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21 oct
KA-50 Upgrade

The Black Shark 3 Upgrade Program will allow all existing owners of the Black Shark 2 to upgrade to Black Shark 3 at a reduced price. Now is a great time to download DCS: Ka-50 Black Shark 2 to get to grips with this fearsome beast in time for the Black Shark 3. 

3D Helicopter Model

The completely new and more accurately detailed 3D model is based on newly available data, drawings and photographs. The model incorporates our latest technologies and materials, which will bring the Black Shark 3 to the current standards of recent DCS modules and exceed it. A novel modeling of internal compartments, engines, transmission, and control elements is a first for a DCS module. All of this exquisite detail can be seen under the hatches.

Air-to-Air Missiles

Igla missiles are similar to those used in MANPADS and they are designed to intercept subsonic aircraft out to 5 km. New wingtip pylons have been added for Igla missiles that provide two additional hardpoints to the four existing ones. 

Missile Warning System

The sensors of the Missile Warning System (MWS) are integrated into the onboard defense system with the ability to display detected threats on the ABRIS display. Four combined MWS sensors operate in the IR and UV ranges, and they are located in pairs on the nose and tail of the helicopter. When a launch is detected, a missile launch warning is displayed on the ABRIS display and automatic dispensing of flares is possible.

Inertial Navigation System

The inertial navigation system in the Ka-50 is now based on complex information processing algorithms using the Kalman filter - just like in real navigation systems. The calculator receives data from several navigation sensors. Based on these input data, the Kalman filter vector is calculated, consisting of three-axis coordinates, velocities, heading, drift angle, and wind speed. Thanks to the filter, even if one or more navigation sensors fail or give out data with a large error, the navigation parameters will continue to be calculated indirectly through data from other sensors. This model of the inertial navigation system is the most advanced in DCS and will be used in the development of new aircraft.

For fans of the classic Ka-50 of Black Shark 2, there will be a Mission Editor option to remove the Missile Warning System (MWS) sensors and Igla Air-to-Air missiles.