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DCS - 28.05.2020
DCS - 12.04.2020
DCS - 23.12.2019
DCS - 15.11.2019
DCS - 10.09.2019
DCS - 26.08.2019
DCS - 10.07.2019
DCS - 26.06.2019
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DCS - 31.10.2018
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DCS - 19.09.2018
DCS - 07.09.2018
28 may

Main Features

  • Available DCS: Supercarrier by ED with new Arleigh Burke class destroyer, updated Russian Kuznetsov carrier and Su-33 as bonus.
  • Available DCS: JF-17 by Deka Ironwork Simulations
  • DCS: Black Shark cockpit update. New 3D model of Ka-50 cockpit.
  • F-16 Viper and F/A-18C Hornet. Update of aircraft systems, sensors and weapons.
  • A lot of major and minor improvements for F-14 Tomcat and AJS Viggen by Heatblur, AV-8B N/A and M-2000C by RAZBAM, C-101 by AvioDev and a number of fixes for most other aircraft.
  • WWII stuff growth with new aircraft, ground vehicles and ships.
  • Some for terrain updates. Caucasus - trees and some visual improvements. Persian Gulf - night lighting, sea shoreline, PAPI lights on airdromes. Normandy - Spring and Fall textures, Airfields, unique buildings and structures and others.
  • A lot of improvements of DLC campaigns by Baltic Dragon, Mapple Flag, Reflected Simulations, Low-Level-Heaven Mission Development, Apache600.
  • Fixed several hundred bugs, added dozens of new features, improved stability of the game and multiplayer, as well as many, many minor fixes and improvements.

DCS World

  • Added AI short-range missile Scud-B launcher into ground units of some countries (Iran, Iraq and others). It can drive, but the missile is not yet functioning and does not launch. WIP
  • Western RWR:
  • LHA-1 Tarawa index '40', – same AN/SPS-40 as on Spruance.
  • KJ-2000 index 50.
  • JF-17 index JF.
  • HQ-7 LN SP index 7.
  • HQ-7 STR SP index HQ.
  • Fixed M249 AI Infantry poor response to enemy contact.
  • Fixed name liveries for DEN Leo2A5.
  • Fixed flight.dll crash on user track.
  • Fixed mistake in text pop-up in the Russian version of lesson 1 (flaps rising) for Su-25T tutorial.
  • China Asset Pack: added the 09III SSN AI submarine
  • ME: Focused and unfocused checkboxes will no longer look so similar
  • ME: TAB switch order on the weather panel has been corrected
  • ME. Text in the condition field on the group panel will not be memorized for the next mission
  • Static ships will now spawn at sea level
  • ME. Eliminated the same static names of units in the template
  • User with AI wingman on runway start Aborts take off - AI takes off and keeps going - fixed
  • Maps surface optimizations
  • Maps traffic optimizations
  • Increased night visibility distance of urban area lights
  • MP: Client and dedicated server instances now use common nicknames.lua file
  • Input. Joystick adjustment panel. Added possibility to type necessary digital values into user curve fields
  • MP: Static objects no longer spawn differently for server and clients
  • Input panel: Added new foldable view of the input list. This can be turned on and off via a special checkbox
  • Input panel. Help window added, new feature added (right mouse click to open pop-up menu), Categories menu added to device column header
  • AGM-154A-B: Corrected Radar Cross Section (RCS) value
  • A-10C, FC3 and BS2 modules migrated to ED DRM protection
  • Caucasus. Hovering cranes fixed
  • Missile exhaust fluctuations eliminated
  • MP. Speedboats spawned via scripting are invisible to clients - fixed
  • Added new User Manuals 2020 of DCS (EN, RU)
  • Crash on to many messages on screen - fixed
  • Russian Static Object "outpost" does not render in the open beta - fixed
  • LOD Issues on Units and Static objects - fixed
  • Mission start trigger not working for some functions - fixed
  • DCS Hangs after playing user track - fixed
  • Runway Spotlights vs Cockpit gauges - fixed
  • Sea Flicker ( sometimes ) - fixed
  • Mission generator doesn't work - fixed
  • KC-130. LODs corrected
  • MP. DS. Sound errors spamming log - fixed
  • Crash at login without authorization data - fixed
  • Multiplayer memory leak on carrier - fixed
  • Updated Chinese localization (fixed crash on file dialog window opening)
  • MP. Dedicated Server. Static aircraft elevated from the ground - fixed
  • MP. Dedicated Server. Memory leak using stennis - fixed
  • MP. Dedicated Server. AAA and SAM will not engage targets until they have passed overhead - fixed
  • ME. Fixed a bug leading to unauthorized switching of a player’s aircraft to AI
  • Sound Options. Add "Play Audio While Minimized" option
  • AI CH-47 not land in user mission - fixed
  • HOLD not working at waypoint zero for units - fixed.
  • Input. Clear combination action raised error for axes in Foldable view - fixed
  • Chat and BDA panel configs moved to the user's folder for preventing crash in LUA script
  • Someone logged into your account on a different machine.
  • Hydra 70 rocket. Adjusted drag, corrected motor data. The rocket began to fly a little slower
  • MP. Stennis. Can't start from 3rd cat - fixed
  • AIM-7, AIM-120, R-27, R-77 missiles. Loft and HOJ trajectories on the net clients will be closer to the host (delivery aircraft) trajectory
  • Leader Vehicle. Move crash - fixed
  • Get Target State For Car crash - fixed
  • AIM-120. Fixed bug where loft trajectory was dependent on missile heading
  • MP. Fixed occasional crash at artillery fire
  • Some memory leaks in the terrain sources were fixed
  • Crash when AI helicopters collect troops - fixed
  • Wake turbulence damages aircraft on the ground - fixed
  • Helicopter AI wingman taxi bug with script - fixed
  • MP. Missiles flying underground & into Space - fixed
  • Aircraft repair under hard cover will not creates problem - fixed.
  • MP. Fixed statistics.
  • ME. Fixed Statics returning the 'Ammo' name in ME, name can now be set correctly
  • Fixed Scripting Engine bug causing Airports to return random ID's they have been pounded back into submission and will now have the correct id number for their actual position
  • ME. Adjusted Icons in ME and loadout screens to allow people to see which type of missile / ord they are loading easier when there are multiple versions of the same type
  • VR. Medium water creates double vision for terrain - fixed
  • VR. Fixed automatic use of headset audio for the outputs which are set to default device
  • Aircraft carrier. Ejected pilot fall through all decks - fixed
  • SCUD missile. Corrected skins
  • MP. Added support for clients behind CG-NAT
  • MP. Added packet stats to Ctrl-Pause info (up/down traffic, ping, packet loss)
  • Sound. Fixed theme music for ED/BST modules
  • Sound. Added a sound mod example to Doc/Sounds
  • Added correct drag for PGU 20 mm family and fine tuned M56 family
  • Ingame rearm and refueling panel. Sliders disappear on the mouse cursor over it - fixed
  • RIM-7 missile. Added self destruction after losing target
  • Refactoring load images MM. Fix for some cases when user can't run DCS
  • Adjusted radio for Al Dhafra
  • AGM-88. Fixed crash that appeared in some conditions
  • AGM-88. Zero-lift drag decreased according to CFD research
  • SARH and ARH air-to-air missiles. Crash when a missile changes target - fixed.
  • Cruiser Moscow. Restored functionality of AK-630 30mm guns
  • If a player exits the game after ejecting he got a death in the logbook - fixed
  • Crash after landing on an airfield where there is no available parking - fixed
  • Sound. Force stereo when drivers report 0 output channels
  • Sound. Recover from device disconnection (like hibernation or device unplug)
  • MP. Fixed a rare crash on client connection in busy missions
  • Fixed crash caused by a memory leak in clickable elements of cockpit
  • Added "engage air weapons" option for ships
  • Su-33 AI don't use AAR lights for refueling at night - fixed
  • Voice chat - added an option to block start of the voice chat on the server
  • MP. Added ability to see Time on Map in multiplayer lobby
  • MP. Added national flags to the server list
  • JTAC switching target caused crash - fixed
  • Black exhaust smoke from jet engines gets bright in moonlight - fixed
  • MP. Exhaust smoke in one flight, between multiple aircraft is synchronized - corrected
  • Vehicle not moving because of too steep elevation - fixed
  • Host crash when player reloads vehicle ATGM and leaves the vehicle - fixed
  • Sometimes no sound when starting DCS - fixed
  • AGM-84. Harpoon R/BL Skim ditch into the sea sometimes - fixed
  • Graphic option window. Added Custom Graphic Preset buttons
  • Animated fences on ships stopped working - fixed
  • MP. Dedicated server unable to disable voice chat - fixed
  • Ejected Pilot falls through roofs - fixed
  • Reducing the CPU load when pathfinding a group of infantry.
  • Fix for liveries names of A-20G
  • Fixed crash at second landing.
  • General game performance increased
  • Unit health bars On could cause FPS drop - fixed
  • Mission Editor - Individual Ship Icons in a group will no longer disappear on zoom out
  • Mission Editor - Changing a FARP Country will no longer reset its position
  • Mission Editor - Dragging an aircraft on a carrier no longer resets parking to spot #1
  • Mission Editor - Template menu no longer returns to USA with previous countries template
  • Controls GUI corrupts when scrolling - fixed
  • WS ship defence not defending against AGM-65. RCS limitation of CIWS Phalanx has been reduced
  • BGM-109B. Engine and autopilot modified. Extended range to 1700km
  • The effect of tracer bullets has been restored
  • Eliminated midnight light phenomenon
  • Browning guns sound update
  • AI ground units get stuck navigating around destroyed buildings - fixed
  • AI ground units refuse to move if the last WP is near a building - fixed
  • E-2D. Corrected collision mode and damage animation
  • AI aircraft unable to connect with the tanker while in a turn - fixed
  • Cannot move a point "Fire on point" and the similar points until you select the task in the panel of tasks - fixed
  • ME. Group renaming action has no immediate effect in the list - fixed
  • VR. Added option of the bloom effect and configure the MSAA mask
  • ME. Tab order on waypoint screen is out of order - fixed
  • Sound. No possibility to change sound devices in simulation - fixed
  • MP. Reduced warping and rubberbanding
  • MP. Improved deck landing and takeoff
  • MP. Improved time sync and timeout detection
  • MP. Added country flags to the server
  • MP. Player's aircraft doesn't appear in multiplayer tracks if the server was paused during the connection - fixed
  • MP. Dedicated server. Fill missing entries in options.lua with defaults at webgui start
  • MP. Favorite star in the server list disappears after refresh - fixed
  • MP. Laser marks remain if user left server or switches slot - fixed
  • MP. Fixed client desync when server was paused right in the moment of the client’s initialization
  • Fixed a problem with shader lines of variable length, doing constant vertices recalc
  • Cockpit panels illumination of AI wingmen from external F2 is not visible - fixed
  • S-25L missile disappears without explosion when hit the tree - fixed
  • The scripting engine function Object.destroy() does nothing on scenery objects. The objects remain. Fixed
  • AI vehicles do not follow a simple off road route - fixed
  • MP. Dedicated Server. A server admin using the dedicated server GUI interface to send a message into the simulation will appear as white text in the simulation. A server message to all pilots will be orange
  • Static units can not be placed under hardcover - fixed
  • Rearming at a FARP causes a crash - fixed
  • MP. Problem with empty server-list - fixed
  • MP. Added support for systems with disabled IPv6
  • Added check for SSE 4.1 support
  • AV-8B spawned on the inside of other aircraft on deck - fixed
  • Add Portugal as a country to ME and Logbook
  • ME. Removed some non working effect presets from Effects Static Object
  • Fixed crash after destruction of leader vehicle, during execution command Following leader
  • F-14. Fix of AIM-7 missile that has broken guidance
  • WWII aircraft. DCS hangs with black screen after player get certain damage - fixed
  • MP. Corrected the wrong countries' flags for server table

DCS F-16C by ED

  • Cockpit. MFD. Fixed wrong AG weapons number. Tuned lighting of navigation gauges and SAI.
  • Gap near canopy with head shift and mouse look - Fixed
  • LERX vortex effect corrected.
  • INS no longer tracks current coordinates in ATT mode.
  • No longer ALIGN indication in NARF.
  • Hydraulic flow corrected for JFS start procedure.
  • INS alignment resets when knob placed to NORM from STOR HDG.
  • INS coordinates should be confirmed by pilot on DED with enter.
  • INS coordinates fields on DED no longer limited to 5 or 6 digits.
  • INS coordinates confirm procedure added to autostart macro.
  • INS alignment now degraded in BATH mode.
  • AG TLL Line Points fixed.
  • Restored missing INS altitude correction from CADC data.
  • SAI pitch trim index animation corrected.
  • Fixed DED sub-pages switching.
  • Fixed AIM-120 reticle position on target
  • Added EEGS Level 5 gunsight and improved EEGS Level 2 - WIP (Dogfight HUD will come a bit later)
  • Semi Transparent screens in “HUD only” LAlt+F1 view will no lower cause issues for image
  • Removed OFF label from the TACAN knob
  • Input for DL switch and MAP switch
  • New open canopy sound
  • Corrected CTD when moving throttle from off to idle in Cold and Dark instant action
  • Corrected the HUD altitude not being affected by pressure adjustments
  • Added improved afterburner effect
  • Adjusted engine fuel flow (WIP)
  • Adjusted turn rate performance for CAT I (WIP)
  • Corrected AIM-9 cage command
  • Corrected ejection after use of safety lever engaged
  • Added AIM-9 SLAVE and BORE SMS selection from the Cursor Switch depress function
  • Voice messages now cease when the MAL & IND LTS button is released
  • Added weapon release delay for the AIM-120
  • Centered AIM-120 symbol within the TD box on the HUD
  • Added ILS declutter option by pressing the Cage/Uncage HOG button
  • Added INS velocity error due to incorrect initial coordinates
  • If an In Flight Alignment (IFA) is enabled with a non-aligned INS, an incorrect heading on the HUD will now result
  • The HUD FPM will now be removed if there is incorrect INS data alignment
  • IFA time has increased
  • Corrected the ALOW error
  • Tuned the ILS command steering being too sensitive and providing steering too late
  • Corrected the LINK 16 STN page
  • Corrected the LINK 16 TIMING
  • Fixed CNI COM 1 data entry
  • Fixed the A-A Tacan getting a frozen range when another client cycles their channel number
  • Corrected SAI caging
  • The TACAN volume knob now correctly controls TACAN power
  • Corrected keyboard commands for the Fuel Quantity Knob
  • Adjusted AIM-9 seeker reticle position on the HUD
  • Adjusted rotation on several cockpit control elements.
  • Added new F-16C training mission covering CCRP Bombing and CBUs.
  • Added new UFC training mission.
  • Updated TACAN DED Page information in Early Access Guide.
  • Fixed Dogfight Mode ( Redone Attitude Awareness Arc/Add DLZ for dogfight/Remove silence radar mode in dogfight switch/Correct ACM BORE HUD indication/Added MFD/Add DLZ on FCR page)
  • Search targets on FCR screen have velocity vectors instead of Hotlines - Fixed
  • Missing Lock Lines - Fixed
  • No LOFT for AIM-120 - Fixed
  • FCR AA Declutter toggles by short depressing COMM Sw inboard for less than 0.5 sec
  • Improved EEGS mode (Adjusted T symbol,1 and 9g pipper/Adjusted A/A gunsight funnel Level 3 to 4 transition dynamics (now a bit smoother)/T-symbol out-of-plane maneuver lines maximum length was limited)
  • Horizon line seems too high on Persian Gulf Map - Fixed
  • F-16 has no option to send flight to tanker in radio menu - Fixed
  • Add Canopy Color Option
  • Added canopy and MFD reflections options
  • UFC training mission inaccuracies - Fixed
  • Cockpit Warning lights material tuned
  • Add livery for FS - 13/14/22/23/55/77/79/179/480/522
  • Add bort number
  • Radar STT automatic range scale adjustment does not work if STT was entered from TWS
  • Lesson 4 - Added CN localization
  • Lesson 19 - Added DE Voice-Overs
  • Bort number problems - Fixed
  • CNI Errors (Wind data/Hack time added) - Fixed
  • Engine Is torching intermittent during startup - Fixed
  • Active (A) and Time to Impact (T) for AIM-120 Errors - Fixed
  • FPS Loss at High AOA - fixed. Radar altimeter calculations were modified to improve performance.
  • TGP rewrites point coordinates to first selected point coordinates - Fixed
  • Missing wheel chocks model and functionality - Fixed
  • RWR keybindings are mapped wrong - Fixed
  • In MP a contact can show as Hostile and Friendly at the same time - Fixed
  • Added Sound effects for throttle movements
  • F-16 STBY Compass seems to be affected by acceleration a lot - Fixed
  • Added a new fake afterburner sound
  • Canopy tint synced in MP
  • US marking missing on wings - Fixed
  • Update to Russian localization
  • Training. Lesson 4 - Added CN localization. Lesson 19 - Added DE Voice-Overs.
  • FPS dropped several times when gear UP on the ground - fixed.
  • Strobe light need to be brighter at night - Fixed
  • Anti collision light not seen on multiplayer servers - Fixed
  • LEF should be at 2° up during cold start.- Fixed
  • FCR Hostiles returning Friendly - Fixed
  • Highlight of the selected weapon is not removed after selective jettison - Fixed
  • SAI Arrow does not move with ball - Fixed
  • Fuel tanks weight is incorrect - Fixed
  • Training mission CCRP bombing is in game mode - Fixed
  • INS Alignment: STOR HDG alignment doesn't finish - Fixed
  • Interior lighting at minimum power has lower brightness then without lighting in day light - Fixed
  • Tail texture improvement
  • Self illumination materials edited
  • Typo. F-16C Inputs. Ru localization
  • Quick start and training missions cause abnormal DCS behavior
  • Added german Viper manual

