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As of the end of June 1940, the Third Reich was preparing to initiate Operation Adlerangriff (Eagle attack), set sail from France across the Channel and invade England. Since 1066 no foreign power had ever breached the shores of the British Isles.

Britain stood alone in Europe. It was their "darkest hour" and were it not for the determination and fighting spirit of Churchill, the RAF and the whole nation, the Battle of Britain would have been lost and the fate of "all Christian Civilisation" would have been compromised.

The failure of Nazi Germany to destroy Britain's air defences or to break British morale is considered Hitler's first major setback of the War and the "End of the beginning". Thanks to this key victory, Great Britain became a kind of massive aircraft and troop carrier for the allies throughout the War. It permitted the United States to pour in excess of 1'600'000 men and approximately 200'000 bombers and fighters onto British soil, join the RAF and fight shoulder to shoulder to defeat the enemy.

Our map of the South East of England and North Eastern France encompasses historical airfields, urban areas, roads and railways, ports and other features that make it the perfect setting for the World War II air war in Europe between 1940 and 1945. This highly detailed map will also provide a wonderful opportunity to mass deploy ground assets, re-enact epic air battles and enjoy ground operations not yet seen in DCS World.

Release: 10/01/2021

Key Features:

  • 40,000 square kilometres covering the English Channel region, set in the Second World War era.
  • A new level of DCS World object detail that includes the Chain Home radar stations, cities and towns, ports, airfields, factories, and much more
  • Authentic recreations of the ports of Dover, Folkstone, Newhaven in England and Boulogne-Sur-Mer, Calais, and Dunkirk in occupied France.
  • The White Cliffs of Dover and the Seven Sisters
  • A detailed recreation of the Dover Castle complex and other fortifications
  • Nine authentic airbases with grass and paved runways in England and Occupied France:
    • Occupied France airfields include Abbeville Drucat, Dunkirk Mardyck, Merville Calonne, Saint Omer Longuenesse.
    • Airfields in England include Detling, Hawkinge, Lympne, Manston and ALG USAAF High Halden.
    • Inclusion of the V-1 Flying Bomb launch sites in Occupied France.