Aerges introduces the F-104

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26 aug
Aerges introduces the F-104

The Aerges Team is excited to present their upcoming DCS: F-104 module. Using the experience gained developing the DCS: C-101 Aviojet and the DCS: Mirage F1 modules, they will certainly deliver the most accurate simulation of this exceptional and iconic machine.

Designed by the legendary Kelly Johnson, of P-38, U-2 and SR-71, the F-104 was initially designed to counter the threat posed by the MiG-15 over Korea, and later the MiG-17. Equipped with a single J79-GE-19 turbo jet installed in a very small and lightweight aircraft, the F-104 had excellent airspeed and acceleration qualities that outmatched aircraft of the same era.

Armed with a 725-round M61A1 20mm autocannon and up to two AIM-9 Sidewinders, the F-104 was a within visual range fighter that relied on high-speed slashing attacks rather than turning dogfights due to its poor turn rates. Although optimized for the interceptor role, it could also be armed with unguided rockets and bombs for ground attack.

An AN/ASG-14T1 ranging radar and fire control computer enabled the F-104 to search for aerial targets out to 40 nm and track them within 10 nm.

The F-104 took part in the 1958 Taiwan Strait Crisis and played a deterrent force during the Berlin Crisis of 1961. Between 1965 and 1967, it flew 5,206 sorties during the Vietnam War. In 1971, Pakistani F-104s took part in the Indo-Pakistan War.