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DCS: World 2.5
A-10C II Tank Killer
King of the Hill - Combined Arms - CAS - version 1.3

King of the Hill - Combined Arms - CAS - version 1.3

Author - marginal
Date - 02/23/2021 03:51:47
You're a Combined Joint Task Forces Blue (CJTF) Sector Commander watching a ridge in no-mans land south of you. You’ve just received reports of RedFor tanks and APC's moving from their front lines towards a town on the ridge at Objective A.

You have sent a patrol of 4 tanks and 2 light armour vehicles to the ridge to investigate the incursion.

Mozdok Airbase is scrambling SEAD/DEAD and CAP aircraft to clear the airspace for CAS flights that may be needed later. We have air superiority over the battlefield but are expecting patrols from enemy attack helicopters.

BluFor has a drone flying to the battle area to better assess the situation. It is also providing smoke or laser designation for CAS missions.

Artillery and MLRS batteries are available for specific fire missions.

As the fight develops your Commander will release additional tanks and light armoured vehicles to you.

+++ Version 1.3 changes +++
A10C, A10C2, AV8B client aircraft added
TACAN added: Mozdok airport, channel 21X

Weather Conditions on June 21 at 0500 local time:
Temperature 23C
Clear skies
Light winds from the west.
Altimeter QNH 29.92

Ground units:

Access units using Combined Arms commands

- Tanks and light armoured vehicles released at the discretion of Theatre Commander
- 2 fast moving scout groups with TOW anti-tank and SAM capability
- 2 mobile SAM groups to protect your armour and light vehicles
- 2 ammunition replenishment truck groups with SAM support
- 1 artillery group with additional ammunition support
- 2 MLRS groups with additional ammunition support
- Various support vehicles and tanks in guard positions


Access the “aircraft tasking” menu through the F10 menu. Aircraft will dispatch as single units.

- 4 AV8B aircraft with CAS loadout
- 4 F18 aircraft with CAS, SEAD and CAP loadouts
- 4 A10C2 aircraft with CAS loadout
- 4 AH64D attack helicopters with CAS anti-armour loadout
- 4 F16 aircraft with CAS and CAP loadouts

5 client aircraft have CAS loadouts. Change loadouts and aircraft in the mission editor as required. Access aircraft by selecting ESCape and choose a slot.

1 drone is orbiting the ridge. Use the F10 “Designation” to access drone reports, smoke and lasing functions. You must be in a vehicle or aircraft to access this menu.

Red Task:

Attack and hold the ridge. Maintain control of the Red base area south of the ridge.

Blue Task:

Use all the resources available to you to consolidate and maintain control of OBJECTIVE A and B on the ridge.

After Redfor attacks towards the ridge lose momentum, replenish ammunition then move into the valley towards the area south of the ridge then find and capture the 2 red bases. Sweep the areas for enemy dug-in armour emplacements and bunkers with air or ground forces.

Additional tips and information:
Request CAS and CAP flights using the F10 menu

Depending on the assessed SAM and air threat many of your aircraft will be tasked automatically, no input is required. CAP and SEAD tasking will take 20-30 minutes and then aircraft will return to base and be available for retasking after approx 60 minutes. CAP will stay on station for approx 45 minutes before returning to base to rearm and refuel

It takes approx 5-10 minutes from an aircraft tasking request until the aircraft is airborne. Take this into account when coordinating with your ground forces.

Once an aircraft is airborne, you can assign it a target.

When you occupy any vehicle or aircraft you will have access to the drone through the F10 Designation menu. You can look at detected targets using the status report. Allow a few minutes after mission start for the drone to identify targets. You can drop coloured smoke or lase targets through this menu. The drone will prioritize the highest air threat targets when lasing.  

Both Combined Joint Task Forces Blue (CJTF-Blue) and CJTF-Red often use the same vehicle equipment types. Positively identify your targets before engaging to avoid friendly fire incidents.

RedFor will initially push to OBJECTIVE A. They will delay pushing to OBJECTIVE B unless you occupy positions near that objective.

RedFor Tanks and APC's are equipped with anti tank guided missiles (ATGM) with a range approx 5000 meters. If enemy tanks stop their advance at that distance, they are preparing to fire an ATGM. The BlueFor MBT is the Leclerc. Its main advantage is fast ammunition loading time, but you can’t engage until approx 3200 meters with anti-tank ammunition. You are less likely to get hit with ATGMs if you can occupy a position hull down or in the trees.

You can engage enemy APC's with HE ammunition at approx 4000 meters.

Enemy fast scout units are equipped with TOW anti-tank missiles, range is approx 5000 meters.

You should anticipate sporadic RedFor attack helicopter patrols from the Beslan area. Once enemy helicopters observe your positions expect artillery strikes aimed at vulnerable units like trucks and light armoured vehicles.

Additional images and briefing packages at:

Special thanks to:

@khopa and the DCS Liberation Dev Team for creating the CJTF coalition. This allows you to use any vehicle or aircraft in any coalition.

The developers of MOOSE scripting.

The following add-ons are not required but will enhance your DCS experience:

Better Smoke for DCS World 2.5.6

DiCE: DCS Integrated Countermeasure Editor v4.2 by Bailey

IR/FLIR Blur Fix
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