Open Beta 2.7.10

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28 jan

In Open Beta 2.7.10, fixes and additions have been added to both DCS core and modules. A number of AI-related bugs and crashes have been fixed, and the Messages History log is a new feature that enables you to find all previous radio and trigger messages. 

The DCS: F-16C now has Dive Toss (DTOS) bombing mode, and the long version ALQ-184 ECM pod has been added. Please watch the details in Matt Wagner’s Viper tutorial series: DCS: F-16C Viper | DTOS. The F-14A/B Tomcat’s AIM-54 Phoenix now boasts refined and corrected performance based on updated CFD data analysis. 

Improvements have also been made to the DCS: M-2000C Mirage autopilot. Significant fixes and additions to DCS: JF-17 Thunder, DCS: AV-8B NightAttack, DCS: MiG-19P Farmer, and other aircraft have also been made.  A number of additions are also included in our paid campaigns. Read the full changelog