DCS F-18C Hornet by ED

  • Improved accuracy of gun funnel
  • Improved stabilization of radar-directed gun sight and gun accuracy
  • TGP added to the 4th station
  • CCIP bombing in AUTO mode always using high-drag configuration is fixed
  • Corrected instances of only one bomb from a dual rack being released
  • HUD and attack radar page Rmax values now match
  • Corrected JDAM and JSOW menu freezes
  • Pre-Planned mode skipping elevation has been fixed
  • Fixed AGM-65F count down after rearm if walleye is used with an air start
  • Fixed AGM-65F seeker continuing to slew after uncage
  • Fixed SAI caging and OFF flag
  • Fixed SAI cage knob clickability
  • Note: New Targeting pod pointing modes are in work, but were not ready for this update
  • Updated Flight Manual CN
  • AIM-120 Rapid fire crash - fixed
  • Added FLIR Pointing Modes (HUD Pointing Modes/Snowplow Pointing Mode/Velocity Vector Slaved (VVSLV) Mode)
  • Radar sometimes doesn't see targets in multiplayer - Fixed
  • Fixed A/A gunsight foresight cue/Adjusted A/A gunsight funnel
  • Port Side Navigation Light Stays on - Fixed
  • Added canopy and MFD reflections options
  • Major update of the German Hornet manual
  • Plane acts in a strange way and explode after multiple usage of RAlt+J - Fixed
  • Client aircraft doesn't show in MSI in radar page - Fixed
  • Mk5 Rockets not available for the inner wing stations - Fixed
  • Cage/uncage switch doesn't configure AMRAAM for Visual mode launch - Fixed
  • Flying without wings - Fixed
  • Target Vector Stem Error - Fixed
  • Shoot Cue given by changing RADAR range - Fixed
  • AGM-65E/F slew limits overflow - Fixed
  • Changing Laser Code for Weapon Changes D/L FREQ - Fixed
  • HAFU symbol in STT mode is always green - Fixed
  • RADAR page doesn't show flood indication if DATA button is pressed. - Fixed
  • Using Maverick and switching to A/A causes issues with the Maverick - Fixed
  • Add Update RWS DATA sub-level page
  • Can not select AUTO without selecting CCIP first - Fixed
  • Client aircraft doesn't show in MSI in radar page - Fixed
  • RWR tracks on radar page should be below the dugout - Fixed
  • Hornet cockpit lights dim - Fixed
  • Harpoon R/BL Skim ditch into the sea sometimes - Fixed
  • AGM-65E can not find JTAC laser but self TGP laser only - Fixed
  • Colour option on radar page does not affect ILS needle colour - Fixed
  • Bombs fall short if mode has not been selected by user Fixed
  • Weapon data set while using ground power lost when engines start - Fixed
  • The F/A-18C Chinese manual has been updated
  • Fixed default switches position without TGP
  • 2.75' Rockets M151 HE Typo in Hornet loadout - Fixed
  • Litening Pod:
    • Added Indication of the position of the aircraft (Attitude Indicator/AoA indicator/ASL/Steering Cue)
    • Added FLIR Laser Ranging Indication
    • Litening TPOD head no longer stows when in STBY or OFF (The Litening TPOD external model's head is not longer stowed when the FLIR power switch is moved to the STBY or OFF position) - Fixed
    • FLIR stow additional conditions (OPR status, LG down, RAlt less than 200ft/OPR status, WoW, Ground Speed more than 5kts) - Fixed
    • LTD/R switch should have 2 positions - Fixed
    • TGP has incorrect IR FOV angles - Fixed
    • TGP elevation should be tied to horizon line instead of aircraft boresight - Fixed
    • TGT and FLIR Square Misaligned - Fixed
    • TGP still works even if removed during rearm - Fixed
    • Zoom control indication occupies 2 pushbuttons when it should occupy 3 - Fixed
    • Added GRAY option
    • Added ALG option (Automatic Gain and Level control option)
  • AGM-65F seeker LOS indication is not proper- Fixed
  • JDAM - (add: IZLAR/ Auto Mode for PP and TOO Mode / dynamic TOF /TOT -PP Cue - In-Zone / TOT cue on HUD/ heading is defined for IZLAR)
  • AIM-7 can be guided via LTWS - Fixed
  • AIM-120 can guide to a target even if the radar cannot see the target in TWS mode - Fixed
  • FPS issues on the SA page - Fixed
  • Radar trackfiles aging out very quickly - Fixed
  • Prog 2 ignored if undesignate is used in auto mode - Fixed
  • Uncaged AGM-65F does not slave to the same point as pod - Fixed
  • AI do not show cockpit light in F2 view - Fixed
  • Parked F-18 static model has wrong aileron position - Fixed
  • Bright AMPCD/HUD at Night - Fixed
  • Missiles launched in RWS after tracking in LTWS perform incorrect guidance - Fixed
  • F-18 radar does not provide data-link in TWS mode - Fixed
  • Reset scale on SA page for elements, set max position value for calculating symbols on SA page like on HSI page - Fixed
  • Cockpit SNSR panel texture edited
  • Missions to be re-saved for branch
  • Harpoon BOL HPTP Ignores waypoint and flies bearing immediately - Fixed
  • Laser Mav will not show LKD if targeting a building - Fixed
  • TGP. Added OFFSET cursor
  • TGP. Transferring TDC priority to the FLIR page changes the tracking mode - fixed
  • TGP. SLAVE behaves different for JDAM PP / TOO - fixed

DCS: F-14B by Heatblur Simulations

  • Added Cage the Bear campaign COOP version, thank you Kaba!
  • Fixed Bone Strike mission for SP and COOP
  • Updated most SP missions to have mission goals enabled
  • Fix for datalink showing missiles
  • Fixed various initialization issues
  • Fix to nozzle logic during engine starts and shutdowns
  • Tweaked damage resistance for engines and wing tanks - direct missile hits will cause more damage
  • Aerodynamic damage improvements - direct missile hits will cause more damage
  • Fix for doubling of trim rate when using a FFB stick (also ignore vJoy as a FFB device)
  • Significantly improved drawcall efficiency of VDI and HUD - may boost FPS on drawcall/CPU constrained systems
  • Added default pilot bindings for the new VKB F-14 stick
  • Reduced audible range of exterior sounds
  • Added new compressor stall sounds
  • Fixed sound files paths for RWR, KY-28 and Walkman (2.5.6 compatibility)
  • Added lubber line to Whiskey Compass
  • Fixed gaps in weapons selector on pilot’s stick
  • Added RIO white floodlights
  • Added CAP category knob CW/CCW keybindings
  • Multiple low speed and ground effect handling qualities improvements in pitch axis
  • Slightly Increased Stab Power (also in ground effect)
  • Additional MIL and AB thrust tweaks for performance following stores drag improvements
  • Tweaked drag while maneuvering above mach 1.2
  • Reduced landing gear pitch moment
  • Removed glass from collision model
  • Fixed custom cockpit livery not registering (Thanks uboats!)
  • Use INS for radar stabilization instead of real-time DCS values
  • Fixed regression in angle limits of radar stabilization that caused contact/track loss in RWS/TWS at large pitch angles
  • Fixed the transponder panel code ranges: M1 00-73 (5 bit octal), M3 0000-7777 (12bit octal)
  • Fixed regressions caused by SDK mismatch:
  • Fixed debriefing window not appearing
  • Fixed trim not working
  • Fixed debriefing window not appearing
  • Fixed AIM-9 SEAM/Lock
  • Mission starting in F10 view
  • NEW! Added TID AVIA page (displaying AoA, Vertical velocity, ILS and ACLS), enabling the RIO to closely monitor landing procedures and assist the pilot with pattern work
  • Fix for radar ground stabilization at high roll angles
  • Fix for radar range scale reverting to 200NM during P-SEARCH HCU acquisition in multicrew
  • Fix for RWS contacts on TID timing out too soon in a 1-bar scan
  • Added COMM1_FREQ and COMM2_FREQ params exported to lua scripts for ARC-159 and ARC-182 radios (for example to be used with “cockpit param” in mission editor)
  • Fix for AB lighting at too high of a throttle position
  • Improvements to pilot stick travel animation
  • Added afterburner markers on controls indicator
  • Removed debug carrier glideslope on controls indicator
  • Added FFB trim checkbox option for more realistic trim operation feel while using a FFB joystick (works if ANY non-vJoy FFB device is detected!)
  • More realistic FFB travel with trim actuator movement
  • Adjusted compressor stall spool dynamics
  • Fine tuning of pitch axis handling qualities
  • NEW! Introducing TWS-Auto for the AWG-9
  • Updated tutorial mission “Carrier based take off”
  • Added keybinds for seat adjustment
  • Added Jester keybinds for BVR
  • Disabled AI kneeling (for supercarrier)
  • Added holdback bar (for supercarrier)
  • Added salute command (for supercarrier)
  • Supercarrier compatibility added for client/player
  • WIP: F-14B AI compatibility for supercarrier
  • Fixed VIS FIX updating delta continuously
  • Fix VDI range bar scale value not being shown
  • Fixed Track Hold green light
  • Adjusted pitch rate damper
  • Updated Cage the Bear Campaign, including two new missions - thank you Kaba!
  • NEW: Added 8 new missions for DCS: Supercarrier, 6x Quickstart Case 1, Case 3 and Carrier Quals for Caucasus and Persian Gulf, 2x COOP 2 to 8 Carrier Quals for both Caucasus and Persian Gulf
  • Correlate datalink targets on TID to sensor targets
  • Tweaked hostile/friendly/unknown TID symbol sizes
  • Fixed Jester TWS-A /TWS-M endless loop with phoenix in air and player commands during TWS-A
  • Fixed jester switching to RWS with scan ranges set to < 100 nm
  • Fixed HUD steering tee in TWS-A
  • Tweaks to reduce TWS ghost track formation
  • Reset TID tracks on PGM RESTART (“soft purge”)
  • Fixed HUD/VDI to use AHRS instead of INS heading
  • Fixed HUD glow showing without power
  • Major overhaul of exterior night lighting:
    • Lights are now brighter
    • Lights now cast glow
    • Some lights now dynamically illuminate the aircraft and environment
    • All lights are now visible at much greater view distances
  • Lowered intensity of landing light
  • Anti-collision and shoulder formation lights now cast dynamic lighting on the ground and other surfaces
  • Fixed afterburner spotlight light direction
  • Added salute option to comms for consistency between modules (won't trigger animation for now - Supercarrier)
  • Added radio comms for “Tomcat Ball” (Supercarrier)
  • Added keybind for “Tomcat Ball” (Supercarrier)
  • Fixed AI wingsweep not working on ground (Supercarrier)
  • Fix to comms commands for ground crew launch
  • Added CVN-71, CVN-72 and CVN-73 to RWR threat library (Supercarrier)
  • Fixed datalink connections with supercarrier. (Note: ACLS is currently off glideslope, we will fix it asap. ICLS is working as intended)
  • Fixed nose wheel steering scaling and initialization
  • Removed vJoy FFB check (Brunner stick should work now)
  • Reduced flap pitch moment and adjusted it vs. airspeed
  • Tweak to F110 fuel controller to reduce fuel flow overshoots
  • Probable fix to engine not re-lighting after damage or death
  • Adjusted flap lift and drag at speeds above deploy speed limit
  • Adjusted default starting pitch trim
  • Fixed issue where ground spoilers would deploy regardless of flap lever position with throttle at IDLE
  • Fixed kneel switch solenoid (no longer need to hold switch to kneel nosegear)

DCS AJS-37 by Heatblur Simulations

  • Added active stores display activated when in TAKT/Out, just pressed IRRB FRAMSTEGN (unless in IDNR) and when UNSAFED (unless in IDNR).
  • Fixed minus-sign on CK37 thanks to user outbaxx.
  • Fixed fading-effect of CK37 panel display.
  • Improved accuracy of low-drag bombs.
  • Time-to-waypoint is now zero when landing gears are extended or in landing-mode, before it was just frozen.
  • Fix to IFF IDENT CTD.
  • Fixed issues with sidewinder step (IRRB FRAMSTEGN) button.
  • NEW!:Added Red Flag 16-2 Nevada Campaign free for all Viggen owners!
  • Fix to CTD related to firing last sidewinder
  • Fix to CTD when mission plan has more than 11 waypoints
  • Fix to Ignition Coil and RADAR/EL Maintenance test CTDs
  • Fixes to Wrath Of Thunder Campaign, including fixed AI wingman take-off on first five missions
  • Restart button (Återstart) fixed
  • Fixed the RWR / Master volume knob repeating, tweaked gain on rotation
  • Update Rb75 series FM to AFM
  • Fixed so Rb15 search modes SKORT and STRAK prioritize targets closest to middle of search cone instead of closest to missile
  • Added new shadow-blocking geometry to avoid light shining through cockpit tub
  • Fixed sound loop errors in cockpit engine sounds
  • Radar elevation axis mapping added (was left out of the last change log)
  • Magnetic declination knob (KURSKORR) animation corrected
  • Fixed issue where RAT-generator would retract on no weight on wheels instead of gear up.
  • Fixed duplicate Restart mapping.
  • Fixed ctd when pressing IRRBFRAMSTEGN (missile step) or IR-SNABBVAL (fast select) when not carrying sidewinders. Also fixed issue when turning off IRRBFRAMSTEGN it would perform another missile-step.
  • Integrated custom bomb ballistics solver.
  • Fixed issue where air density was hardcoded but should be calibrated by groundcrew.
  • Fixed animation of magnetic declination knob.
  • Fixed radar screen brightness setting not having any effect in B-scope mode
  • Wrath of Thunder mission 6: fixed mission complete logic
  • Fixed RAT sync in multiplayer
  • Tweaked engine smokiness
  • Tweaked zero alpha pitch moment at slower speeds
  • Fix to Sidewinder model / smoke
  • Fixed Master mode switch sound when using keyboard/joystick
  • Fixed intermittent keyboard mapping bug
  • Rb04 radar altimeter now works over terrain
  • Fix a small issue where Rb04s wouldn't fly in parallel but instead eventually converge
  • Fixed issue where only one bomb would be released per trigger press in DIRECT mode
  • Fix to Emergency pitch trim clicking nose up not working
  • Fixed issue where RUTA-beam would stay on the radar screen after another waypoint has been selected
  • Fixed that FACKLSL warning would stay on even after reload when having only one KB-pod loaded
  • Corrected amount of chaff and flares carried in KB-pods
  • Fixed issue where not all chaffs would be released
  • Fix to lysbomb not releasing after rearm
  • Auto start/stop feature added
  • Probable fix to NaN warning in DCS.log
  • Fix to airbase names sometimes corrupting kneeboard flight plan
  • Fix to "unknown weapon type" warning in log
  • Fix so two RWR-lights are on when the emitter is between coverage of the two antennas
  • Fix for last signal time in ELINT-analysis
  • F10 markings map is now grouped by author so you can select either your own flight plan or someone else’s. Markings now also display time of creation
  • Improved track-replay consistency, especially for taxiing


  • CAS page update, you can now edit and delete records
  • Fixed cockpit texture text issue
  • Fixed bomb release order
  • Fixed CTD after alignment when selecting DATA page
  • Fixed Flashing letters in HUD
  • Fixed TACAN offset symbol position in the MPCD
  • Fixed VVM HUD position will now remain on the same horizontal plane with the GVM
  • Changed the gun pod ammo to PGU-32/U SAPHEI-T 25 mm rounds
  • Fixed issue with invisible KC-130 Tanker
  • NSEQ routing now enabled
  • EHSD Overlay 1: Air refueling zones enabled (max 3)
  • EHSD Overlay 2: Flight plan route display enabled
  • ILV cockpit files updated
  • Fixed issue with the guns firing with a Nozzle angle less than 30 Degrees
  • Fixed fuel pump keybind issue
  • Improved nose wheel steering logic
  • Updated exterior models - fixed tail code number
  • Updated Training Mission 9 (LHA) - TACAN changed so there is no conflict with Kobuleti
  • GPWS "Pull Up" rules rework to make it less sensitive
  • TPOD now stows when placed in Standby
  • Sidewinder SEAM mode is enabled
  • Sidewinder firing when not in AA mode bug fix
  • Sidearm firing when not in AG mode bug fix
  • MPCD + HUD Night mode update
  • EMERG Page with Emergency procedures is enabled
  • Various WCA and Auditory Cue Corrections
  • Corrected issue causing infinite sound bug
  • Improved delays of auditory cues to when the fault occurs
  • Improved prioritization of auditory cues based on fault priority
  • Fixed GEAR WCA light and auditory cue logic
  • Fixed errant CAUTION, CAUTION auditory alert when starting mission
  • Further improvements to GPWS auditory tone logic as well as corrected rules for determining GPWS alert conditions
  • Fixed CAUTION, CAUTION not allowed to replay for a minimum of 5 seconds if already played


  • Added High Res cockpit pilot body with animations
  • Added Pilot patches with different uniform colors
  • Updated training mission 1 for Caucasus and NTTR to reflect changes in the module
  • Fixed bugs in Coup d'Etat mission 2 and 3 by Baltic Dragon
  • Added multiplayer version of the Coup d'Etat campaign (to be found under single missions)
  • Updated manual (version 1.1.0)
  • Fixed auto-start not continuing past FBW test due to cover condition not being open for switch to activate
  • Adjustment seat - Corrected travel to align with actual seat and body movement, Corrected seat/body animation calculation so it goes full extent
  • Adjusted VTB for new eye point view when added VR pilot
  • M-2000C Caucasus Campaign:
    • M05: Flight Lead now waits for player before taxiing
    • M05: Flight Lead now waits for player before taxiing
    • M05: Flight Lead now waits for player before taxiing
    • M02: fixed issue with F-5s not engaging friendly helos
    • M02: if F5 crashes into the hills before Iranian attack, the mission will no longer fail
  • Training missions (Caucasus and NTTR): updates to reflect changes to the module
  • Added kneeboard pages with instructions to each mission
  • ILV cockpit files updated
  • Seat height range adjusted
  • Fixed issue with INS Panel not working after using JVN Switch
  • Added Head to VR Pilot's Shadow
  • Keybinds:
    • Radar HOTAS "TDC CENTER" changed to "TDC DEPRESS (Lock Target)". Its unique function is to lock AA targets
    • Radar HOTAS "STT/TWS Toggle (Target Lock)" changed to "STT/TWS Toggle"
    • With a locked AA target: toggles between STT/TWS tracking modes (same as before)
    • With the radar on SCAN and no locked AA target, it selects the default lock mode for AA targets: STT or TWS. The default lock mode can be overridden by the toggle switch but upon target unlock will go back to its default
    • Guns default firing mode: TOT and PAR either in AA or CAS. Mode will reset to default when deselecting the weapon
    • Rockets default firing mode: TOT. Mode will reset to default when deselecting the weapon
    • S530D Salvo mode is disabled
    • Default switches position when starting in the air:
      Radar Altimeter is active (Switches in M and H respectively)
      Radar is on EM mode
      DDM is OFF (if it is mounted)
    • DDM (IR Missile detector) is now unmounted and OFF by default
    • FBW "too slow" sound logic updated
    • AP "Gong" Sound logic updated
    • AP Roll limit updated
    • AP Track Index behavior fixed
  • Display Changes:
    • S530D SVI Brackets have been deleted. They do not exist in the M-2000C
    • S530D G and D are now circled all the time. They indicate that the missile seeker head is locked on the target
    • Radar TDC is now available in SIL and EM modes
    • TWS/STT (PID/PIC) lock mode legend is now visible at all times in both SIL and EM modes. It indicates the radar default lock mode (with no locked target) or the current target lock mode
    • CCRP Target cross "+" has been deleted. This is a M-2000D feature only
  • RWR contact display logic
  • RWR Brightness enabled
  • Magic MAV search enabled. It includes HUD TD updates
  • Close Combat Mode Vertical Scan bug fix
  • IP Bombing release bug fix
  • Manual updated with Magic MAV search
  • M-2000C campaign: Mission 05: Chevy 11 blocked by humvee which refused to move - FIXED. Mission 12: Messages play at the beginning of the mission - FIXED.
  • CNM logic fix. Approved and Finalized
  • MAG/MAV search logic update. Approved and FInalized
  • Selective Jettison CTD bug fix
  • INS: BAD Rho/Theta entry modified from KM/Deg to NM/Deg
  • Radar lost contact memory (DO) enabled
  • PCA updated: RDO Button enables/disables DO for manual unlock
  • Special Options update:
    • Show the AOA in the HUD: fixed
    • TDC Gate Aperture for PPI Mode: Added (modificator for radar TDC in PPI mode)
    • TDC Keyboard Precision: Added (modificator for TDC speed when using keyboard)
  • Updated cockpit model - Corrected map chart holder not stowed

