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DCS - 21.02.2024
DCS - 28.05.2020
DCS - 12.04.2020
DCS - 23.12.2019
DCS - 15.11.2019
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DCS - 26.08.2019
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DCS - 19.09.2018
DCS - 07.09.2018
New free mini campaign of F/A-18C.

Persian Gulf map update 2. Added a few landmarks: Aldar Headquarters building, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque etc. Fix coastline. Corrected terrain mesh.

DCS World
  • Tanker and AWACS callsigns missing option to set flight number - fixed.
  • Custom labels in mission container doesn't applies in simulation (single and multiplayer) - fixed.
  • Options - Input texts disappears in some multimonitor configurations - fixed.
  • Scale UI does not scale properly to UIMainView if not the Same Resolution as DCS Resolution - fixed.
  • ME. When set to Imperial units the dust-storm setting still uses metric - fixed.
  • Fog and Dust settings will reset on creation of new mission.
  • Stennis. AI will abort landing if other AI spawn on catapults 3 and 4.
  • Stennis. Corrected AI spawn positions.
  • Mk-20 Rockeye. Increased cumulative factor of Mk118 submunitions.
  • R-77 AA missile. Was added the adaptive proportional navigation factors.
  • P-19 surveillance radar added to countries that have SA-2.
  • Added new units: SAM SA-2, SAM Rapier, ASM HY-2 Silkworm, Oil platform, Gas platform.

  • Added Hornet mini-campaign and single missions from the campaign.
  • Flashing X on radar page, little refactoring.
  • Sometimes radar can't lock the target and beam oscillate near target position - fixed.
  • Added Mk-82Y (high drag with ballute) added to the Hornet inventory.
  • Note: while the radar is much improved, there are some b-sweep oddities are still addressing.

DCS Flaming Cliffs
  • MiG-29 and Su-27 keyboard rudder control improved. Pressing the opposite key will now stop the rudder at the current position.

Combined Arms
  • Manpad Igla. The constantly shake of Igla sight is removed.

  • Training missions added CN localization

DCS: MiG-21Bis by Magnitude 3 LLC
  • Fixed PRMG localizer needles' animations.
  • Corrected canopy glass normal map texture - Huge sun glare removed.

DCS: AJS37 Viggen by Heatblur Simulations
  • Added possibility to load Bx, RUTA points etc from saved-games folder ini-file. A sample cartridge is in mods-folder.
  • Added Bx6-9 targeting data for Rb15 to autogenerated attack-missions.
  • Auto generated attack missions now plans for highest concentration of enemy units instead of closest units.
  • Increased available attack plans to 5 and added some extra info to differentiate them.
  • Added possibly to disable cartridges in Mission Editor.
  • Filter out non-airbases among reference data points in CK37 and kneeboard. This solves the issue where 80+ FARPs in the mission resulted in CTD and when FARPs close to spawn point would be set as take-off point for CK37.
  • Added T1-fix for two-stage triggers.

The Enemy Within: important update to M19.
M-2000C Red Flag: updates to M02 and M10.
Memory of a Hero. Corrected most missions.
M-2000C Red Flag campaign:
Mission 3: updated erroneous kneeboard (wrong frequency listed fixed),
Mission 4: bug with disappearing MiG-29s fixed.