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15 oct

In a recent DCS: Supercarrier update the functionality of the upcoming Air Boss station and Briefing Room was described. Both features will provide interactivity that requires changes to the ViewCore subsystems. In order to smoothly transition between the Air Boss station, Briefing Room, and LSO station, we have created a special Camera Route Editor and an advanced view system that allows custom bookmarks to be created on the carrier deck and other locations. This adds camera movement route options to help create spectacular scenes for video creators.

Over the past six month we have been working on a human motion model with intelligent behavior for infantry and deck crews. We have started with the deck crew, and we will scale it to infantry units. Both logics will receive two new behaviours: Obstacle Avoidance and Dynamic Reroute according to the situation. Re-routing behaviour is based on a path search algorithm with any-angle path planning. 

Obstacle Avoidance is based on the Optimal Reciprocal Collision Avoidance (ORCA) method used for holonomic robots with several restrictions on linear and angular speeds, linear acceleration, and discreteness of animation. The first phase of the development is complete and cases must now be considered for when aircraft are passing by, directing aircraft to and from a parking position, avoiding moving aircraft, different states of service and interruptions, etc.