DCS: C-101 by AvioDev

  • Several engine sound updates (Still WIP)
  • Modified binaries structure
  • Upgraded external and cockpit textures using PBR (Still WIP)
  • Fixed "floating" harness in rear cockpit of external model when flying solo
  • Engine correctly shuts down now after 20 sec timeout if startup was attempted with fuel valve switch in the OFF position
  • Fixed flowmeter indication when CB's are pulled, both EB and CC: No fuel flow, fuel used counting or FF indication when pressing test, if corresponding CB is pulled
  • Added pitch trim sound when using airbrake.
  • Both EB and CC pitch trim control systems were reworked:
    Pitch trim indicator light (located on the Emergency Trim Panel) now is ON when the stabilizer actuactor was energized by the signals sum from either main, emergency or airbrake compensating trim systems. The signal is determined as a concurrent sum from both cockpits and can be zero (the light will be OFF) if the resulting sum of commands is zero.
  • Twilight cockpit light issue solved. Now cockpit lights are on or off on hot start based on solar altitude (sun zenith angle) instead of day hour.
  • Several external model, textures and liveries updates, including PBR.
  • Added kneeboard to external pilot. (Known bug: kneeboard is now visible in cockpit view when pilot is not present. Will be fixed in next version).
  • Updated bump of shoulder patches of external pilot model.
  • Added normal bump to GPU.
  • Kneeboard is now not visible in the internal view when the pilot is not present.
  • Moving the front cockpit air diffuser will not hide/show the control stick.
  • Updated Caucasus cold start QS mission. (Replaced AI C-130 by Yak-52 since it was too large for the parking positions at that airport).
  • Seat movement sound correctly stops now when reaching max position, if moving it from one end to the other
  • Adjusted reset speed of accelerometer needles according to real behaviour
  • Implemented safety pin of canopy fracturing handle
  • Modified fracturing handle
  • Ejection mode selection lever is now functional: by default, it ejects instructor and then pilot, but can be switched off to allow for independent ejection
  • Fixed ejection pin state initialization at cold start
  • Both ejection seat handle pin and canopy fracturing handle pin store now in their corresponding compartment, map box or soft Velcro case
  • Fixed erroneous cabin pressure value at altitude. Behaviour for large differences of pressure is also modified
  • 1020 Hz radio test tone is heard now again
  • Fixed external lights initialization
  • Added Ejection Seat Priority Lever ON/OFF control input
  • Clickable cockpit is now conforming to DCS standards. Both C-101 EB and C-101CC
  • Corrected Generator OFF position when using control input, it now correctly sets to OFF
  • Solved longitudinal stability problems. The airplane now behaves correctly in flight (good stability) and during takeoff and landing. No more issues with nose down tendency after landing and nose up "jumping" after takeoff
  • Left console interior red light in the rear cockpit does not deploy the emergency gear extension handle any more
  • Fixed emergency fuel korry button light that was not illuminating when pressed
  • Fixed C-101CC trim. It now has a correct range of +6.5 and -2.0
  • Landing lights will now be in taxi position when starting on runway
  • Dimmers brightness decreases now when rotating clockwise, when rotated completely the light will go off
  • Removed Mk-84 from the C-101CC inventory and removed BR-500 from center pylons, those weapons exceed the maximum authorized weight that may be carried by the underwing pylons
  • Improvement of console lights visibility in external view
  • Improvement of stairs external and internal model
  • Several improvements in C-101CC cockpit textures
  • Change from white smoke to smoke with colorant and vice-versa is now continuous, without any gap
  • Improved rudder pedals adjustment mechanism. It now works in the following manner: pull handle and adjust rudder pedals distance while keeping the handle pulled, then release handle. Using keyboard or joystick commands also works correctly now
  • Added backlight to FD front cockpit buttons that are not activated
  • Added smoke command to communications menu
  • Deleted attack commands from comms menu of C-101EB
  • Changed 3D model of cockpit mirror
  • Harnesses are now correctly displayed when control stick is hidden
  • Updated EN and ES localizations
  • Fixed oxygen consumption at oxygen pressures less than approx 150 psi
  • Corrected oxygen consumption to take into account 2 pilots (it was consuming two times what it should), and improved timing of oxygen consumption as well
  • Optimized Collision model, reducing number of polygons to improve FPS
  • Improved ejection seat 3D model and added new textures
  • Added common bindings to EB and CC joystick profiles. Flashlight can now be assigned to joystick button
  • Added Airmix-100% oxygen control. Oxygen consumption works correctly on both 100% and Airmix positions. Pilot's oxygen starvation works correctly on both 100% and Airmix positions
  • Updated EN and ES localizations
  • Fixed some discrepancies in control inputs
  • Fixed typo in EN Flight Director training mission
  • Control inputs reorganization
  • Fixed rudder trim control input binding
  • Added Throttle Idle Detent - Idle and Throttle Idle Detent - Stop input commands. Previously there was only Throttle Idle Detent Toggle
  • Fixed throttle idle-cutoff control animation
  • Added Wheel Brakes axis cheat (braking both wheels at the same time) to C-101 EB and C-101 CC
  • Fixed missing rear cockpit pilot kill event
  • Oxygen breathing indicator now doesn't work if the pilot is dead or not present in the cockpit
  • Added PBR to stairs textures of cockpit model and external model
  • Antiskid is now functional
  • Added antiskid failure. It can now be selected in Mission Editor
  • Added antiskid fail due to gear damage
  • Added "Allow Smoke On Ground" option to Mission Editor
  • Smoke system of C-101EB is now not possible to activate on ground if Mission Editor option "Allow Smoke On Ground" is not ticked
  • Trim tone and light will go off now when reaching trimming limits
  • Fixed several errors in dcs.log
  • Added RAD TEST switch - OUT position in IFF panel to control input bindings
  • Sight does not change now when depressing the trigger if guard is closed
  • Fixed weapons switch, it starts now in the off position at mission start
  • Fixed roll angle marks in ADI. They now show bank angle precisely
  • Added 45 degrees marks to HSI
  • Added aft lubber line to HSI
  • Fixed vertical deviation scale of HSI: replaced center dot by center line
  • Fixed heading bug of HSI. It doesn’t overlap now fore lubber line
  • Mark in turn and slip indicator shows now a 3°/sec standard turn rate
  • Added smooth movement to turn and slip indicator needle

DCS: A-10C Warthog by ED

  • Custom cockpit options updated to correspond with the new model name.
  • Added strip on windshield glass by outer edges.
  • Canopy still present in F1 view after jettison - fixed.
  • Glued strip antenna added to the top of canopy.
  • BRT DIM Switch has no effect - fixed.
  • New cockpit caution panel APU GEN not illuminated - fixed.
  • ADI pointer not illuminated - fixed.
  • Emergency Chute Safety pin Should be removed for flight
  • Incorrect binding of left throttle button (see pos. 6, fig. 70, Flight manual English) if user connects TM Hotas Warthog Throttle - fixed
  • It is not possible to command ground crew after starting one or both engines. They respond that the throttles must be moved to IDLE for them to do stuff even though engines are at idle. Fixed
  • Unable to connect or disconnect GPU with engines on - fixed
  • Some improvements in cockpit PBR textures (much WIP, expect large improvements in further updates).
  • Fixed landing light beam direction.
  • The cockpit flood and storm lights do not illuminate now the tarmac / runway below the cockpit.
  • Repainted Ejection Seat Safety Pin.
  • Fixed functionality of Ejection Seat Handle and Ejection Seat Handle Safety Pin. Added corresponding commands and modified clickable action.
  • The Ejection Seat Handle will not move now if the safety pin is installed.
  • Triple E (Eject) keyboard command is disabled by the corresponding Ejection Safety Pin now.
  • The batteries will not heat anymore when isolated from the bus.
  • Taxi lights fixed.
  • Fixed waypoint names for three A-10C instant action missions
  • Fixed french WP names in MESSAGE TO ALL Triggers
  • Gun GAU-8 dispersion corrected
  • Corrected circuit breaker panel
  • The DUMP lettering is restored
  • Corrected Single Player Missions by MadDog-IC. Added all localizations EN, RU, CN, CS, ES, DE, FR to missions where appropriate. Moved all Units out of trees
  • Text above G-meter backlit - fixed
  • If player was hit by missile when in cockpit view, dcs frozen - fixed

DCS MiG-21bis by Magnitude 3 LLC

  • Longitudinal stability model improved
  • Suspension model improved
  • AI aircraft SFM model improved to more closely comply with “human” model, most notably in terms of previous AoA differences for comparative performances
  • Positions of fire and smoke effects corrected to comply with visual damage
  • Some audio-visual effects fixes, such are corrected F2 RPM indication for afterburner regimes, IR signature on afterburner, etc
  • First stage of code cleanup: part of the code optimized for faster execution and less memory use. Next stage in progress
  • Corrected inverted animation of PRMG localizer needle on NPP instrument

DCS F-5E Tiger II by ED

  • Added German Voice-Overs to training missions.
  • The color of the sight reticle lightened
  • The color of the radar indication lightened
  • Corrected cockpit lighting
  • Cut electrical lights on damage

DCS F-86F Sabre by ED

  • Cut electrical lights on damage

DCS L-39 Albatros by ED

  • L-39 hangs and then crashes after all power - fixed
  • In the case when the aircraft is controlled by a player in the back seat and is thrown out of the server for some reason, control passes to the first player
  • Fixed training missions for L-39. Mission "GS-23 Gun": fixed typo in English localization. Mission "PK-3 Gun Pods": 4 Gun Pods are used

Flaming Cliffs 3 by ED

  • Su-27. Multiplayer data link ghost contacts - fixed
  • F-15C. Instant Action Persian Gulf F15C Free flight over West Dubai. Increased start speed to 0.8M to prevent stall conditions
  • Multiplayer data link ghost contacts eliminated
  • A-10A. Gun GAU-8 dispersion corrected
  • MiG-29. Corrected reflections on the HUD
  • Su-25. Corrected reflections on the HUD
  • Su-25T. When you start the right engine you see the animation of the left engine - corrected.
  • Su-33. If the player requests repair on the deck, his plane should be moved to a free parking place
  • Su-25. NAV lights do not cast shadows

DCS Mi-8MTV2 by ED

  • Fixed broken view position of door gunner at the second mission run.
  • GUI. Fixed white bar issue in the training section
  • Mi-8 Spring Tension Campaign. Mi-28 suddenly explodes in mission 12 - fixed
  • Added direct controls to pod selector.
  • Spring Tension Campaign. No progress in mission 12 - fixed.
  • Cockpit red flood lights corrected
  • Mi-8 Spring Tension - no progress in mission 11 - fixed
  • Cut electric lights on damage
  • Animation of the weapon light on the overhead corrected
  • Cockpit illumination tuned
  • Corrected rotor of cockpit cooling ventilator

DCS UH-1H Huey by ED

DCS Black Shark 2 by ED

  • Introducing the new 3D cockpit.
  • Ka-50 can't spawn at Kuznetsov - fixed.
  • IT-23 now can't be adjusted without electric power.
  • Georgian Oil War - Grand Campaign - mission ATO-A-P4.2. Added tigger with removing trees action for tank platoon "G Tank 1".
  • Tuned autostart script that could not start the second engine at an air temperature above +30 Celsius.
  • The L-140 panel behind the right shoulder has been restored.
  • Corrected EGT needles color.
  • Connector of the laser standby switch will be linked with this switch. No need to click the void space.
  • Corrected engine levers LH RH text.
  • Auto-man switch animation - fixed.
  • Weapon panel lamps color - fixed.
  • Increased time to idle working of first engine for correct start second engine in the cold conditions
  • Fixed a bug that broke the display of the message "AIRCRAFT READY"
  • Corrected mirror images inside the cockpit
  • The Standby Compass (the one on the overhead) fails to show directions from 180° to 360° - fixed
  • Corrected flight manual. Added descriptions of switches of PPR-800 panel
  • Dead Valley mission, вugfix. Ka-50 born on the perking with MiG-27 - fixed. Ka-50 group assigned to correct parkings. Removed forest on the SPG Msta position.
  • Added the mirrors toggles commands
  • Georgian Oil War Campaign to DCS 2.5x Compatibility done by MadDog-IC
  • Georgian Oil War - Grand Campaign - mission ATO-A-P4.2 Added trigger with removing trees action for tank platoon "G Tank 1"
  • Corrected single missions by MadDog-IC
  • Clear Tkvarcheli.miz corrected. A player will not be spawn with his wingman on the same site
  • Added option to hide cyclic / stick in cockpit
  • ABRIS. Change date in setup menu caused DCS crash - fixed
  • Broken Anti-collision light repaired

DCS SA342 Gazelle by Polychop Simulations

  • Fixed gun alignment
  • Added combat mix (3 HE - 1AP)
  • Added SNEB68 smoke marker rockets

DCS Fw 190 A-8 by ED

  • Gear indicator lights failing or not working correctly - fixed.
  • SZKK4 controls (knobs and switches) clickable zone increased.
  • Added priming to the autostart sequence
  • Major updates for cooling and oil systems
  • Start-up procedures and priming were tuned for proper use in different weather conditions
  • Fixes for propeller governor
  • Engine sounds update
  • Destroyed tail no longer has multiple tails
  • Training missions update
    • Training with bombs is added
    • Update for start-up and take-off training
  • Added W.Gr.21 rockets and corresponding control panel in the cockpit
  • Added all currently existing german bombs to the arsenal
    • AB 250 cluster bomb with SD 10A submunition
    • AB 250 cluster bomb with SD 2 submunition
    • AB 500 cluster bomb with SD 10A submunition
    • SC 50
    • SC 250 J
    • SC 250 L2
    • SC 500 J
    • SC 500 L2
    • SD 250 Stg
    • SD 500 A
  • Added provision for the fuel tank
    • 300 liters fuel tank added
  • Windscreen glass color edited
  • New skins added to the game
  • Manual update with information about bombs and rockets
  • Bombs added to the next missions:
    • Nevada - Range Target Strike.miz
    • Normandy - Airfield Attack.miz
    • Persian Gulf - Anti-Shipping Strike.miz
  • Payloads drag for FW 190 A8 - fixed
  • Geometry of propeller edited in 2-4 LODs for better FPS performance
  • Wing payload drag and mass fixed

DCS Fw 190 D-9 by ED

  • Clickable zone increased for cockpit controls: FuG 16 radio selectors, Landing Gear and Flaps Controls pushbuttons, Rocket control switches, Fuel gauge switch, ReVi altitude selector (rotary I)
  • ReVi altitude selector rotary II is fixed at "63"
  • Added priming to the autostart sequence
  • W.Gr.21 rockets were remade as separate models so they could be ripped off while hitting the ground
  • R4M is incorrectly located on pylons and hangs in the air - fixed
  • Corrected the instruments lighting in the cockpit

DCS Spitfire IX by ED

  • Corrected rudder keyboard commands.
  • Fixed extra wind sound when the pilot rotates the camera to the rear view.
  • Added correct ammo for Spitfire, adjusted dispersion
  • Fixes for arguments for proper visualisation of battle damage

DCS Bf 109K-4 by ED

  • Major sounds update
  • Added controls for new FyG 25 knob
  • Cut electrical lights on damage

DCS P-51 Mustang by ED

  • Ammo belts for P-51 - corrected
  • Cut electrical lights on damage
  • Piston engine sound dropped - fixed

DCS Combined Arms by ED

  • Mouse click will no longer fire weapon when ingame debriefing window is open.
  • Crash in campaign CA Frontlines Georgia - fixed
  • Fixed for WW2 unit incorrect sound idle run, accelerate, synchronized engine sound with transmission
  • Fixed saving gearbox type in tracks
  • Fixed loop sounds for some MG
  • Fixed time for reloading and rearming for some units
  • Increased ship CIWS efficiency (Phalanx and AK-630)
  • Fixed the continuation of AC tracking after destruction of the radar in Ticonderoga type of cruisers
  • Fixed position and animation of protective doors for Ticonderoga type of cruisers
  • Fixed SAM Rapier, now for the Rapier work requires LN + Blindfire and / or optical
  • Improved AI movement when controlling on F10 map.
  • Fixed the problem with the insufficient turn of TD on target
  • Fixed armor SPG M12
  • M163 Vulcan was invulnerable to HE rockets - fixed
  • Missile blows up right after launch on player-controlled SA-15 - fixed
  • Fixed position of Driver camera on Sd.Kfz.234/2
  • Animation of AT-3 Sagger fixed on barrel elevation of BMP-1 and BMD-1
  • Barrel visibility issues fixed on SPTD “Msta” while zooming out
  • Effective altitude of “Tunguska” SA-19 missiles is now limited to 3500 metres
  • Combined Arms Aircraft ignore speed if not set by slider - fixed
  • Opel Blitz Embark not working - fixed
  • Fixed CA crash in case of no CA module and user tries to take vehicle

DCS WWII Asset Pack by ED

  • New AI units added to the module:
    • Ju 88A-4 - torpedo bomber aircraft
    • A-20 - medium bomber aircraft
    • Stug III - assault gun
    • M10 - tank destroyer
    • Mk VIII Centaur IV - cruiser tank
    • Elefant - heavy tank destroyer
    • Mk IV Churchill VII - infantry tank
    • M8 Greyhound - armored car
    • 8.8 cm Flak 41 - anti aircraft gun
    • Flakscheinwerfer 37 - searchlight
    • V-1 and launching ramp as static object
    • Shnellboot S-100 class
    • U-boat Type VII
  • LS Samuel Chase damage model corrected
  • APC and HE shells added for M10
  • Churchill & Cromwell IV Hull Guns now function correctly with Combined Arms
  • Opel Blitz Embarking Fixed
  • Embark for Kubelwagen 82 missing - fixed

DCS Persian Gulf Map by ED

  • New light sources with increased visibility range
  • Higher accuracy and resolution of seabed to meet new water requirements
  • Improved sea shoreline
  • More accurate trees lod transition
  • Fixed PAPI lights on airfields

DCS: Normandy 1944

  • Spring and Fall textures are updated
  • Spring and Fall trees are also updated
  • Coastal line artifacts are removed
  • Landscape artifacts are removed
  • Multiple airfield parkings and taxiways fixes
  • Airfields are refined with new scenery
  • Fortification scenery improved
  • Unique buildings and structures improved
  • Pegasus Bridge and Chateau de Falez were added

DCS Caucasus by ED

  • Trees restored to original visualization.
  • Trees removed from roads in some locations.
  • Mozdok 08 runway broken lights fixed.
  • Improved a scene on the Gudauta airfield.
  • Larger aircraft can not use the taxiway. Fixed
  • Some minor visual improvements.

Voice Chat

  • Clients could not talk to each other - fixed
  • Game log flooded by debug messages - fixed
  • Servers do not need a separate port for voice chat anymore
  • Known issue: VC availability is controlled by client’s setting only, ignoring server options

DCS Campaigns

Enemy Within 3.0 campaign by Baltic Dragon:

  • Mission 2. Fixed missing encounters / chatter in Zone Delta if player didn't stop the convoy in Charlie. Added safeguard allowing players to skip the mission in case of bugs (AI ground units pathfinding problems).
  • Mission 5. Fixed rare issue where damaged Mi-8 (first target) would take off thus breaking the mission.
  • Mission 7. Helipad and insurgent camp is no longer covered by the trees.
  • Mission 8. Removed landing flight of A-10s that got stuck at the end of runway, preventing Player's wingman from taxiing.
  • Mission 9. Minor changes to AI wingman target reporting. Fixed rare instance where several different messages with the attack outcome would play.
  • Mission 10. Updated behaviour of Falcons engaging targets at the range, they should now use 3 missiles instead of 4.
  • Mission 13. Fixed rare issue when briefing at WP1 wouldn't start. Fixed issue with Special Forces exiting target building refusing to move. Fixed issue with enemy MANPADs not moving after spawning and staying too close to the target building.
  • Mission 14. Fixed issue with F-16s not engaging bandits.
  • Mission 16. Updated triggers so that chances of saving HVA are higher. Minor fixes to VO timings.
  • Mission 17. Fixed issue with show of force by player having no effect on the CLA troops on the ground. Fixed problem with the convoy carrying HVA refusing to move
  • Mission 21. Updated Predator's callsign (Popeye instead of Pontiac in remarks page)

F-86F Hunters over the Yalu Campaign by Reflected Simulations:

  • Corrected F-86 livery folder name for displaying of custom liveries.
  • Wake turbulence off enforced
  • Player's flight engages the primary target
  • Updated F-86F custom skins

UH-1H Worlds Apart - Spring 2025 Campaign by Low-Level-Heaven Mission Development:

  • Added DE documentation
  • Mission 1: F10 Map Marker added. Score system changed. Skip Mission function available at the second task (final score 55). Fíxed vehicle spawn points.
  • Mission 2: F10 Map Marker added. Score system changed. Al landing points slightly changed. Tasks 1 to 3 – When cargo is destroyed, these facts and options are displayed. Task 2 - Information about the time limit added. Many knew voice-overs during cargo transport added. WOLF 1 no longer slides into the water. The mission will continue in time. Skip Mission function available before the third task (final score 55). Cargo changed – Container doesn’t flip over and gets destroyed that easy anymore
  • Mission 3: F10 Map Marker added. Score system changed. Many Voice-Overs improved. More immersion - Mi-8 at Tango bravo now on the radio talking and announcing their current position (voice-overs added). Task two / recapture the outpost, adopted. Skip Mission function available before the second task (final score 55). Deleted broken trigger (Pilot dead)
  • Campaign English and German Documentation added.
  • Mission 5-2: Many new voice-overs, F-10 Map marker added, Score system adjusted, Skip Mission function available at the second task (final score 55)

Spitfire IX The Big Show Campaign by Reflected Simulations:

  • Campaign updated for the new Normandy map. Wake turbulence off enforced. Player's flight engages the primary target.
  • Corrected parkings.
  • Bomber formation performance optimizations
  • Revised Spawning points
  • Updated P-51D Mustang skins
  • New WWII assets added to the missions
  • "Remove units for better performance" option optimized in high unit count missions

Spitfire Operation Epsom Campaign by Banyap.

