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DCS: Mi-8MTV2 Magnificent Eight focuses on the Mi-8MTV2 – an upgraded version of one of the most widely produced helicopters in history and a combat transport and fire support veteran of countless operations around the world.

Developed by Belsimtek with help from a seasoned Mi-8 pilot, the expert team behind DCS: UH-1H Huey continues to raise the bar in flight and systems modeling.

Release: 12/02/2016

Left Side Console

Left Side Console
  1. Left side Group 1/2 red lighting dimmers
  2. "РТ ЛЕВ РАБОТАЕТ" "РТ ПРАВ РАБОТАЕТ" LH/RH engine temp regulator operating annunciators
  3. ЭП-662 (EP-662) signal flares control panel
  4. "САРПП РАБОТАЕТ" Flight Data Recorder (FDR) operating annunciator
  5. МВУ-10К (MVU-10K) pneumatic system air pressure gauge
  6. РИ-65Б (RI-65B) Voice Warning System remote control panel
  7. МА-60К (MA-60K) air pressure gauge for the Landing Gear Wheel Brake System
  8. Control panel 484 of "device 6201" (IFF responder)
  9. Control panel 485 of "device 6201" (IFF responder)
  10. П-503Б (P-503B) cockpit voice recorder (CVR) control panel
  1. "ВКЛЮЧИ ЗАПАСНОЙ" ("Set Reserve") annunciator
  2. Device T-819 (encoder) power switch
  3. External cargo auto release switch
  4. "СТВОРКИ ОТКРЫТЫ" ("Doors open") annunciator
  5. "ЗАМОК ОТКРЫТ" ("Shackle open") annunciator
  6. "СИРЕНА ВКЛЮЧЕНА" ("Horn on") annunciator
  7. Air horn button
  8. Code NAV lights button
  9. FDR power switch
  10. LH/RH engine temp regulator test buttons
  11. EGT gauge ground and air test buttons
  12. ИВ-500Е (IV-500E) engine vibration indicator test button

Left Triangular Panel

Left Triangular Panel
  1. Windshield wiper switch
  2. СПУУ-52 (SPUU-52) tail rotor pitch limit system power switch
  3. Radar altimeter power switch
  4. РИ-65 (RI-65) Voice Warning System (VWS) power switch
  5. Pitot tube heating test switch
  1. "ОБОГРЕВ ИСПРАВЕН" (Heater OK) annunciator
  2. "ВКЛЮЧИ РИ-65" (Turn on VWS) annunciator
  3. ВК-53 (VK-53) gyro correction cutout power switch
  4. Left attitude indicator power switch
  5. Fan power switch
  6. Dome light switch

Left Overhead Console

Left Overhead Console
  1. Pilot-Commander's weapons control panel
  2. Anti-ice system control panel
  3. "ОБОГРЕВ ИСПРАВЕН" (Anti-ice normal) annunciator
  4. Р-863 (R-863) VHF radio FM/AM switch
  5. Р-863 (R-863) VHF radio channel selector
  1. Anti-ice system annunciator panel
  2. АФ1-150 (AF1-150) ammeter
  3. Section 1…4 annunciator panel
  4. Ammeter load current selector switch
  5. "ОБЛЕДЕН" (Icing) "ПОС ВКЛЮЧЕНА" (Anti-ice ON) annunciators

Center Overhead Console

Center Overhead Console
  1. Fire extinguisher system panel
  2. Fire extinguisher system panel annunciators
  3. APU start control panel
  4. Fire extinguisher system test panel
  5. APU EGT indicator
  1. APU air pressure indicator
  2. Fuel system control panel
  3. Engine start control panel
  4. Hydraulic system control panel
  5. Main hydraulic system pressure indicator
  6. Reserve hydraulic system pressure indicator

Right Overhead Console

Right Overhead Console
  1. АРК-15 (ARK-15) ADF control panel
  2. АРК-УД (ARK-UD) ADF control panel
  3. ПУ-26 (PU-26) control panel of the ГМК-1А (GMK-1A) gyrocompass system
  1. АРК-15 (ARK-15) frequency dial selector
  2. КО-50 heater temp regulator switch
  3. KO-50 heater control panel