Operation Talon's Reach (MP Co-Op 4, A-10C)

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A-10C Warthog

Operation Talon's Reach (MP Co-Op 4, A-10C)

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Date - 05/01/2013 18:45:39
Abkhazian forces pushed south of the Inguri River and are now occupying Senaki, Poti, Zugdidi and surrounding areas.  

Three platoons of US special forces, under the callsign TALON, are moving in "light and fast"  just north of Senaki, taking advantage of a weak point in enemy lines.  The goal: to capture a regional high-point on Eki Mountain.  From this vantage point,  TALON will have a commanding view of the enemy positions to the north, west and south.

Boar 21/22 and Boar 27/28 will be providing support for TALON as they gain a foothold on Eki Mountain.  Once in position, TALON will be calling in air and artillery strikes on enemy positions across the valley.

A CIA unit, callsign "PROPHET", will be providing real-time intel to TALON based on enemy radio chatter intercepts and drone recon.

VAPOR 51 & 61 (2xF-117A) will be tasked with taking out the bridges along the Inguri River, taking away the Abkhazians ability to reinforce from the north.  

BONE 71 (B1-B) will be tasked with pummeling the Eki Mountain summit defenses and communications towers just prior to TALON's arrival.  

UZI 41 & 42 (2xAH-64D) out of Kutaisi AB, will work on the armored units along the Forward Edge of Battle Area (FEBA) near Senaki.

1 - T/O Vaziani AB 0545 hours
2 - Top off fuel at ARCO
3 - CHECK IN w/ TALON at CP for tasking (use F10/Other/ radio commands)
4 – Rearm/repair at Batumi as needed (Check Out/Check In as leaving and returning to AO)  
5 - RTB Vaziani when mission complete

Batumi is available for emergency divert, repairs and limited rearm.  
Priority targets are armor, artillery, C2, and other assets identified by TALON.  Air defenses are secondary and should be pursued only as needed to complete tasking.  TALON will be vectoring in airstrikes and artillery within your area of operations, so maintain contact to ensure you are clear of these vectors when called.
TALON 30/31/32 - 6x APC M1043 HMMWV, 9x ATGM HMMWV 1045
BOAR 21/22 - 2x A-10C
BOAR 27/28 - 2x A-10C
BONE 71 - B-1B
VAPOR 51 - F117A
VAPOR 61 - F117A
UZI 3 - 2x UH-64D
UZI 4 - 2x UH-64D
MAGIC 11 - 1x E-3A (AWACS) (254.225)
ARCO 11 - 1x KC-135 (TCN 21Y, 257.750)
Heavy AAA, light MANPADS (SA-18), possible SA-9 and SA-13.  Expect threats to be concentrated over city centers (Senaki, Zugdidi, Poti).  *** Avoid overflying the cities if possible ***
Payload: As directed by flight lead, supply unlimited.
Package/Common on 254.225 UHF (Preset 1 Mid)
ARCO 11 on 257.750 UHF (Preset 2 Mid)
Mostly Clear, Calm Winds, -1C
UTM Coordinates and/or bullseye/offsets will be used.

*** Use F10/Other/ radio commands for check in, tasking updates, and check out with TALON.  You will be notified by MAGIC when CHECK IN option is available,  near waypoint “CP” (Contact Point). ***

Mission inspired by (and very loosely based on) the book “Lions of Kandahar” by Maj. Rusty Bradley, depicting Talon groups’ role in the Battle of Sperwan Ghar.
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