  • Corrected parkings.

Bf 109 K-4 Jagdflieger Campaign by Reflected Simulations:

  • Campaign updated for the new Normandy map. Wake turbulence off enforced. Player's flight engages the primary target.
  • Mission 12 - corrected parkings.
  • Bomber formation performance optimizations
  • Revised Spawning points
  • Updated P-51D Mustang skins
  • New WWII assets added to the missions
  • "Remove units for better performance" option optimized in high unit count missions

F-86F Hunters over the Yalu Campaign by Reflected Simulations:

  • Wake turbulence off enforced. Player's flight engages the primary target. Updated F-86F custom skins.

M-2000C Red Flag Campaign by Baltic Dragon:

  • Mission 7: small tweaks to F-15E behaviour.
  • Mission 15: fixed missing "fox 1 and 2" calls from flight members, fixed an issue. where Max would not fight with the Gazelles.
  • Mission 3: Updated Metal flight behaviour to engage quicker. Fixed bug with other flights not returning to base.
  • Mission 5: removed a truck that refused to move and blocked Chevy 12
  • Mission 9: fixed an issue with B1 that stops taxiing to the active
  • ​Mission ​14: intercepted F-16 will now land much quicker
  • Mission 4: fixed bug with wingmen not responding to player

L-39 Kursant Campaign by ED:

  • Corrected voice over and subtitles of first massage.

P-51D Operation Charnwood Campaign by Banyap:

  • Corrected parkings.

P-51D Mustang Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney by Reflected Simulations:

  • Corrected parkings.
  • Bomber formation performance optimizations
  • Revised Spawning points
  • Revised climbing waypoints
  • Updated P-51D Mustang skins
  • Campaign updated for the new Normandy map
  • Wake turbulence off enforced
  • Player's flight engages the primary target
  • Campaign updated for the new Normandy map. Wake turbulence off enforced. Player's flight engages the primary target.
  • New WWII assets added to the missions
  • "Remove units for better performance" option optimized in high unit count missions

F-5E Aggressors BFM Campaign, F-5E Aggressors ACM Campaign, F-15C Aggressors BFM Campaign and F/A-18C Aggressors BFM Campaign by Mapple Flag:

  • Updated some units to current models
  • Removed unused units and replaced them with static models
  • Corrected parking positions to match 2.5.6 changes
  • Practice missions now placed in their own campaign
  • Minor updates to the briefing text in all missions

F-5E Aggressors BFM Campaign by Mapple Flag

  • Mission BFM04: Updated skin for AI aircraft

A-10C Advanced Aircraft Training Qualification Campaign by Maple Flag:

  • AFT05 missions: Corrected altitude triggers for flare drop.
  • Practice missions now placed in their own campaign

A-10C TTQ Campaigns by Maple Flag:

  • Practice missions now placed in their own campaign

A-10C The Enemy Within Campaign by Baltic Dragon

  • Mission 12: fixed issue with ground units (Raider) refusing to move
  • Mission 13: updated triggers for second briefing

DCS BS2 Republic Campaign:

  • Minor changes in missions Despair, Party, Cleanup

The Museum Relic Campaign by Apache600:

  • Every mission, in both campaigns, has been updated in some manner. (either to address bugs, unit placement due to trees and other factors, trigger issues, etc)
  • NDB morse code has been corrected on numerous briefing and kneeboard pages
  • Grammatical errors fixed in briefing pages (though I'm sure some still exist)
  • Mission 8.6 for MiG-15 and F-86: Fail safe helo F10 radio operations fixed, and missing radio comms restored

Combined Arms: Frontlines Georgia Campaign:

  • Adjusted missions with new Hidden on Planner Option for better Fog of War
  • Adjusted unit death requirements for advancement
  • Other minor fixes and tweaks with all missions

F-15C The Georgian War campaign by Baltic Dragon

  • M8: silenced Georgian EWRs, adjusted F-16 behavior
  • M10: silenced Georgian EWRs
  • M11: Added AI AI Georgian GCI during combat
  • M12: Added AI Georgian GCI during combat. Removed truck blocking the taxiway
  • M13: Added AI Georgian GCI during combat
12 apr
Replaced StarForce with keyless protection for A-10C, KA-50 and FC3 modules.
23 dec

Added initial release of DCS Voice Chat.
Introduced new high quality A-10C cockpit.
Update for Normandy map (see details below).
Support of F-86F Hunters over the Yalu Campaign by Reflected Simulations.

DCS World

DCS: F/A-18C Hornet by ED

DCS: F-16C Viper by ED

DCS: MiG-21bis by Magnitude 3 LLC

  • Added Phase 1 Radar glass screen cover
  • Added Phase 1 Radar indicator lights
  • Added Phase 1 T-4, T-6, and T-10 indicator lights

DCS: Christen Eagle II by Magnitude 3 LLC

  • Fixed propeller animation at idle

DCS: C-101 by AvioDev

  • Engine won't stall now when using emergency fuel lever with engine computer off
  • Now it's not so easy to get engine stall when moving throttle abruptly is engine computer is off
  • Changed the name of "computer total failure" for "failure of auto and manual modes (back-up mode)"
  • Added specific normal inverter and standby inverter failures, apart from both inverters failure already present
  • Implemented caution lights of normal and standby inverter failure
  • Normal and standby inverters failure logic:
    • After a failure of normal inverter there is an automatic switching to standby inverter, if CB Normal Inverter is IN
    • When there is an inverter failure, the corresponding caution light will illuminate, unless the pilot sets the inverter switch to the position of the working inverter
  • Added several new liveries made by "Etten" for Chile and Spain
  • Added realistic engine sound, though it’s still much WIP yet, especially cockpit sound. Expect further improvements in subsequent updates
  • Fixed the bug that caused total loss of electrical power when both batteries and bus tie were disconnected. Now the secondary bus still works, as it should (and the essential bus if essential transfer is engaged)
  • Fixed several other electrical system issues
  • Updated Caucasus hard mission and added Caucasus extremely hard mission:
    Using anti-ice system will now prevent ice accretion in hard mission, while it will still be a problem in extremely hard mission since it takes place in stormy weather

DCS F-14B by Heatblur simulations

  • NEW: Introducing NAVGRID for the TID
  • Added Jester functionality for Navgrid
  • Added Navgrid section to the manual
  • Make Jester switch to wide FOV on TCS more reliably when target becomes too large, including when TCS is tracking without radar STT
  • Increased IR signature for the F-14
  • Added AIM-7MH (aka AIM-7M H-build) to loadout
  • Further tweaks to Afterburner cone pending new afterburner effects
  • Fixed triggers for "HB Tomcat Iran Flogger Faceoff Coop" mission
  • Fix for IP to TGT settings not synced in multicrew (for CMPTR/IP bombing)
  • TCS: you can now fire phoenix and sparrow missiles on targets that have the radar slaved to TCS; WIP/not yet implemented: lock azimuth to TCS angle for RDR supersearch
  • Removed baking residue from cookies: black helmet knob shadow removed on default liveries
  • Show more accurate radar altimeter reading on carrier deck
  • Allow hooking datalink targets on TID in all radar modes
  • Fix: Allow half-action HCU slewing in TV mode to override slave to STT for TCS direction
  • Fixed floating RIO mirror
  • Fix HUD glow visibility
  • Fix RIO console & instrument light brightness step keybinds
  • Increased brightness of LANTIRN panel lights & text
  • Increased brightness of RIO cockpit buttons/controls
  • Tweaked missile loadout drag values on all stations
  • Fixed double fuel weight assigned to ac on carrier spawn
  • Possible fix to right engine not starting on spawn
  • Improved lead pursuit steering solution for missile launches
  • Fixes to TALD loadout definition for Jester menu naming
  • Fixes to TALD drag influence
  • Fix CTD when trying to enter lat/long for location hook
  • Added JF-17 VID/ recognition callouts for JESTER
  • Added JF-17 to the RWR threat library as '17'
  • Added all variants of Tornado to the RWR threat library as 'TO'
  • Added utility kneeboard charts for radar elevation
  • Added utility kneeboard charts for scan bars
  • Updated both versions of Cage the Bear Campaign. Thank you Kaba!
  • Fixed Jester Navgrid Reference manual entry being stuck after first use
  • Possible fix for idle lockup RPM bug
  • Tweaked damage probabilities for the engine (the engine will take damage more consistently from direct missile hits to the aircraft)
  • Adjusted damage thresholds for aerodynamics/structures (the airframe, structure and flight surfaces will take damage more consistently from direct missile hits to the aircraft)
  • Tuned AB thrust for top speeds after stores drag improvements
  • Further increased full flap drag when deployed above 275 KIAS

DCS AJS-37 by Heatblur Simulations

  • Aircraft now repairable
  • Adjusted acceleration at height. Fixed bug with abrupt deceleration at M1.85/1.72
  • Corrected HUD height information when setting altitude reference via HÖJD switch
  • Fixed sounds and heatblur from engine while the engine is shut off
  • NEW!: Added “Wrath of Thunder” (Caucasus) Campaign - Climb back into the cockpit, directly following the events that happened in "The Mjolnir Response". Help to end the war in Georgia. Enjoy!
  • NEW!: Added Pilot Body in Cockpit + associated keybinds
  • NEW!: Added Ram Air Turbine (RAT) visuals. The RAT will deploy with weight on the front wheel
  • NEW!: Added Radar Night Filter (not clickable yet)
  • Minor tweaks to cockpit graphics
  • Fix to TILS station being on the wrong end of a runway when landing in the opposite direction
  • Fix for afterburner not relighting after high alt flame-out
  • Increased max cockpit FoV
  • Sight ballistics improved for LD-bombs (tossing)
  • Fixed IRRB FRAMSTEGN (Sidewinder missile step)
  • Corrected issue where inputting wrong wind data would increase Bk90 accuracy
  • Removed various assertion-errors, especially associated with low-drag bombing
  • Fixed RAT clipping through intake
  • Fixed missing RAT textures
  • Fixed missing Pilot Oxygen hose
  • Fixed last sidewinder causing CTD

DCS Fw 190 A-8 by ED

  • Eliminated black stripe artefact that was displayed after pilot ejection

DCS Mi-8MTV2 by ED

  • Pilots not die at external view - fixed
  • Good old mission "A Hop from MinVody" (Russian voiceovers) is remade and available from Single Mission menu

DCS Combined Arms by ED

  • Clients unable to assign fire at point tasks via Combined Arms for units dynamically spawned in multiplayer - fixed

DCS P-51D by ED

  • Updated P-51 Mustang Sounds (External, Internal, Distance, Startup/Shutdown)


  • JDAMs Enabled
  • Fuel Flow modelling improved

UH-1H by ED

DCS Normandy 1944 map

  • Textures massive update for fields, cities and towns, villages, airfields
  • Added four new regions in France that includes:
    • Cana district
    • Quarantine estuary
    • Coasts north of the Utah landing zone
    • The Mont Saint-Michel area
  • Included seven new airfields (The total number of airfields has been increased to 38):
    • Argentan is a single-lane track
    • Barville is a two-lane dirt track
    • Essay is a single-lane grass track
    • Goulet is a single-lane grass track
    • Hauterive is a single-lane grass track
    • Vrigny is a single-lane grass trac
    • Conches is a single-lane concrete track
  • Airfields have a significant increase in detail with many more objects
  • Trees and forests have been updated to use SpeedTree, with 20 unique types of trees
  • More detailed Atlantic Wall:
    • Added costal anti-tank hedgehogs, barbed wire, etc.
    • 8 zones were added that includes artillery batteries
  • New, detailed scenery has been added that includes:
    • Le Mont-Saint-Michel
    • Jumièges Abbey
    • Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Rouen
    • Rouen-Rive-Droite Station
    • More detail was also added objects in the original map
  • The vector data was significantly improved over 20,000 sq kms
  • Additional bug fixes and performance optimizations


M-2000C Red Flag campaign by Baltic Dragon. Changes are to missions 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14 and 15:

  • Updated numerous missions to fix possible bug with AI wingmen and other flights not following their lead
  • Updated safeguard for Gazelles in M15 to make sure they are destroyed
  • Updated M04 and removed chatter about lack of NVGs

Spitfire IX The Big Show Campaign by Reflected Simulations:

  • Voice overs updated - Al Deere has a Kiwi accent now
  • Triggered explosions and fire effects added to make bombing raids more dramatic
  • Mission 6 - Typhoon leader returns to base properly
  • Mission 12 - clock position in voice over corrected
  • Mission 10, 12 - added more targets of opportunity

Bf 109 K-4 Jagdflieger Campaign by Reflected Simulations:

  • Some RTB speeds corrected
  • More airfield ambiance objects added
  • Mission 8: D-day landings made more realistic / dramatic
  • Mission 8-9: ROE of enemy planes change based on the player's altitude
  • Mission 10: surprise opponent added
  • Triggered explosions and fire effects added to make bombing raids more dramatic

P-51D: The Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney Campaign by Reflected Simulations:

  • Triggered explosions and fire effects added to make bombing raids more dramatic
  • Mission 10, 12 - added more targets of opportunity

M-2000C Red Flag Campaign by Baltic Dragon:

  • M06: fixed an issue with other flights in the package (including the wingman) refusing to taxi

Su-27 The Ultimate Argument:

  • Mission 11 - added AWACS
15 nov
Added new DCS: F-16C Viper support.

DCS World
  • Carrier aircraft bouncing when landing at an airfield should now be fixed
  • FLAK 38 no longer using Russian Ammo
  • ME. Corrected some tabs that was not disappearing after unit removing.
  • AI Helicopters. Fixed rolling-off runway in some cases.
  • ME. Fixed error when you сlick on task WW2: Big Formation (or Escort) in some cases.
  • AI Aircraft. Aerobatic task will work even on the end waypoint.
  • ME. Incorrect waypoint switch in the Switch Waypoint task fixed.
  • AI ships. Ship smoke will not be visible before ship activation.
  • ME. Payloads. When editing someone else's mission, the request to save the payload will be only once (not infinite).
  • Fixed process of randomization that causes the incorrect replay of tracks.
  • MP. Triggers. MP client will not ignore the time set for messages by mission design.
  • ME. GUI Error when click on airplane group after type change fixed.
  • Aircraft explodes after landing when started from carrier after rearming fixed.
  • AI helicopter. Corrected the contact model when player take control of AI helicopter landed on the sea-shelf platform. Helicopter will not sink into platform.
  • WMR VR Corrected cross eye effect.
  • GUI Error when use Template with disabled module fixed.
  • AI Tanker has no lights on for refuelling in moonlight night - fixed.
  • Helicopter AI taking off from hold position instead of runway on Kobuleti airfield - fixed.
  • MP. There is a current issue that has been affecting the Hornet, and now the F-14 in multiplayer, users are reporting seeing these aircraft bouncing at times, like many hundreds of feet above and below the surface or carrier deck - fixed.
  • Ground AI. Manpads will not try to shoot through buildings.
  • AI Aircraft detecting optical locks - fixed again.
  • ME. GUI Error when you try to open task Embarking - fixed.
  • MP. Carrier. AI Using carrier Blast deflector not sync'd with clients - fixed.
  • ME. Custom payload is not saved for next session - fixed.
  • ME. GUI Error when click on task Embarking after use Static template - fixed.
  • ME. Bullseye coordinates reversed - fixed.
  • MP. Dedicated Server. Trigger END MISSION has no effect - fixed.
  • AI Combat skill changes - See Newsletter for more info.
  • AI better conservation of ammo vs heavily damaged or destroyed aircraft - See Newsletter for more info.
  • WWII AI aircraft. Corrected ground attack pattern.
  • Plane disappears when assign control to AI, after player takes off from the deck - fixed.
  • Added textures with PBR for AGM-84D/H.
  • ME. The ISOLINES option in the map options removed as obsolete.
  • Rearming. GBUs will not appear with unfolded fins.
  • MP. Dedicated Server. Webgui: hardware related local and remote access to dedicated server fixed
  • Wingman collides with player on a cold start from deck - fixed.
  • Wingmen remain on deck in some cases - fixed.
  • MP. Dedicated Server. Force disabled VR with --norender option.
  • MP. Fixed Server Crash at woAIPlane::set_Air_Target_Offset
  • ME. Remade a saving payloads from external mission procedure.
  • Corrected AGM-62 info in the encyclopedia.
  • Corrected armor of some vehicles.
  • Bullets of M134 minigun will be less powerful.
  • MP. Server in the servers list will not flashing while refresh in progress.
  • Fixed Su-33 radio menu error when bolting from Kuznetsov.
  • VKB Gunfighter Pro joystick customized profiles added for A-10C, F-5E, F-16, F-18, Ka-50, MiG-15.
  • Autotrim option deleted. This feature requires tuning.
  • Serverlist refresh will not infinite looping when user pressed F5 too often.
  • AIM-7. Fixed bug that caused the missile seeker to not see chaffs.
  • Distant sand storm effect will not overlap a smoke effect that is close to player.
  • Distant sand storm effect will not overlap a HUD glass.
  • HUD only view (LAlt+F1). Kneeboard is disabled by default.
  • Semi active missiles will not produced crash of game in some conditions.
  • FPS decreases significantly during server list refresh - fixed.
  • MP. Restored direct connect by IP.
  • MP. Fixed direct connect by DNS-name.
  • Error window appears on request picture calls to AWACS (F5) - fixed

DCS: F/A-18C
  • Harpoon Options now refresh properly when switching to new station after launching missile.
  • Harpoon POP maneuver implemented now.
  • Updated Russian manual.
  • Fire control application now calculates wind for rockets.
  • Changing laser code for GBU changes code for AGM-65E if carried - fixed.
  • Added RU localization for Hornet SP missions.
  • RWR symbols corrected.
  • Harpoon will switch back to BOL from R/BL mode when a target point is no longer available
  • Initial release of the AGM-62 Walleye, WIP
  • F/A-18C net phantom ladder will not extended into flight.
  • Fixed bug where AGM-62 Walleye could not be released if the aircraft starts from ground.
  • JDAM JSOW TOO mode weapon release not always working - fixed.
  • AGM-62 TV picture will not duplicated on the central MFCD.
  • AWW-13 link pod will not interact with Maverick missiles.
  • Maverick TV picture will be B/W on the central MFCD, not greenish.
  • Corrected JDAM's drop sequence.
  • AGM-62 explosive power increased to appropriate amount.
  • Pod feed goes to static after AGM-62 impact.
  • Switching from TGP TGT Point back to CCIP no longer breaks CCIP
  • Pod no longer loses link with Walleye on drop via ground reload
  • Delay now works on the AGM-62 - 30ms delay
  • setting interval bugs the CCIP line out - Fixed
  • Fixed DCS hangs on SA page.
  • Fixed skins: VFA-106 and VFA-106 high visibility.
  • Harpoon Options now refresh properly when switching to new station after launching missile.
  • Harpoon POP maneuver implemented now.
  • Updated Russian manual.
  • Fire control application now calculates wind for rockets.
  • Changing laser code for GBU changes code for AGM-65E if carried - fixed.
  • Added RU localization for Hornet SP missions.
  • RWR symbols corrected.
  • Harpoon will switch back to BOL from R/BL mode when a target point is no longer available
  • Initial release of the AGM-62 Walleye, WIP
  • F/A-18C net phantom ladder will not extended into flight.
  • Fixed bug where AGM-62 Walleye could not be released if the aircraft starts from ground.
  • JDAM JSOW TOO mode weapon release not always working - fixed.
  • AGM-62 TV picture will not duplicated on the central MFCD.
  • AWW-13 link pod will not interact with Maverick missiles.
  • Maverick TV picture will be B/W on the central MFCD, not greenish.
  • Corrected JDAM's drop sequence.
  • AGM-62 explosive power increased to appropriate amount.
  • Pod feed goes to static after AGM-62 impact.
  • Switching from TGP TGT Point back to CCIP no longer breaks CCIP
  • Pod no longer loses link with Walleye on drop via ground reload
  • Delay now works on the AGM-62 - 30ms delay
  • setting interval bugs the CCIP line out - Fixed
  • Fixed DCS hangs on SA page.
  • Fixed skins: VFA-106 and VFA-106 high visibility.

