! Have you ever wanted a evil looking sharkmouth for your Su-33? Do you hate these ugly green rims and have always wanted a clean grey cockpit? Then you finally found your Skin! Simple installationl. Three step guide in the description.                        

*I changed the inner side of the gear bay and the speedbrake from red to grey, changed rims from green to grey and removed paintings and i finally removed the numbers and logos!                                                      

*Full grey cockpit skin from the inside and outside! Levers and other stuff keep their colors so its not poorly edited!

*You can see the skin if you just click on the pictures on this website and click on the arrows to switch the pics ;)

                                                                         We also have a Discord if you are looking for a Community!


1. Unzip "UnzipMe.z"

2. follow path: installed HDD, SSD or NVME / Programs x86 / Steam / steamapps / common / DCSWorld /  Bazar / Liveries / su-33  <- Place your unziped folder (Grey Sharks- Cockpit) in it!

3. go into the game, create a custom mission place a su33 set skill to client and change the skin to Grey Sharks- Cockpit

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