A sneak peek at the F-15E Strike Eagle by Razbam

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12 may
A sneak peek at the F-15E Strike Eagle by Razbam

“Progress on the DCS: F-15E Strike Eagle is coming along well as we steadily check off completed systems for Early Access.”


The final touches on the major systems include the Heads Up Display (HUD) Modes, Up-Front Controller (UFC) data, and Multi-Purpose Display (MPD) logic continues. RAZBAM is also focused on completing the AN/AGP-70 radar that includes both air-to-air and air-to-ground modes and sub-modes. The radar has been faithfully recreated using new technologies for DCS. A prime example of this is the Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) mode that allows you to build detailed radar maps from many miles away. One of the last items to complete before early access release is the authentic F-15E sound set.

Flight modeling is progressing well, it incorporates the Control Augmentation Systems (CAS) and autopilot system. Soon after the Early Access release, the ability to operate in "Blended Mode" with the upcoming Terrain Following Radar (TFR) will be added.

Furthermore, the majority of the 3D model is complete, and ready for early access with minor enhancements and tuning to be done later. At Early Access release, the DCS: F-15E Strike Eagle will include VR pilot bodies, “Ghost Controls”, and adjustable mirrors. Please stay tuned for more Strike Eagle news.