  • Fixed sequence of rockets firing.
  • Restored missing sound of fire UPK-23-250 when it’s loaded to 5th hardpoint.
  • Is now possible to assign joystick next commands:
    - Cargo Hatch View
    - Set Gunner Seat
    - Show Gunners Panel

DCS: C-101 by AvioDev
  • DH light will not illuminate now, when triggered, if secondary DC bus is not powered or RAD ALT CB is pulled.
  • Added radio altimeter switch functionality.
  • Added canopy fracturing lever functionality and effects (depressurization, visual effect and sound).
  • C-101CC main altimeter baro setting synchronization in multicrew: the rear cockpit main altimeter uses the forward cockpit altimeter pressure setting.
  • C-101EB VHF radio (ARC-134) multicrew synchronization implemented.
  • Added explosive depressurization to Mission Editor failures.
  • Several fixes regarding canopies functionality both in multicrew and in single player.
  • Corrected radio altimeter name in ES localization (Radioaltímetro <-> CC Radioaltímetro).
  • Added depressurization due to damage of front or rear canopies.
  • Improved fractured canopy model and texture of cockpit view.
  • Cabin will depressurize now when ejecting.
  • Fixed binding to keyboard and HOTAS of ARC-164 UHF radio knobs and switches.
  • Added IFF Reply Test Lamp and IFF Test Light control inputs, which were missing.
  • Fixed Standby Horizon Pitch Reference Adjust binding to keyboard and HOTAS.
  • Added hypoxia (oxygen starvation) effect.
  • Added ARC-164 (C-101EB UHF radio) multicrew synchronization.
  • Cockpit labels are now readable when using low textures option (increased resolution).
  • Fixed binding to keyboard and joystick of ARC-134 (C-101EB VHF radio) knobs and switches.
  • Fixed binding to keyboard and joystick of C-101CC V/TVU-740 radio knobs and switches.
  • Implemented binding to keyboard and joystick of console and instrument lights dimmers.
  • Implemented binding to keyboard and joystick of cabin temperature control.
  • Implemented binding to keyboard and joystick of intercom knobs and dials for C-101EB and C-101CC.
  • Fixed ADF-60 frequency select knobs for keyboard and joystick binding.
  • Implemented binding to keyboard and joystick of SCAR control panel, SCAR display panel and RGS2 sight knobs.
  • Implemented binding to keyboard and joystick of IFF panel knobs.
  • Implemented binding to keyboard and joystick of AoA indicator knob.
  • Improved cockpit lighting in external view.
  • Fixes in ADF-60 keyboard input: Function selector switch TEST position is spring loaded now. Gain knob is functional now.
  • Fixed HSI digits brightness binding to keyboard and joystick, that got broken with latest updates.
  • Binding to keyboard and joystick of DH (Decision Height) set knob.
  • Implemented binding to keyboard and joystick of FD pitch adjustment knob of ADI.
  • Fixed crash in V/TVU-740 multiplayer sync.
  • Stick pitch trim button is now animated.
  • Airbrake throttle switch is now animated.
  • Added toggle function for airbrake (“B” key).
  • Fixed brightness of ADI/HSI digits in C-101CC rear cockpit - made independent from the forward cockpit ADI/HSI brightness.
  • Altimeter baro setting knob moves now correctly when binding it to keyboard and joystick (Main and Stby altimeters of C-101CC and altimeter of C-101EB).
  • Fixed CC ADI/HSI brightness control by keyboard.
  • Solved some errors (amber color) in inputs, related to UHF and VHF radios.
  • Solved issue with Kneeboard current position mark point not working when using keyboard, and amber color error in control inputs.
  • Solved amber color error of optical sight brightness in control inputs.
  • Fixed typo in ES version affecting amber error in control inputs, regarding an Armament CB.
  • Fixed amber error in control inputs regarding IFR Hood.
  • Fixed an ES localization issue causing an amber color error in some intercom control inputs.
  • Added binding to keyboard and joystick of Optical Sight Brightness (knob animation for now).
  • Added binding of keyboard and joystick to emergency fuel lever.
  • Fixed binding to keyboard and joystick of TACAN volume knob and mode dial.
  • Fixed gyro platform sync button (synchronizer and heading set) behaviour: it now turns correctly left and right and heading synchronizes accordingly.
  • Fixed VHF-20B keyboard control for the radio mode and sound volume.
  • Fixed binging to keyboard and joystick of Gyro Platform knobs.
  • Fixed binding to keyboard and joystick of VHF/NAV equipment VIR 31A knobs (mode and volume).
  • Fixed clock set function and animation - now clock hands and knob can be adjusted and moved smoothly and in a realistic coordinated manner.
  • Map box cover will move properly now (slowly instead of instantly) when using keyboard or joystick commands.
  • Added animation and functionality of following control stick and throttle elements:
    -Flight Control Stick GA Button
    -Flight Control Stick TCS Button
    -Rain Repellent Button (system not implemented)
    -Stores Release Button
    -Stores Release Guard
    -Fixed Weapons Trigger
    -Trigger Safety Catch
    -Fuel Enrichment Button
    -MPR Button
    -PTT Button
    -Sight Range Selector Handle in throttle grip
  • Fixed Standby Artificial Horizon pitch adjustment.
  • Fixed MPR function, it now disengages once electrical power is lost.
  • Implemented optical sight brightness (both forward and rear cockpits).
  • Optical sight depression rotaries are now correctly animated ( i.e. do not change values in an instantly manner), the first one is limited to value 2, other two got cycled animation.
  • Optical sight AUTO/MAN/TEST stich got TEST position spring-loaded.
  • Removed AFM_LODS and SFM_LODS folders.
  • Fixed Enrich label in throttle.
  • Added red texture to Trigger Safety Catch.
  • Removed SFM binaries from the module config, removed redundant C-101CC FM dll (single dll is used for both aircraft with FM varied with input parameters).
  • Trigger can be depressed (animation) only if safety catch is unlocked (both cockpits).
  • Stores Release Button can be depressed (animation) only if guard is open (both cockpits).
  • Control input names reorganization (WIP).
  • Increased opening speed of map box when using keyboard or joystick buttons.
  • Improved animation of PTT Pushbutton.
  • Smoke will only work now depending on guard and safety catch and Easy Flight setting in DCS interface (for now, until we make our own specific condition in Options "Special" tab of DCS interface).
  • Any weapon release and gun trigger will only work now depending on guard and safety catch and Easy Flight setting in DCS interface (for now, until we make our own specific condition in Options "Special" tab of DCS interface).
  • Reorganized and edited names of Smoke System in control inputs.
  • Fixed Throttle model of C-101EB (removed MPR button).
  • Fixed duplicate texture in canopy frame area of external model.
  • Command “Force cursor to show on/off” can be also mapped now to mouse.
  • Fixed pilot harness external 3D model.
  • Added default keyboard mapping for Stores Release and Trigger.
  • Improved AOA indexer 3D model.
  • Fixed 3D model of ejection seat once ejected and separated from pilot.
  • Modified auto-trim due to airbrake extension, to make it stop when reaching airbrake extension/retraction limits.
  • Added airbrake auto-trim cutout malfunction.
  • Fixed engine sound that was broken in the latest update (real engine sound still WIP).
  • Fixed startup training mission. "VOR ON" step after startup will not pass without moving the NAV Volume selector in VOR-ILS-MB equipment.
  • Gear up and gear down commands added.
  • Gear emergency extension works now when using input command.
  • AoA indicator does not jump anymore from max to min and vice-versa when turning the knob with keyboard or joystick button.
  • Control stick can now be hidden using keyboard or joystick commands, not only click-spot.
  • "Ventilación Emergencia / Emergency Ventilation" depressurizes now cockpit.
  • Gear override button (crash button) has now a press and release function.
  • Added Fuel Enrichment Button functionality.
  • Linked C-101EB idle click-spot to throttle model.
  • Normal brakes are lost now when hydraulic power is lost. Braking only available through parking brake.
  • Fuel enrichment will only work if engine computer is ON.
  • Added engine computer failure (manual mode).
  • Improved clock needles 3D model.
  • Throttle friction wheel can now be assigned to keyboard and joystick.
  • Removed throttle friction wheel from rear cockpit.

DCS: F-14B by Heatblur Simulations
  • Add bindable toggles for AFCS panel
  • Add bindable toggles for Pilot Display Control Panel (PDCP)
  • Add correct default axis assignments for Thrustmaster TPR pedals
  • Ignore STAB switch in all radar PD modes (always earth stabilized in PD)
  • Fix radar altimeter aural warning remaining on forever when fix is lost while it was on
  • Reduced radar altimeter inaccuracy over water
  • Radar altimeter accuracy now also depends on the depth of water; it is more accurate over shallow water
  • Improved trimmer behavior
  • A/G impact point solution over water jitters less now (this affected rockets the most)
  • Fixed INS confusing spawn position if 2nd ship was too close to the carrier
  • Fixed TTG on dest not working if dest was left of the nose
  • Fixed being unable to detect small RCS aircraft
  • Fix not correctly identifying aircraft carrier when on deck in a tight battlegroup
  • Added CAP-9M/CATM-9 to allowable stores
  • Updated mission fail trigger logic for Quickstart “Watching the Devildog - Laser Guided Bombs”
  • Updated mission fail trigger logic for “Watching the Devildog” SP and Coop versions
  • Further tweaking of pitch moment with flaps
  • Further tweaking of pitch damping
  • Improvements to flight model testing systems
  • Fixed Padlock not working
  • Fixed CTD on back to spectator after flight is delayed
  • Possibly fixed CTD when using ACLS/Autothrottle - please give us feedback.
  • Fixed untracked contacts in TWS not timing out
  • Added F-16 to the RWR threat library.
  • Added HQ-7 to the RWR threat library.
  • Slightly reduced drag while maneuvering to improve maneuvering performance above Mach 1
  • Further improvement of internal FM Test Systems
  • Adjusted high drag penalties for fully deployed slats/flaps at high speeds
  • Tweaks to buffet and full flap/slat deployment drag at high speed
  • Small adjustment to AB thrust at mach 1.2
  • Fix for ripple bombs counting empty stations
  • Adjust default Num0 snap cockpit view
  • Fixed missing weapons for wingman in Normandy Dissimilar Air Combat Training Quickstart mission
  • Removed A2G set command for "Watching the Devildog" SP and COOP carrier start versions
  • Added Cage The Bear campaign cold start version. Thank you Kaba!
  • Several fixes to Cage the Bear hot start version. Thank you Kaba!
  • Fix for TCS line-of-sight not displayed on HUD in TCS slave mode (TCS slaved to radar) when it is tracking
  • Fix the ever-so-slightly misaligned radar scan coverage lines on TID
  • Reduced chaff effectiveness against AIM-54C
  • Added AIM-7F to loadouts
  • Updated to latest AIM-7M
  • Fixed smoothing errors on rear of fuselage
  • Improved appearance of exterior canopy
  • Re-positioned HGU-33 knob for visor-down in exterior (int pending)
  • Updated shader defs
  • Tweaks to memory management
  • Fix to ACLS wing drop in close when HDG and ALT hold are engaged
  • Adjusted drag penalty for full flap deployments at high speed
  • Adjusted buffet for slat and full flap deployments at high speed
  • Fix to buffet at full flaps

DCS: M-2000C by RAZBAM
  • VTH Radar elevation bar is now visible only in BA2 and BAH modes
  • Fix for MAG unlock, slaved and not
  • Radar TWS heading arrow fixed
  • RDI lock ranges changes for all close combat modes
  • Mag lock triangle resized to match radar square
  • VTB colors changed to match real one
  • RDI contacts detection fix when exiting from close combat modes
  • WSC AG memorize feature fix, now will save PCA/AG setting and will reset hud to NAV
  • Fix for CNM Neutral (PCA) when pressed in close combat modes.
  • RDI in TWS will now have a single bar tracking
  • BA2 re enabled as next to BAH
  • Radar unlock available only via WSC depress
  • TDC position and radar range doesn't reset after unlock or close combat modes exit
  • Cockpit Textures:
    - Updated and Added all New textures
    - Added English cockpit livery
    - Changed Textures to match the color of modern Cockpits used today in the Ada
    - Remapped new items and altered existing items older Cockpit Mods will not work!
  • 3D Model:
    - Removed older VHF Analog Radio
    - Added newer VHF Digital Radio
    - Changed UHF Radio to be more accurate
    - Added Hand Lantern
    - Changed "Sec Carb" Cover to be more accurate
    - Removed Pneumatic Hammers from Canopy Frame (not in operations anymore)
    - Changed Canopy Frame to be more accurate
    - Changed Ejection Seat adjustment operation
    - Changed Ejection Seat Harness
    - Added Gun Camera Wiring
    - Added NVG Filters
    - Added NVG Goggle Mount and Goggles with Carry Bag
    - Removed older Eclair Control Unit
    - Added new ECM Indicator
    - Added/Remodeled various items within the existing 3D model for better edges/shapes and accuracy
    - Added JVN/NVG Switch for Night Operations with NVG
    - Changed the Flood Lights now used with modern Cockpits used today in the Ada
  • Coding:
    - Added F-16c to RWR database
    - Implemented new Radio
    - Implemented new ECM
    - Changed Radio stations to match real aircraft - Now 1-20
    - Correct Spacing on INS Panel Display
    - Enabled Easy Comms with new radio
    - Enabled new EEF Button to mute warning lights to match real airframe
    - Enabled new NVG’s with multi position interactions

DCS: F-16C Viper
  • Master Caution should be clearable as expected
  • RWR and other sounds now properly installed for Viper (sounds still placeholders)
  • Adjusted HUD visibility over cockpit geometry.
  • Engine control switch animation through guard is fixed .
  • Fixed unlimited weapon rearming.
  • EHSI font corrected, NO DATA page added.
  • CARA indication for high altitude fixed.
  • Oxygen emergency lever clickability and input fixed.
  • Oxygen flow indicator fixed.
  • Audio for radio communications identifying players aircraft fixed.
  • External sound update.
  • Loop in DED TILS ILS freq fixed.
  • AOA indexer lights logic fixed.
  • AOA bracket will appear on HUD after lowering nose landing gear, fixed.
  • Changed PROBE HEAT to spring loaded TEST.
  • Added RU localization for Viper startup.
  • IFF HUD data overlapped / fuzzy - fixed.
  • Inconsistent response from ground crew with canopy closed - fixed.
  • AAR with cold start fixed.
  • Cockpit. Lighting textures tuned. Console panels textures updated (text readability improved).
  • CCIP line will point in TVV sign center point.
  • Default frequency on UHF backup panel fixed.
  • Speedbrake sound dynamics update.
  • UHF backup panel: status function fixed.
  • Radio frequencies increments fixed.
  • Flashlight fixed.
  • Fixed switching between CCRP-CCIP if you use last bomb with CCRP.
  • Waypoints on FCR and HSI misaligned - fixed.
  • ILS CMD STRG disables if ILS power removed, fixed.
  • Added damage of some elements WIP.
  • Low and Out Warning now played for both Chaff and Flare
  • Paddle switch change reference pitch and roll attitude in addition to altitude.
  • Fixed KIAS calculation in FLCC, fixed low speed warning tone.
  • Tone sounds update.
  • Low speed warning tone has priority over LG warning horn.
  • UHF backup panel - wrong numbers on frequency window fixed.
  • Default radios to SQL.
  • Implemented basic IFF
  • IFF contacts on FCR page, wip
  • Added current interrogating status to OSB16
  • Added emergency jettison, WIP.
  • INS Implemented (WIP)
  • TONE and SQUELCH switches animation corrected.
  • Corrected some texture glitches in cockpit.
  • Rudder pedals will not intersect wall when brakes depressed.
  • Engine Feed Selector fixed.
  • Fuel imbalance fixed.
  • SAI cage knob fixed.
  • Radio Presets cycling on the DED page.
  • EPU Run Light turns off sooner using the EPU/GEN Test Switch.
  • Selecting TACAN band fixed.
  • CDI sensitivity fixed.
  • The 3 and 7 pylons will be able to correctly changed payloads with corresponding launchers and racks.
  • Corrected sun glare on the canopy.
  • Added selective jettison section to F-16C guide.
  • Fixed weapon release after partial jettison, fixed weapon count on AG page after jettison
  • Fixed crash with rockets firing after selective jettison

DCS: AJS-37 by Heatblur Simulations
  • Fix to 80% ground collision-warning always on in HÖJD mode.
  • Fix to ejection not working.
  • Fix to intermittent CTD when using Weapon selector + LD-Bombs.
  • Fixed CTD related to changing cartridges.
  • Idle-cut off command for Warthog HOTAS or similar throttle.
  • Probable fix to erroneous glideslope indication with TILS.
  • Guard against undefined behavior when selecting Bx-waypoint without loading data cartridge before.

DCS: A-10C
  • Restored the extending boarding ladder.
DCS: SA342 Gazelle by Polychop Simulations
  • Fixed not working sounds.
  • Fixed duplicated controls entries.
  • Fixed RWR symbols.
  • Added NVG capabilities to SA342L and SA342Mistral.
  • Corrected Mistral missile.

DCS: Su-33
  • Fixed radiomenu error after bolts from carrier.

DCS: Fw 190 A-8
  • Fixed prop governor on cold plane.
  • Electrical circuit breakers correction that had an influence on gear selection and weapon usage.
  • Added the ability to assign radiator open/close function to the keyboard

  • Startup mission trigger fix.

DCS: MiG-21bis by Magnitude 3 LLC
  • Implemented special menu option to test the new SPO-10 function.
Note: Labeled as “Experimental Features” which upon activating, will switch to an updated version. Users who do not wish to participate in testing, should leave it unchecked, which will basically allow the use of the current and default version of the SPO-10.
Leave feedback at: https://leatherneck-sim.mantishub.io

DCS; Spitfire IX
  • Corrected engine sounds (External, Cockpit, Distance).
  • Corrected engine sounds.

DCS: A-10A
  • Kneeboard in HUD only view (LAlt+F1) will not overlap TV screen, moved to left side.

DCS: Ka-50
  • Shkval optics will not track targets that are obstructed by buildings.
DCS: MiG-19P by Razbam
  • Increased automatic flaps up behavior to 500 kmh and allow flaps to come back down when speed is reduced and still commanded down
  • MiG-19P Paintkit
  • Russian flight manual
  • Weathered and Factory fresh cockpit textures officially added. Selectable now from the module special options (you can delete the mod as it´s included in the module now)
  • New main menu and loading screen wallpapers
  • New cockpit and external model with VR improvements
  • Fixed seated pilot being ejected 500 meters away from the cockpit

  • Cockpit Textures:
    - Fixed Spelling mistakes
  • Coding:
    - Corrected drag index calculations
    - Implemented Bingo for VREST page
    - Implemented Cruise for VREST page
    - Added F-16c to RWR database


P-51D: The Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney Campaign by Reflected Simulations:
  • Revised triggers
  • AI follow tasks fixed
  • Dozens of new voice overs added to help the flow of the missions
  • More ambient effects added
  • More ambient AI flights added
  • Map markers added to aid navigation where needed
  • Stock radio callouts reduced as much as possible
  • Enemy units hidden on F10 map.
  • Mission 14: enemy aircraft changed to FW-190A-8s, as it happened in real life.

