DCS: MiG-21bis Constant Peg Campaign

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The Constant Peg Campaign is based on operations carried out by the USAF's 4477th Test and Evaluation Squadron, the 'Red Eagles'. These 10 missions are set in 1988 and replicate the unit's typical operations from Tonopah Test Range Airfield, Nevada. You will take flight in a MiG-21 to expose pilots from operational units to Soviet aircraft, and to replicate adversary tactics during realistic combat training scenarios. Face off against the F-14 Tomcat and F-15 Eagle in one versus one and two versus two air combat. Lead your flight against a larger force during realistic Fighter Weapons School 'Mission Employment' training and a 'Red Flag' exercise mission.

This campaign was designed in partnership with Steve Davies, author of Red Eagles: America's Secret Migs, host of the 10 Percent True: Tales from the Cockpit podcast, and the authority on Constant Peg operations. He brought with him access to the real Red Eagles pilots, whose technical guidance was used to ensure this is the most realistic experience possible.

Release: 10/20/2021

Key features:

  • 10 missions based on first-hand accounts of Constant Peg operations
  • A Campaign Introduction by Steve Davies and 10 sets of PDF briefings adapted from USAF standards
  • Custom kneeboard pages for each mission including a reproduction of an actual Red Eagles MiG-21 checklist
  • Hundreds of authentic voice overs that recreate the actual callsigns and procedures


Voiceovers English
Briefings/Subtitles English