Bf 109 K-4 Jagdflieger Campaign by Reflected Simulations:
  • Revised triggers
  • AI follow tasks fixed
  • AI FW altitude fixed in mission 4
  • AI rules of engagement fixed in missions 5, 8 and 9
  • Pre-landing waypoint added to avoid a slow flying home in mission 3
  • New voice overs added
  • More ambient effects added
  • Enemy units hidden on F10 map.
  • Adler 1 and 2 will drop their bombs in mission 5.

Spitfire IX The Big Show Campaign by Reflected Simulations:
  • Revised triggers & timings
  • AI follow tasks fixed
  • Dozens of new voice overs added to help the flow of the missions
  • More ambient effects added
  • More ambient AI flights added
  • Map markers added to aid navigation where needed
  • Stock radio callouts reduced as much as possible
  • Enemy units hidden on F10 map.
  • Mission 1: altitudes of enemy units adjusted

F/A-18C Aggressors BFM Campaign by Mapple Flag:
  • Added manual INS alignment instructions in briefing and kneeboard.
  • Updated radio frequencies for channels.
  • Updated voice over trigger timing.

A-10C Basic Flight Training Campaign by Maple Flag:
  • Corrected Flight Examiner aircraft altitude and waypoint timing in Missions 12

M-2000C Red Flag Campaign by Baltic Dragon. Mission 7: fixed issue with AI flights not following player.
Worlds Apart 2026 Campaign by Low Level Heaven. All missions updated with bug fixes and improvements.
Mi-8 Oilfield: Fixed crash of Mi-26 at start of the 5th mission. Removed AI Yak-40 that collides with Mi-26 in 1th mission.
A-10C Sturmovik campaign - fixed bug with frequency.
UH-1H Worlds Apart - Spring 2025 Campaign by Low-Level-Heaven Mission Development. Updated missions 7, 8, 9.
The Museum Relic Campaign by Apache600. Updated MiG-15 and F-86F skins.
10 sep
DCS World
  • ChinaAssetPack. Add HQ-7 Launcher and Radar Vehicles
  • URAL-4320T now takes damage as expected
  • Naval Units now have health bars on the F10 map
  • ME. Trigger Zone of Search Then Engage task no longer freezes for relocation in some conditions.
  • Dedicated Server. Issues with -norender and AI not attacking now fixed.
  • ME. Error after clicking the Add button in tab Suppliers that appeared in some cases is fixed.
  • Corrected trees shadows.
  • In external view, the SPAAA ZSU-23 can cause lag, memory leak and even crash if stuck - fixed.
  • ME. Error when click on task Embarking, after changing infantry group - fixed.
  • ME. GUI Error when trying to select tasks "Radio usage when contact" in some cases - fixed.
  • SSE. RAlt+J command will not breaks unit name of the object for the scripting engine.
  • SSE. Coalition.addStaticObject unable to spawn objects on ships - fixed.
  • The spreading under fire of ground units - restored.
  • AI aircraft will not react to lock by undetectable optical systems.
  • Nose illumination lights don't longer illuminate the nose - fixed.
  • F10 map. The names of enemy airfields will not float away in the Fog of War mode.
  • MP. If setting is not enforced in mission file, used setting is not displayed on MP UI - fixed.
  • ME. Error when use the selecting arrows from stop condition with LAST WPT - fixed.
  • ME. Error when trying to delete cloned task - fixed.
  • Added interface variable 'ammo_type_default' for assignment of default munition mix for aircraft canons.

DCS F/A-18C Hornet
  • JSOW/JDAM Launch Zones will now update when switching to TGP TGT Point
  • Maverick no longer tries to lock while during slew to TGT Point with Non-Realistic TDC Slew Option
  • Weapon Programming no longer retained after the aircraft is shut down
  • Auto-bombing no longer affected by unselected waypoint altitude
  • AGM-65E(F) indicates RDY when Master ARM is SAFE - fixed.
  • Added some more input commands for FLIR controls on Right Console on Sensor Panel for 3-pos switches in category "Special For Joystick".
  • AGM-65 FOV can be changed even when not selected.
  • Aircraft position initialization, WPT designation isn't canceled by range if aircraft position is invalid.

DCS MiG-21bis by Magnitude 3 LLC
  • Adjusted alpha channel for afterburner flame effects. (WIP)
  • Added missing floodlights.
  • Corrected directional sounds
  • Increased volume of external engine sound.

DCS Christen Eagle II by Magnitude 3 LLC
  • Decreased volume of structural stress sounds.
  • Corrected error from having the module show up twice in the mission editor.

DCS F-14 Tomcat by Heatblur Simulations
  • NEW: JESTER can now tune radar elevation for a specific distance and altitude
  • Added JESTER Elevation Menu
  • Adjusted trim speed
  • Adjusted pitch damping
  • Adjusted power at low speeds
  • Adjusted Speedbrake drag
  • Adjusted pitch moment with gear and flaps
  • Adjusted High AOA buffeting to start at higher alpha
  • Fixed VF-24 Livery
  • Gave JESTER a bit more trust in his pilot, adjusted his eject criteria
  • Fixed swapped x and y in map markers, will work with JESTER again
  • Fixed possible right engine flameout bug on in-air respawn
  • Added new Quickstart mission “Watching the Devildog - Laser Guided Bombs”
  • Added SP and COOP (2 Crews) version of Watching the Devildog
  • More Tweaking to Afterburners (which remain WIP)

  • Weapons System Command enabled.
  • Radar search behavior updated to simulate real radar:
    - Radar antenna in TWS will not follow locked target.
    - Contact icons can disappear if they are not inside the radar sweep.
    - Contact icons now display on which bar they are located.
  • Following keybinds are modified:
    - Special Modes FWD to Weapons SystemCMD FWD
    - Special Modes AFT to Weapons SystemCMD AFT
    - Target Unlock/Special Modes Deselect to Weapons SystemCMD Depress
  • Updated Mission 06 of the campaign:
    - fixed the AI flight lead behaviour. He will now drop bombs from the
    - south and return to the anchor point.
    - fixed rare problem with the AI flight lead not taxiing.

  • Full set of 20 training missions made by Baltic Dragon is now available.

DCS C-101 by AvioDev
  • Added cockpit lighting synchronization in multicrew.
  • Fixed anti-collision light that could be off disregarding cockpit switch position at hot start.
  • Fixed not working animation of rear canopy of another human controlled C-101 in multiplayer.
  • Fixed again forward canopy synchronization so that partially opened canopy of human controlled C-101 is visible now for another player in multicrew.
  • Radioaltimeter DH light will not illuminate now above 2000 ft.
  • Added wing condensation effect.
  • Fixed several knobs inputs binding to keyboard or HOTAS (like markers, ignition light and MPR dimmers, stby horizon caging etc).

DCS Su-27
  • Corrected Su-27 training mission "Internal 30 mm Cannon".

DCS Spitfire IX
  • Added german Spitfire flight manual
  • Sun glare issues fixed

  • Combat Mix set as default munition mix for cannon.

DCS Fw 190 A8 "Anton":
  • Adjusted frontal cockpit glass frame sizing
  • Adjusted frontal glass opacity and color

DCS Fw 190 D9 "Dora":
  • Adjusted frontal cockpit glass frame sizing

  • F-15C: The Georgian War campaign by Baltic Dragon:
    - M10: Adjusted windsock position to prevent interference with AI flights.
    - M11: Adjusted windsock position to prevent interference with AI flights.
    - M12: Prevented Flanker despawning after landing from triggering an ROE violation.
    - M14: Adjusted trigger logic to allow player to escape ambush without being fired upon.
  • F-15C Aggressors BFM Campaign by Maple Flag
    - Corrected Tanker speeds, altitudes, radios and TACANs
    - Updated documents to add tanker info
    - Corrected some voice over triggers to stop overlaps

26 aug
Introduced F/A-18C Aggressors BFM campaign by Maple Flag
Introduced Bf 109 K-4 Jagdflieger Campaign by Reflected Simulation

DCS World
  • AI Wingmen will no longer call out “Tally Bandit” if bandits are within 4km of each other, this is to cut down on the number of “Tally Bandit” calls.
  • Scripting Engine. Function coalition.getAllCargos and coalition.getStaticObjects corrected.
  • Bug with misaligned yellow boxes in tutorial missions is fixed.
  • Corrected Stinger MANPADS guidance.
  • Fixed bug when aircraft with Search Then Engage task attack Air Defenses when Air Defense checkboxes are unchecked.
  • Corrected Linebacker and Avenger SAMs exceeding elevation of missile trajectory that could cause a miss on low level targets.
  • Redesign of the Mission Editor MAP, SAT, ALT buttons in bottom information bar.
  • Time setting fields restored in the AVI recording panel.
  • In the Mission Editor, when LATE ACTIVATION is unchecked - VISIBLE bef. ACTIVATION checkbox will be grayed-out (disabled).
  • Reworked Audio Settings volume sliders sensitivity. ’World’ slider now only affects external views.
  • Stinger and Igla manpad missiles. Corrected guidance logic and the motor and booster data.
  • AGM-88 HARM will now update emitter tracking while the missile is in flight for better accuracy against slow-moving targets.
  • Improved the AGM-84E Harpoon launch effects.
  • MP. SSE. Dynamically spawned and hidden units will no longer be visible to clients.
  • MP. Serverlist: Fixed only 16 symbols being visible in the server player names.
  • MP. JTAC will now respond to all wingmen, not just the group lead.
  • Encyclopedia. Fixed KDO mod.40.
  • Fixed ground unit AI sometimes getting stuck on a bridge if the terrain leading up to the bridge is above it.
  • SSE: Corrected Unit.getPosition() function.
  • Fixed incorrect behavior of aircraft AI on the carrier deck if you give control to AI (takeoff from parking).
  • PAI : AV-8B AI will landing to deck vertically, not as conventional aircraft.
  • AGM-154A now corrected for wind conditions
  • Increased draw distance of static objects to compare to AI/Player objects
  • Increased draw distances of Map objects
  • Kuznetsov carrier. The AI aircraft will takeoff with the “takeoff from ramp” (parking hot) type of start.
  • Su-34. Default payload with X-59M displayed incorrectly in simulation fixed.
  • DCS can be closed by pressing Close window in taskbar.
  • The render distance of the static objects in the optics devices is adjusted.
  • F10 map view will not show a small caliber shells.
  • ME. When you copy and paste a group with EPLRS tasking the group Id tied to the task will be changing.
  • ME: column width in units list saved between sessions
  • ME: read only mission doesn't corrupted now when user attempts to save them
  • SSE. world.getMarkPanels is returning correctly.
  • CAP-9M adjusted mass and drag index.
  • Logbook. Fixed A-A kills scoring issue.
  • Tasks ‘Follow’ and ‘Escort’ can be performed now at the ‘Takeoff’ waypoint
  • Fixed mass and type of the double rockets payloads (player’s A/C no more makes unexpected roll after rockets launch, rockets in twin payloads can be launched in salvo mode)

  • HUD TD box now shows a hemisphere over it when both ownship and donor classify a contact as friendly.
  • Extending the landing gear after a belly landing will no longer cause an explosion.
  • Fixed loss of Gun use after firing off all Mavericks.
  • Zuni Rockets no longer pause after every 4 rockets.
  • Hydra Rockets no longer stop firing after 4 rockets.
  • PLID & STEP functions have been added to the SA Page - Currently WIP.
  • INTERVAL BOMBING in AUTO & CCIP modes has been fixed.
  • Wing fold function removed from auto start sequence on CV.
  • Pilot kneeboard is now functional.
  • Corrected NVG graphics artifacts.
  • The initial release of the AA/ANQ-28 Litening Targeting Pod (WIP). Other modes like air-to-air mode, INR tracking, additional HUD symbology, and slave to target point, and other functions will be added later in early access.
  • STEP data now matches Radar Data for a selected target.
  • SA page STEP marker doesn't pass through all displayed contacts - fixed
  • SA page EXPAND option added
  • JDAM TOO mode does not respect WPTs loaded as TOO MSN 1 or TOO MSN 2 - fixed
  • Radar shows target as hostile even if DL and NTCR are turned off - fixed
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when trying to restart AUTO at the end of a WP route.
  • Fixed disabling AUTO in mid-route could break AUTO sequence.
  • TDC movement now shuts off STEP.
  • Radar altimeter is now set correctly at zero before Hornet start-up.
  • Updated the Hornet Guide.
  • Fixed CTD when setting bomb interval.
  • Added work-in-progress AGM-84D Harpoon in BOL mode (for single player first)
  • AGM-65F IR Option WHT/BLK now only changes proper elements and not entire screen
  • TGP FOV no longer changes when MAV is selected and on screen
  • FLIR - LTD/R - LST Key Assignments now available in Options
  • EXPAND will close when target is lost
  • EXPAND will not affect the Radar causing loss of targets
  • SCS Depress no longer controls Point/Area Track selection
  • Added Litening Pod to centerline station in single missions.
  • Laser latch function works in different way randomly fixed.
  • AGM-65F will be possible to fire when if it's slaved by pod.
  • TGP Zoom will not controls Radar elevation in FLIR page.
  • Added input commands for FLIR, LTD/R, LST/NFLR switches.
  • Digital Map: electric circuit, TV screen condition for camera fixed.
  • Moving map fixed after GPS warmed up.
  • FLIR polarity switch no longer effects Maverick picture

DCS: Bf-109K-4
  • Fixed the MW50 gauge animation.
  • Ammunition counters are now pre-set.
  • Ammunition counter dials now work with assigned axis.

DCS Fw 190 D-9
  • Asymmetric loadouts are prohibited.
  • Fixed artificial horizon not being powered.
  • Turn indicator working again

DCS Fw 190 A-8
  • Adjusted gun sight glass tint.
  • Increase/Decrease RPM Mouse Tips in wrong place was removed.
  • Control stick connectors and lamp intensity animation added.
  • Clock connectors and animation corrected.
  • Added animation for the CB covers.
  • Light animation tuned. CockpitLocalPoint coordinates, cockpit external geometry edited.

  • Corrected training missions (no longer stuck while waiting for user response).
  • A-10C LWS could not see other aircraft lasers from more than 3-4 km; this has been increased to 10 km.
  • Crash when user changed TAD profile after cold start fixed

  • Throttles step movement input commands will work.

  • Fixed odd yawing behavior over 300 knots.

  • Better shadow bias and sampling.
  • Increased shadow map resolution on high option.
  • Optimizing bias for terrain shadow map.
  • Adaptive splitting of shadow cascade for camera near and cockpit view, optimized shadow map sampling.

DCS WWII Assets Pack
  • KDO.G.40 corrected.

DCS Yak-52
  • Some gauges appear to stay dark even in sunlight - fixed.

Combined Arms
  • Units will no longer fire unless they have a direct line of sight to the commanded target.
  • Adjusted the sound volume of the Igla MANPAD.

  • DCS BS2 Republic: Minor changes in 05 mission
  • P-51D High Stakes Campaign: 10th - targets moved to clearings, 9-th - oil tanks replaced.
  • A-10C BFT Campaign by Maple Flag. Mission BFT09 - Updated pattern altitude trigger.
  • FC3: F-15C campaign. Added missing voice-over to mission 00. Adjusted success criteria for mission 03 to be less restrictive.

DCS F-14B by Heatblur Simulations
  • Slightly increased G at which wing structural failure will occur
  • Adjusted pitch moments for flaps, speedbrake and power
  • Adjusted yaw damping with flaps down
  • Fixed wing sweep program indicator in bomb mode
  • Bomb mode now doesn't stick
  • ASH better handles spawn heading errors on carrier
  • Fixed INS drift due to DCS reporting different aircraft heading before and after spawn.
  • Fixed ASH wrong wind calculations, fixes bomb fall line inaccuracy at high wind speeds.
  • Installed anti-lag filter in the INS alignment routines - should reduce INS drift from lags.
  • Fixed afterburners being invisible - pending further improvement
  • Fixed invisible RIO DDD lights
  • Fixed invisible TID HCU lights

  • CTD when entering a new waypoint bug fix.
  • INS Stuck on invalid steerpoint bug fix.
  • EHSD not clearing after un-designating a target bug fix.
  • EHSD does not display range to waypoint bug fix.
  • EHSD Waypoint numbering corrected when using SEQ bug fix.
  • Kneeboard now displays the AWLS channel list.
  • RWR Codes updated to include J-11A and F-14B.
  • TPOD Slave bug fix (Known issue it will not track moving vehicles locked by the DMT).
  • Kneeboard update: Target points 1 to 4 display (WiP).

DCS M-2000c by RAZBAM
  • PCA/HUD logic modified.
  • Master Arm functionality modified.
  • MAGIC and CAN (AA guns) can only be selected by HOTAS.
  • Special modes switch functionality modified.
  • RWR Codes updated to include J-11A and F-14B.
  • Please see notes in ED Forums to learn about new PCA/HUD logic
  • Disabled keyboard input file bug fix.
  • MAGIC Select/Visor Down bug fix.
  • MAGIC Select improved.
  • Specific HUD page for POL.
  • POL behaviour fixed.

DCS AJS-37 Viggen by Heatblur Simulations
  • Reduced probability Rb15s fired in random group mode will target the same ship.
  • Removed invalid error-warning in dcs.log output.
  • Fixed ARAK rocket pods causing destructive aircraft roll

DCS C-101 by AvioDev
  • Added pitch trim indicator light operation (it was previously working trim light test only, now the light illuminates also when trimming, via normal or emergency trimming, front and rear cockpit). (C-101EB and C-101CC).
  • Added functionality of ADI DH light to both front and rear cockpit (it illuminates now when a/c altitude is below decision height).
  • GA light in rear cockpit ADI illuminates now as well (previously only front cockpit GA light was operative).
  • Partially fixed multicrew sync for canopies.
  • Fixed rear map box cover, now it doesn't open when activating rear canopy jettisoning lever.
  • Further work on multicrew sync for canopies, will be totally fixed in the next update.
  • Completed multicrew canopies synchronization (fixed pending bugs).
  • Fixed multicrew canopies initial synchronization at cold start, and when 2nd pilot enters the aircraft (any seat).
  • Fixed canopies animation jitter when observed from another station in multicrew aircraft (external views only).
  • Partially opened canopy (canopy closed with locking lever in forward position, which means canopy won't close completely) is visible now in other station (client or server).

Known issues:
  • Trees shadows quality is degraded
  • F/A-18C: Client aircraft doesn't show in MSI in radar page
10 jul
DCS: Fw 190A-8 Introduced to Steam

DCS World
  • Map coordinates in status bar doesn't changes after format change until user moves mouse fixed.
  • Sound system. Reworked voice allocation to properly handle lots of close objects.
  • Options. Tooltips in cockpit will be set by local options, not server.
  • P-51D and Spitfire don't have a "Customized Cockpit options" - fixed.
  • Removed gigantic bow waves appear at maximum vessel speed.
  • ME. Sound and Message are not played when using trigger "Text/Message for coalitions" - fixed.
  • Added new item 'Wake Turbulence' in Mission Editor (as a checkbox in Mission Options) and in serverlist window (in Server Options box).
  • ME. Cannot move wingmen position when set to ground start - fixed.
  • ME. Added Mach speed in the aircraft group panel. You can set the aircraft speed via either the true speed or the Mach.
  • Tunguska missile has no smoke trail - fixed.
  • Restored the models of Russian railroad cars.
  • Aircraft AI. Added accounting of tyre damage when calculating the point of contact with surface.
  • No parking available error on ships/FARPs - fixed.
  • ME. Restored working of the action "Sound to Country" in triggers.
  • Small water explosions from guns will not produce visible shock wave effect.
  • HUD filter doesn't works when droplets are visible - fixed.
  • Gun-sight Glass disappears with rain - fixed.
  • Aircraft AI will feel the rocking deck of the ship on landing.
  • Fixed cropped radio menu list.

  • Removed GBU-16 x 3 from loadout menu (Bombs do not fit on the Racks)
  • Designating a target will save the position as a steerpoint (targetpoint)
  • Steerpoint navigation has been improved
  • Steerpoints (waypoint, mark point, target point) can now be designated as targets
  • Steerpoints and their offsets will change to a diamond if designated as targets
  • Steerpoint offset bug fixed
  • TACAN and TACAN offset navigation bugs fixed.
  • EHSD page bug fixes.
  • TACAN library enabled (5 TACAN stations data is loaded based on selected map).
  • EHSD Data page: TACAN information display is fixed.
  • Added training MIssion 15: dumb iron bombs

  • Fixed Polish Skin

DCS Christen Eagle II by Magnitude 3 LLC
  • Resaved instant missions to fix texture errors on pilot harnesses.

DCS C-101 by AvioDev
  • Completed ES localization.
  • Several fixes to EN localization.
  • Updated CN localization.
  • Added synchronization of TARSYN and Flight Director to multicrew (EB only).

DCS AJS37 Viggen by Heatblur Simulations
  • Fixed issue with bombs in CCIP mode might not release if you used another mode prior.
  • Thrust reverser now kicks up snow.
  • Change to PLAN sight so it takes the aircrafts climb angle into account. Corrected radar ranging.
  • Fixed bomb solutions for CCIP and PLAN.
  • Fix to C++ assert warning when selecting cartridges that are created for another map.

DCS F/A-18C Hornet
  • Added on/off fuse on AGM-154C
  • AGM-154 EFUZ set OFF still causes weapon to detonate - fixed.
  • Added new single mission 'Patriot Express' for the Normandy map.
  • Aircraft explodes if player took control form AI by ALT+J pressing - fixed.
  • Corrected collision model.
  • Minor changes in the external sound of afterburner and distant sounds of the F18 aircraft engine.
  • Ground & Sea units received via datalink will not show as air contacts on the SA page.
  • BRU-41a sequencer fails to drop multi BDU-33 - fixed.
  • It is now possible to add negative elevation data on the HSI

  • Co-pilot flexi sight jitters when used with trackIR - fixed.

Flaming Cliffs
  • Su-27. FAB-250 loadouts changed to more realistic.
  • Restored working of the switch route points or airfields LCtrl+~ combo.

DCS F-14B by Heatblur Simulations
  • Fixed potential CTD when TCS scans an object without a 3D model
  • Fixed Jester doing only one action when asked to perform a series of actions of the same type
  • Fixed negative values (formatted as large positive 32bit integer) showing up for TID contacts' altitude
  • Fixed bad limiter input on fuel probe yaw moment
  • Fixed Jester radio tune and similar commands
  • Fix to Jester stuck in the TCS mode (no TID repeater bug)
  • Fixed CMS readiness not syncing properly in multicrew
  • Fix for the F-5 being displayed as 'U' on the RWR
  • Make time less relative (multiplayer clock fix)
  • Small fix to Jester missile detection
  • Fixed AI Wings swept forward on spawn
  • Adjusted AI oversweep collision model
  • Kneeling and launch bar fixes for the AI
  • Fixed nose gear strut collapsing on touchdown for the AI
  • Fixed broken gear animations
  • Retweaked some lights intensity
  • Potential fix to right engine not starting after damage bug
  • Reduced drag in turning situations
  • Reduced rudder roll power from 15-40 units AOA
  • Added more nose down at high ct with flaps up
  • Reduced pitch rate damping overall, but increased pitch rate damping with flaps
  • Reduced pitch with power effect at high Ct
  • Reduced drag vs pitch rate at high alpha
  • Tweaked pitch rate damper fade out at high AOA
  • Increased lift vs pitch rate
  • Added pitch acceleration based damping and AOA rate pitch damping
  • Added narrow limit on pitch rate damper and increased strength
  • Adjusted Phugoid Damping
  • Added slight extra nose down moment with power/flaps up
  • Fix to pitch oscillation induced blackout issue
26 jun
DCS World

Introduced DCS: Fw 190 A-8 by Eagle Dynamics

DCS World
  • ME. Corrected overlapping texts in the route panel.
  • ME. After deselecting a group, focus will not remains in last used text box.
  • ME. Added support for 1024x1024 pixel briefing images.
  • Video rendering. Eliminated the memory leaks.
  • Corrected parachute animation during ejection from ground level.
  • AI aircraft taxi. Obstacle detour mechanism adjusted.
  • Add keybinding for "sound on/off" option to all ED modules.
  • Ground AI. Vehicles without moving turret will be rotate own hull for gun aiming.
  • Radio altimeter now detect ships. Flying over the ship, the radio altimeter will show the altitude to the deck, not to the sea surface.
  • ME. Fixed GUI Error when use task FAC for group placed from template.
  • MP. Timeout settings are now forced by the server, network speed setting is automatic.
  • MP. Reworked network transport for better handling of a large number of units. Note: Network protocol has changed!
  • Sound. New sonic boom effect.
  • China Asset Pack. Add ZBD-04A IFV.
  • AGM-88. Seeker suddenly changed target in flight - fixed.
  • Aircraft carrier landing lights now on when clouds > 9.
  • Fixed fog visibility calculation at 0 height.
  • Option for scaling font in radio menu and messages added to System options, Scale Option to change the font size of top left/right messages.
  • Improved net synchronization of canopy animation.
  • ME. Corrected AI advanced actions behaviour when the coalition has been changed
  • Radio menu cutoff in VR has been fixed
  • Fixed F10 map coordinates having low precision in special mode
  • Sochi 761 kHz beacon is now correct on the F10 map

  • Corrections to Russian Early Access Hornet manual.
  • Fixed JDAM range circles are out of display area.
  • Hidden in ME units will not be visible on SA page.
  • HARMS now will not switch targets after launch.
  • AGM-88 rocket effects now properly aligned with model.
  • Updated and corrected radar warning receiver and HARM threat identification codes.
  • PRECISE coordinate entry added to HSI
  • Added FEDS cue to A/A gun in SIM mode
  • Added BATR cue to A/A gun HUD
  • Updated french Hornet manual.
  • Incorrect TD box movement on HUD in LTWS mode fixed.
  • Added AGM-154A JSOW
  • Added Multi-Sensor Integration (MSI) mode for Latent Track While Scan (LTWS) radar sub-mode.
  • Added BRU-55A/A dual smart weapon rack.
  • Loft option on SMS page now works correctly for the AIM-7
  • SA page declutter options added
  • HSI WPT coordinates format fixed for PRECISE mode

Flaming Cliffs 3
  • Su-27. Missing/damaged airbrake will do not work.
  • MiG-29. Addition of Chinese manual.
  • MiG-29C. Fixed failure of damper.

  • Yaw trim will not operates with Yaw SAS disengaged.

DCS Bf 109 K-4
  • Added new missions for Caucasus map

DCS P-51 Mustang
  • P-51D and TF-51D. Added provision for direct gear control, On and Off.

DCS Yak-52
  • Added new failure of flaps sounds.
  • Added bang to flaps mechanical failure.
  • Added canopy synchronization in the multiplayer

  • AI door gunner will not try to shoot through buildings to hit a target.
  • Added cockpit door synchronization in multiplayer

DCS Ka-50 Black Shark
  • Fixed cockpit door slammed in closing
  • Inverted animation of rotors AoA by pedals.
  • ABRIS. Fixed insane calendar dates.

DCS Combined Arms
  • Vehicles gun position are now synchronous to the server and client.
  • Fixed rearm time for Hawk.
  • Added reload time stinger for M6 Linebacker.
  • Fixed ignoring of targets after reloading Hawk.
  • Fixed AI tank destroyer not turning hull for attack (WW2).
  • Fixed units driving through buildings.
  • Fixed different speed shells SPG on server and client (if player take control after AI fired on small distance).
  • Fixed incorrect aiming AI Strela-10 in some positions.

DCS AJS37 Viggen by Heatblur Simulations
  • Many new bindings added especially by integrating FunkyFranks bindings mod. Missing
  • bindings for some devices added and duplicate/red bindings corrected.
  • Fixed issue with Bx waypoints (and other special waypoints) not getting recognized as such
  • when loaded from custom cartridge.
  • Corrected RR bombing symbology on radar and Rb04 radar sight.
  • Fix so ring on radar now stays after a A1 SPA (M-recon) fix.
  • Slight accuracy improvement to bombing.

  • Kneeboard has been enabled
  • Bomb release order fixed
  • SITE bombsight enabled
  • Dashed lines for CCIP and SITE bombsight
  • HUD color fix
  • CCIP update (WiP); CCIP is now limited. Cross won't go below the HUD bottom.
  • UFC ALT Function is now fully functional:
    - GPWS can be enabled/temporarily disabled
    - Pull Up Cue (PUC) can be enabled/disabled
    - Low Altitude Warning can be set.
    - Radar Altimeter can be turned On/Off
    - Selection of RADALT and GPS for Ground Level determination is enabled.

DCS C-101 by AvioDev
  • Fixed excessive aerodynamic drag of smoke system.
  • Added jettisoning disconnection functionality of PYLONS and TOTAL. EJECTION-SELECTION circuit breakers of armament panel in the C-101CC.
  • Added weaponry fuses disconnection by means of PYLONS and TOTAL. EJECTION-SELECTION circuit breakers in C-101CC.
  • Fixed some EB and CC cockpit labels which appeared blank in EN and ES localizations.
  • Fixed labels for breakers of weapons pylons outer, mid and inner (left wing are the lower. ones and right wing are the upper ones).
  • Fixed Squelch Switch label.
  • Fixed engine anti-ice push-button input.
  • Omitted video recorder inputs.
  • Fixed several duplicate input issues.
  • Updated CN localization.
  • Updated EN localization.
  • Completed ES localization.
  • Fixed Albedo of cockpit structure texture, EB only.

DCS Christen Eagle II by Magnitude 3 LLC
  • Corrected description.luas for the missing texture of the harness.
  • Fixed ambient occlusion for the instrument panel.
  • Fixed the front pilot's patch alpha channel.

DCS F-14 Tomcat by Heatblur Simulations
  • Quickstart missions: Caucasus: Free Flight tanker orbit fixed, Persian Gulf: Alert 5 readded
  • Fixed Mak79 MK-83 loadout on right rear station.
  • Mission fixes (AI radio and triggers) with voice overs from forum user “beppe_goodoldrebel”: Bear Intercept, Iran Flogger Faceoff, Tomcat Meets Foxhound, MiG-28 Furball - thank you!
  • Fixed Iran Reactor Strike and Trench Run Reactor Strike missions (added target waypoints in target area)
  • Fixed M61 and AIM-9 tutorial missions
  • Added SP and COOP missions “Operation Timber - Paving the Way” and “Night Hunter”
  • Fixed SAMs engaging with multiple subsystems not triggering the launch warning when the missile guiding subsystem wasn't the first strongest lobe of the tracking subsystems.
  • RWR threat library changed to R9D4: added HAWK CWAR, Blindfire (BF) and Rapier launcher (RP).
  • Renamed TCS roughnet map
  • Added Fictional Chromecat Homage skin (“the developer’s delight”)
  • Added B-side for tape player
  • Enabled CRS selector in AWL/PCD
  • Fixed some flap input bugs
  • Fixed flap axis range
  • Fixed flaps blowback bug
  • Added AFCS SAS channel toggle switches
  • Fixed some more key binding categorizations
  • Fixed some command categorizations
  • Added close jester menu bindable command
  • Ensure SEAM LOCK lamp lights up in LTS test even without sidewinder present
  • Ensure COLLISION lamp is lit during LTS test
  • Fix typo in keybinds: Enviroment -> Environment
  • Added some inertia to the turn and slip ball
  • Rearranged Iceman relative heading menu entries
  • When fenced in, Jester uses CMS mode switch position selected from the menu
  • Fixed Jester menu category icon being displayed for disabled options
  • Fixed Jester close menu while incapacitated
  • Jester menu fixed in VR
  • Jester will no longer give lost lock callout during dogfights
  • Improved missile announcement logic for Jester
  • Jester was sent to a fast typing course - waypoint entering speed has been improved
  • INS GO NOW reworked - it displays the type of alignment which would be used with GO NOW.
  • GO NOW should enter AHRS/AM if COARSE alignment is not achieved (previously IMU/AM).
  • Jester will interrupt entering the waypoints and switch to INS when the requested alignment option is reached; he will continue entering the rest of the waypoints after "ready to taxi"
  • Fixed current waypoint initialization for missions with no waypoints set.
  • It should no longer require to select another waypoint before selecting WP1
  • Ensure STT lock is lost when radar is disabled
  • Added new auto tune test conditions
  • Fix for Jester being unable to re-align the INS after landing
  • Jester now sets correct ARC-182 modulation when using "Tune ATC"
  • Jester menu options can be selected with the ICS PTT when using 'OPEN MENU: RADIO MENU KEY FOLLOWED BY PTT (SRS PRIORITY)'.
  • When using "OPEN MENU: RADIO MENU KEY FOLLOWED BY PTT (SRS PRIORITY)", the menu will hide only with a valid radio option selected or when the radio menu key is pressed again, but it won't hide with any PTT.
  • The minimum ICS volume exported to SRS is set to 0.2 - this emulates ability to communicate without intercom
  • Added custom viewport for Jester menu. Use "F14_JESTER_MENU" in your MonitorSetup file.
  • When "F14_JESTER_MENU" is not set, it defaults to "GU_MAIN_VIEWPORT"
  • Added special option to repeat RIO weapon type wheel on TID (VR readability vs realism.)
  • Added special option to require weapon selector press between OFF and GUN (disabled per default)
  • Corrected main menu sound files: fixes non looping soundtrack & black screen on exit
  • Added SUU-25 to RIO weapons roller
  • NEW: JESTER now uses RWS and ground stabilize if asked for.
  • Ground stab can auto recenter after a preselect time,
  • Jester can switch back to TWS automatically if needed
  • Jester uses wider scan pattern in RWS mode
  • Fixed radar pattern resetting to center in multiplayer/multicrew when changing modes
  • Some tweaks to phoenix PN and lofting params
  • Temporarily disabled automatic TWS MAN to AUTO mode change on phoenix launch pending TWS-AUTO final implementation
  • Ensure TWS missile tracking only goes to radar targets
  • Fix LZ showing on TID when vel vector is disabled on toggle button
  • Fixed countermeasures programs being initiated (one release pulse) with power set to OFF
  • Fix for time-to-impact not showing on TID for STT phoenix shots
  • Engine performance tuning
  • Fixed trim speed ramp-in
  • Adjusted pitch and phugoid damping
  • Adjusted rudder roll power at high AOA
  • Adjusted pitch with power effects
  • Adjusted drag in turning situations
  • Adjusted lift in turning situations
  • Adjust pitch trim ramp-in speed
  • Fixed nozzle position bug when losing oil pressure
  • Decreased max afterburner fuel flow above 55k feet
  • Added slight yaw moment due to fuel probe deployment
  • Fixed AP not being able to engage when using FFB stick
Known Issue: Afterburners are invisible.

  • Corrected G-suit parameter.
  • Corrected AI FM min and max g limit.
  • Corrected AI FM max range.
  • Updated AI FM aerodynamic tables.
  • Updated AI FM engine tables.
  • Corrected damage shape name to actual file name and added wing damage shape.
  • Corrected various engine related damage responses.
  • Corrected various flight control related damage responses.
  • Throttle logic corrected to design basic aircraft.
  • Wheel braking effectiveness reduced to closer match data.
  • UV Lights enabled.
  • Instruments backlight enabled.
  • Flood lights updated - All sights updated.
  • ASP-5N Sight depression control updated. Depression values now affects all sights modes even when caged.
  • Cockpit knobs and dials will no longer spin forever.
  • Model altitude indicator and variometer behavior in transonic.
  • Stores failure, structural limits implemented.
  • Corrected timing for fuel starvation when inverted.
  • Added engine failure when below military power and at very high altitude.
  • Engine off induced drag behavior.
  • “Crime and Punishment” - 10 mission campaign by Baltic Dragon.

DCS MiG-21bis by Magnitude 3 LLC
  • Fixed distance indication for gun in radar mode (distance must be equal or less than 2000m for indication).
  • Improved inputs for ASP axis-based controls (rotaries).
  • Improved ASP LAUNCH light logic when attacking radar-locked targets (airborne or ground based).
  • Improved reticle size scaling.
  • Fixed emergency jettison switches to being clickable.
  • Fixed flaps reset switch going under control box when pushed.
  • Fixed SOD mode knob rotation range.
  • Fixed SPS launch button.
  • Fixed white flood light knob rotation.
  • Fixed air pressure gauge bezel's UVs.
  • Added liveries' description.lua custom arg command for bort numbers.
Note: This is not the full major cockpit update. These small fixes are brought over from it for testing. These updates did not make the previous patch. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Spitfire IX The Big Show campaign by Reflected Simulations
Revised the mission goals to ensure progression.
Fw 190 D-9 in some missions replaced with new Fw 190 A-8.

M-2000C Red Flag campaign by Baltic Dragon,
Mission 15: added safeguard for Gazelles - they will now be destroyed and won't break mission by getting damaged.

Memory of the Hero Campaign by Stone Sky.
Mission 10 - reworked trigger of helicopter disruption in the end of the mission.
Mission 12 - reworked the points system and the analysis of additional triggers in radiomenu F10.

Enemy Within 3.0 campaign by Baltic Dragon.
Mission 1: fixed an issue where MANPADS would fall through the roof into the building and be unable to shoot, thus blocking mission progress.

L-39 Kursant campaign.
Corrected mistakes in a mission briefings of stage 7.

A-10C AAT Campaign by Mapple Flag.
AAT10 - Changed loadout to use IR MAVs only.

A-10C TTQ Campaign by Mapple Flag.
TAC14 - Changed helicopter altitude to avoid tree crash.

P-51D The Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney Campaign by Reflected Simulations.
Fw 190 D-9 in some missions replaced with new Fw 190 A-8.

CA Frontlines - Georgia Campaign.
Added Chinese localisation.

P-51D Charnwood Campaign by B&W.
Updated missions.

Spitfire IX Epsom Campaign by B&W.
Updated missions and docs.
15 may
Introducing DCS: I-16 by OctopusG

Network protocol changed, old servers are not visible

DCS World
  • F10 map options for 'a/c only' and 'map only' will not make airbase icons disappear.
  • Uncontrolled ground units will not be be controlled by keyboard combos.
  • MP. Detected units in the fog of war conditions will be visible after reconnecting to the server.
  • MT4 Sherman and MT4A4 Sherman speed corrected.
  • All AIM-7 missiles have active guidance seekers like an AIM-120 - fixed.
  • M6 Linebacker will reload all Stingers by the stock for 240 seconds.
  • M192 HAWK launcher will reload faster, for 420 seconds.
  • After rearm SAM Hawk does not not attack enemy - fixed.
  • AIM-7 wing animation fixed.
  • AGM-88 adjusted accuracy. Autopilot tuning, overload rate response slightly decreased for avoid a hard bucketing.
  • AI S-3B can't takeoff from CVN-70 in some case - fixed.
  • Dedicated Server. Fix mission restart, now server not crashes even if next mission do not exists or broken.
  • AI aircraft will be accelerate to required speed for weapon launch if this weapon required certain minimum speed. For example ARM missile Kh-31 requires minimum 0.7M for sure launch.
  • MP. F10 map. With target mark on, the aircraft type, player nick and mark text is overlapped - fixed.
  • Fixed crash caused by video driver NV 430.39 when MK-20 or CBU canisters opens. We strongly recommend to update Nvidia drivers to version 430.53 (https://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/answ...tail/a_id/4798) for preventing crashes on graphical effects.
  • MP. Fixed crash on the taxi in the multiseater aircraft.
  • MP. Fixed starting dedicated server with settings saved from webGUI also checks if mission list is empty.
  • ME and F10 map. Added view of precise coordinates with hundredths of seconds. Cycle through coordinate display option available by pressing LAlt + Y.
  • ME. Incorrect removal of the list Waypoint properties fixed.
  • Ground AI. The algorithm of detour of buildings and obstacles was adjusted.
  • AGM-88. Turned off the loft trajectory for SP and TOO modes. Fixed trajectory sagging at terminal phase of flight.
  • TrackIR_external_views option will not inherited from previous simulation run.

Flaming Cliffs 3
  • Duplicated input for Autopilot reset command in Su-27, 33 and Mig-29 aircraft both FC and standalone is now fixed.
  • MiG-29 throttle lag decreased (WIP)
  • MiG-29. Corrected RD-33 thrust and RPM at high altitude

  • Cockpit textures updated
  • MPCD Knobs Fixed
  • MPCD Brightness Control Updated
  • MPCD BIT Page enabled
  • LCD Display Updated
  • Damage Model is now enabled (WiP):
  • INS System
  • RWR Receiver
  • Weapons Stations
  • Chaff + Flares
  • SMS Damage enabled
  • DMT Damage enabled
  • FLIR Damage enabled
  • CMDS Damage enabled
  • CONF Page enabled
  • Training Missions updated
  • HUD Update: Steer-To point symbol available on NAV and VTOL modes.
  • HUD reacts to device damage:
    - INS
    - Mission Computer (MSC)
    - Weapons Manager (SMS)
    - Armament Control Panel (ACP)
    - Aircraft Computer (ADC)
  • Roll Stabilized Sight (iron sight) enabled (WiP)
  • MPCD STRS (Stores) page reacts to device damage (WiP)
  • Weapons Manager (SMS) damage model update (WiP)

DCS C-101 by AvioDev
  • Added emergency fuel lever functionality and dependency on emergency fuel valve.
  • Added engine computer total failure.
  • Ignition light comes now on when emergency fuel valve is ON.
  • No more buffet on ground when there's wind.
  • Implemented the following Weapons circuit breakers:
    - CAMERA SIGHT (energizes the sight)
    - 115VAC SIGHT (energizes the sight head gyros)
  • Force feedback:
    -The stick does center now in roll when there is hydraulic pressure (stick stiffness in roll depends on hydraulic pressure)
    -Stick force in roll depends now on hydraulic pressure. (Low hyd press means more force at higher speeds)
  • Added pitch trim tone sound (both cockpits).
  • Added pitch trim tone circuit breaker.
  • Emergency guard cuts emergency pitch trim when closed.
  • No pitch trim tone sound when using normal trim and emergency trim guard is open.
  • When CB (circuit breaker) “PITCH TRIM TONE” in C-101EB is out, emergency trim guard does not cut the relation between speed brake switch and trim electrical circuits.
  • Changed emergency trim switch to spring-loaded type.
  • C-101CC ELT switch changed to spring-loaded type.
  • C-101EB TARSYN synchronization switch changed to spring-loaded type.
  • Fixed “AUDIO PANEL” label in C-101CC circuit breakers panel.
  • Added functionality of the following circuit breakers of armament panel in the C-101CC:
  • Fixed cockpit frame roundness between front and rear canopies.
  • Fixed position of some of C-101CC circuit breakers of weapons panel, so that the white ring is visible when the circuit breaker is tripped.
  • Fixed default position of C-101CC circuit breakers: white ring not visible now when the circuit breaker is pushed in (flushed).
  • Fixed ignition switch functionality when using keyboard or joystick buttons.
  • Fixed default position of ignition switch at mission start.

DCS: F-14 Tomcat by Heatblur Simulations
  • Fix for DDD aspect switch unit scaling for supersearch & acquisition.
  • Fix for being able to fill dropped external tanks.
  • Adjustments to structural integrity and wing snap code (hopefully corrects less lenient structural damage with higher network latencies)
  • Fixed floating gear emergency extension handle.
  • New: Added radar beam structure emulation to the RWR.
  • RWR gains and signal strength thresholds adjusted.
  • RWR threat library version changed to "R9D2".
  • Hook bypass switch input fix.
  • Tweaked 6-dof view limits. Less goosing through the canopy.
  • Converted some lua option strings to facilitate translation.
  • Added custom cockpit livery option.
  • Removed l10n folder from coremods.
  • Additional push to talk entries for controlling SRS without interacting with the radio menus.
  • Added clickspots for the AN/ARC-159 buttons: LOAD and TONE.
  • Fixed ground air and electrical still on after flight.
  • Multicrew sync of ejection arm switches.
  • Fixed jester landing calls special option not working.
  • Restore functionality to show HUD movable reticle (pipper) for TCS in STT modes (hiding HUD steering tee implicitly).
  • Changed default Jester ripple quantity options to 2,3,4,6,8,16,28.
  • Fix Sidewinder keybind volume adjustment infinite loop.
  • Adjusted aerodynamic damage effects.
  • Small adjustments to thrust and drag models
  • Fixed the names of the RIO CMS input commands (AN/ALE-39).
  • Fixed the kneeboard displaying wrong mag var values for Nevada (first page).
  • NEW: JESTER now uses RWS and ground stabilize if asked for
  • Fixed trim speed ramp-up
  • Added close jester menu bindable command
  • Fixed some command categorizations
  • Added AFCS SAS Channel toggle switches
  • Fixed flap axis range
  • Fixed various flap input bugs
  • (JESTER) No “lost lock” call-out in dogfights
  • Fixed SAMs engaging with multiple subsystems not triggering the RWR
  • Hawk CVAR added to threat library
  • Threat library updated to version R9D3
  • Updated various single player missions & reactivated alert 5 mission
  • Updated Caucasus Free flight mission
  • Fixed JESTER menu opening when JESTER is incapacitated
  • Fixed MAK-79 loadout on right rear station
  • Released F-14 Paintkit: http://media.heatblur.se/HB-F-14_Paintkit-v1.0.rar

  • Restored a fire of door miniguns after rearming through ground crew.

  • Updated Caucasus Instant Action missions.

DCS L-39
  • Corrected training mission Bombs.
  • Corrected L-39C Cold Start Nevada Instant Action mission.

  • JDAM initial implementation.
  • INS. Autostart. After aligned to OK, the switch will be moved to NAV.
  • LTWS. Added switching radar in STT mode in AIM-7 launch
  • LTWS. Added aged track of target's blips.
  • LTWS. RADAR relocks last tracked target after LTWS off/on fixed.
  • LTWS. No L&S symbols on radar page displayed if track under cursor fixed.
  • LTWS. HMD lock box not in the correct position fixed.
  • LTWS. Radar page doesn't update when DATA button pressed fixed.
  • JDAM accuracy increased.
  • JDAM crash fixed.
  • Added Training Day mission
  • The autostart procedure now automatically turns on the radios.
  • APU did not start up in some cases after repair - fixed.
  • After full depleted of fuel, the aircraft will not start even after refueling - now in this case it is necessary to make repairs.
  • Emergency braking system corrected.
  • Fixed JDAM QTY related crash.
  • GBU-38 corrected maximum range
  • HARM flight profile for SP and TOO modes adjusted to remove loft.
Note: much of the Hornet effort this past period has been focused on the Litening targeting pod, AGM-154 JSOW, JDAM and JSOW dynamic launch zone and lofting, full simulation of the INS and GPS navigation system, precise waypoint input option, MIDS for LTWS, and correcting the logic for HARM guidance.

  • Update of the A-10C Instant Action Missions
  • JDAM in-range indication restored.

DCS AJS37 Viggen by Heatblur Simulations
  • Fixed egregious CK37 CTD
  • Corrected crash when inputting runway heading >360 degrees.
  • Fixed bombing mode not stepping in when non BP and M waypoint.
  • Fixed typo in rocket quick start mission.
  • Updated RB 75 models Added RB 75 textures, requires a line in the livery to change from USAF texture.
  • Fixes to flight plan in kneeboard for custom cartridges.

DCS MiG-21bis by Magnitude 3 LLC
  • Fixed distance indication for gun in radar mode (distance must be equal or less than 2000m for indication)
  • Improved inputs for ASP axis-based controls (rotaries)
  • Improved ASP LAUNCH light logic when attacking radar-locked targets (airborne or ground based)
  • Improved reticle size scaling.
  • Fixed emergency jettison switches to being clickable.
  • Fixed flaps reset switch going under control box when pushed.
  • Fixed SOD mode knob rotation range.
  • Fixed SPS launch button.
  • Fixed white flood light knob rotation.
  • Fixed air pressure gauge bezel's UVs
  • Added liveries' description.lua custom arg command for bort numbers.
Note: This is not the full major cockpit update. These small fixes are brought over from it for testing.

  • FM Updates: Throttle logic and braking behavior.

DCS Persian Gulf
  • Added new airfields: Liwa Airbase, Ras Al Khamiah International Airport, Lavan Island airport.
  • Added historical sites: Bam city, Persepolis, Rayen Citadel.
  • North end of Bandar Abbas - parkings added.
  • Cleanup after repair added.
  • Many minor changes.

DCS Campaigns
AJS-37 Viggen 16-2 Red Flag Campaign by Bunyap Sims - corrected mission 01.
DCS BS2 Republic: fixed bug with broken default localisation.
3 apr
DCS: MiG-19P Farmer by RAZBAM Simulations is now available.
DCS F-14 Tomcat by Heatblur Simulations.
Introduced of the DCS Dedicated Server.

DCS World
  • Static objects linked to a parent object with offset fixation will ow rotate with the parent object (i.e. static objects on an aircraft carrier).
  • AI combat vehicles. Buildings and allied units in the the line of sight prevents weapon fire.
  • MP. Multiple clients will not spawn in the same location on the CVN-74 deck.
  • Fixed bug that could potentially cause SFM aircraft to explode at spawn.
  • Improved performance of some scripting functions.
  • Open mission/track panels. Added ability to sort files by typing by first letter of the file name.
  • Fixed frequent crash with mission scripting - script trying to destroy aircraft when aircraft trigger some event , as result - aircraft destroyed in the middle of self activity which result crash on next line after posting event.
  • Aircraft AI. Fixed crash caused by the bingo fuel landing at aircraft carrier.
  • JTAC will now not report Rapier as SA-2.
  • ME. Ground units. Added different colors for detection and engagement range rings.
  • ME. Deleted non-functional PLANNING CARGO indicator from aircraft payload menu.
  • MP. The glass in the cockpit will be transparent, not black, during texture loading after spawning into the cockpit.
  • MP. Some tuning of Server options panel.
  • MP. Client aircraft disappears, if he disconnects from the server on pause and joins back, fixed.
  • Mi-8MTV2 and UH-1H AI helicopters. Onboard gunners are implemented. From now the AI gunners will engage different types of threats within their (gunners') weapons range.
  • Airborne troops can embarking to second helicopter after disembarking from the first one.
  • ME. Corrected an enabling checkbox of Sand storm setting.
  • Scripts. Fixed frequent crash with mission scripting - script trying to destroy aircraft when aircraft trigger some event.
  • AI KC-130 will not taxiing reverse after refueling.
  • Input axis binding causes UI "freeze" and Lua error in dcs.log fixed.
  • MP. Increased timeouts to 10 minutes.
  • ME. Triggers. Added new field to message action with delay message in seconds.
  • Fixed a crash when player left aircraft for AI control with scheduled two identical failures, which caused them to mess.
  • Fixed a crash if player ejects himself in the middle of refueling procedure.
  • Dedicated server. Log update now checks if lifecycle is enabled.
  • Dedicated server. File selector: 'Saved Games' topmost folder. Only show relative path from it.
  • R-27R and R-27T DLZ is corrected.
  • Black screen flickering on the some video cards fixed.
  • Fixed crash when use trigger "Start player seat lock" with incorrect number.
  • Ship's cruise missiles. Fixed a wrong launch orientation of missile.
  • ME. Corrected unit templates: Hawk SAM Battery standard and Hawk SAM Battery reinforced, S-300, Patriot. Corrected name of Rapira position.

  • Weapon positions fixed
  • Cockpit internal lighting improved
  • Mission 1 and Mission 12 updates in the Campaign
  • Weapon positions fixed

  • Weapon positions fixed
  • MPCD Transparency background fix
  • KC-135 MPRS wingtip vortices position fixed
  • Bitching Betty sounds upgraded
  • Cockpit internal lighting improved
  • Ground Proximity Warning System enabled
  • Previous fixes now added:
    -Weapon positions fixed
    -MPCD Transparency background fix
    -KC-135 MPRS wingtip vortices position fixed
    -Ground Proximity Warning System enabled
  • Tpod Point track issue Fixed
  • ASL line behavior fixed
  • Fuel Probe Model Changed
  • Training Missions Updated
  • Fuel Probe Model Adjusted to match real airframe
  • DMT can now track moving targets
  • MPCD Brightness control enabled

DCS C-101 by AvioDev
  • Improved textures of cockpit structure and front panel
  • Fixed canopy textures
  • Fixed pilot textures
  • All liveries are now also accessible to users that do not own the module
  • Fixed engine failure due to ice accretion
  • Added the following failures:
    Engine flameout with relight
    Engine flameout without relight
    Engine anti-ice failure
    Chip in oil (including engine damage accumulation if engine is mishandled)
    GS and LOC signal failures
    VOR, TACAN, DME, ADF and radio altimeter failures
    Pitch trim runaway - Nose up
    Pitch trim runaway - Nose down
    Control stick pitch trim switch failure
    Control stick aileron trim switch failure
    Rudder trim failure
    Left gear extension fault
    Left gear retraction fault
    Right gear extension fault
    Right gear retraction fault
    Nose gear extension fault
    Nose gear retraction fault
    Flaps fault
  • Front and rear cockpits synchronization in multiplayer (multicrew):
    Fixed dc bus tie and engine anti-ice syncs
    Added fuel valve, submerged pump and fuselage fuel quantity syncs
    Added partially functioning transfer pumps and start-up sequence syncs
    Fixed fuel pumps synchronization
  • Fixed refueling on ground (Still WIP, can only refuel up to 97% and cannot defuel)
  • Added buffet vibration and sound, due to high angle of attack, high g-force or high airspeed.
  • Fixed refuelling and defuelling processes.
  • Solved issue with engine shutdown at high altitudes when moving throttle in a slightly abrupt way.
  • Added Force Feedback.
  • Fixed emergency fuel lever full travel. It now reaches the max position.
  • Improved buffet. It now vibrates depending not only in G load but also in AoA at high G loads.
  • Added new ejection seat to external model.
  • Added synchronization of the following systems to multicrew:
    -Canopy (partially working)
    -Radios priority
    -Navigation priority
    -VOR/TCN selector
    -HSI course/heading selector
    -Fuel test
    -Emergency air brake
    -Emergency landing gear deployment (working partially, only front cockpit)
  • Updated CN localization.
  • Solved issue with telebriefing dimmer moving ADF intercom button.

DCS Christen Eagle II by Magnitude 3 LLC
  • Introduction of new pilots and associated textures.

DCS Fw 190 D-9
  • ME, payload. Corrected the order of hardpoints.
  • The asymmetrical loadouts in the ingame payload panel are not possible now.
  • The sensitivity of rotaries EZ42 Gunsight Target Distance Control and EZ42 Gunsight Altitude Aiming Correction Adjusting Knob I is decreased for fine tuning.

DCS Bf 109 K-4
  • Corrected the parking places in the Taxi and Takeoff training mission.

  • MIDS with Link 16 datalink functionality was added
  • Situational Awareness (SA) page basic functionality was added: MSI symbology, PPLI, F/F, and SURV tracks, EW symbols, air defense zones, TUC data, chaff/flares data, waypoints and route, and Sensor subpage
  • IFF was improved: possibility to interrogate target on RDR page with no radar lock
  • Link 16 capable AI aircraft were improved to interact with F/A-18C
  • NCTR function was added
  • Corrected Hornet 1989-OCA.miz
  • Turn rate indication on ADI page was fixed
  • HARM Target of Opportunity (TOO) mode was added
  • Some minor fixes in HARM SP mode
  • Tone for HARM handoff in SP mode was added
  • WYPT indication on HUD will not jumps when heading goes through zero.
  • Switching DDI's from left to right will not causes loss of contacts.
  • On the SA page, the TDC will always be displayed as priority and "over" other symbols.
  • SA TDC will be yellow color.
  • Fixed bug that can caused to ghost contacts on SA page in multiplayer.
  • SA page. Locked donor will be marked star symbol.
  • Only a contact determined as hostile (red, chevron), will have a diamond TD marker on the HUD.
  • Fixed uncommanded roll with crosswind.
  • Added HARM TD box on HUD.
  • F/A-18C. The TDC will be always displayed as priority and "over" other symbols on the SA page.
  • F/A-18C. AGM-65 and AGM-88 don't disappear from stations 2 & 8 after fired fixed.
  • Corrected heading values on radar page.
  • F/A-18C missions: added HARM instant action mission, added more threats, added Hornet Nevada mission, updated sound trigger, updated SAMs, added waypoints, Added Hornet low alt recce mission for Normandy map, added new Hornet instant action caucasus mission, added voice-overs. Added French, Korean and Russian localization. Updated for datalink. The big part of Instant Action missions relocated to the Single missions.
  • SA page with large number of threats will not causes significant FPS hit.
  • Hostile identification on SA fixed (WIP).
  • INS alignment procedure fixed (WIP).
  • Added initial Latent Track While Scan (LTWS) mode
  • Missing AGM-65F timing after re-arming is restored.
  • Correct sequence of bombs release from double rack.
  • Optimization of afterburner nozzles animation.
  • Folded wings produce bug on 2nd and other LODs fixed.
  • INS set correctly on Autostart.
  • INS alignment fixed.
  • Updates to IFF and datalink to include interrogation of already locked target

DCS Flaming Cliffs
  • MiG-29. RPM hangs at 100% if player moves throttle from max to medium position at supersonic speeds is fixed.
  • Su-33. Training lessons from Simon Pearson added.
  • Su-33. Fixed small jumps on carrier spawn.

  • Corrected some cockpit materials: radar indicator, gunsight glass, pilot textures.

  • Added chinese manual.

DCS MiG-15bis
  • Added chinese manual.

DCS MiG-21bis by Magnitude 3 LLC
  • Fixed flight model not reacting to damage values.

DCS Campaigns
A-10C Basic Flight Training (BFT) Campaign:
BFT08 - Corrected Manual Reversion oscillations.
BFT10 - Corrected altitude triggers. Added F10 Nav Point references for VR.
The Enemy Within 3.0
Mission 02: Updated radio settings for the wingman (35.5 FM).
Mission 04: Small adjustments and bug fixes for radio system. Updated laser code in the kneeboard.
Mission 05: Fixed bug where sometimes the RTB conversation wouldn't be played. Wingman will no longer speak after he has been shot down.
Mission 12: Updated timing of some voiceovers.
Mission 16: Fixed bug where HVA would be destroyed even if player killed all enemy units.
Mission 18: Fixed rare bug when some players would not hear comms with Overlord.
Black Shark 2 Republic Campaign. Structure of campaign changed. Minor changes in missions.
L-39 Kursant campaign. Changed banking around targets.
Mi-8MTV2 Oilfield: 16th mission, place of emergency landing of 325th moved to the clean place.
TEW 3.0 by Baltic Dragon
Mission 13: Updated positions of some enemy units to decrease difficulty a little. Fixed occasional bug with allied helos not landing on the roof - now they will land beside the main building.
M-2000C Red Flag by Baltic Dragon
Mission 06: Updated F-14 model and loadout. Reduced skill of Aggressor Phantoms.
Mission 11: Updated triggers for Hawg flights - they should RTB when task is complete. If AI flights crash after mission complete it won't affect the score.