F/A-18C Hornet - VFA-136 Knighthawks (c.2007) v2.6a

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F/A-18C Hornet - VFA-136 Knighthawks (c.2007) v2.6a

Type - Skin
Uploaded by - Tholozor
Date - 08/11/2019 17:10:49
Pack contains 3 liveries of VFA-136 from their last combat deployment with the Legacy Hornet in 2007 (July through December). During this time, the squadron was deployed aboard the USS Enterprise (CVN-65) with Carrier Air Wing 1 (CVW-1/AB). Combat operations were conducted in support of OIF and OEF over Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2008, the Knighthawks transitioned to the Lot 30 Super Hornet, and were the first squadron to perform initial carrier certification aboard the USS George H.W. Bush (CVN-77) in 2009.

- Generic livery (proper modex is 3xx series)
- CAG livery (BuNo.163718/AB-300)
- CO livery (BuNo.163736/AB-301)

- Squadron-accurate static aircraft coverings.
- Pilots wear tan flight suits with corrected rank insignia and have accurate helmet markings.
- All paint colors accurate to Federal Standard colors as outlined in MIL-STD-2161
- Safety first! Almost all bombs appear with thermal coatings when loaded.

UPDATE: v2.6a
- Fixed missing BuNo on CO livery.

UPDATE: v2.6
- Low and high visibility tail art adjusted based on reference photos.
- 'AB' tail code adjusted based on reference photos.
- 'NO PUSH' stenciling removed fr om rudders based on reference photos.
- Added 'elephant ears' to HGU-68 helmet.
- Updated top velcro on JHMCS to match HGU-68 top velcro.
- Custom GBU-12 texture adjusted with white guidance kit and green fins.

UPDATE: v2.5
- Re-colored countermeasure dispensers with chaff/flare cartridge colors.
- Adjusted engine intake stencils and font.
- Adjusted bureau number, USS Enterprise, and NAVY stencil positions and font.
- Added cockpit alignment marks based on reference photos.
- Adjusted positions of Pyrotechnic and Cartridge Ejection warning stencils on CAG livery based on reference photos.
- Adjusted some smaller fuselage stencils to be hi-vis on CAG livery based on reference photos.
- Added single red-colored band to the arresting hook based on reference photos.
- Adjusted position of stencil for door 24L to match 24R.
- Increased size of VFA stencil based on reference photos.
- Added a missing color strip for CAG vertical stab modex when viewed fr om below.
- Fixed missing color band on lo-vis external fuel tank.
- Added CO livery (BuNo. 163736/AB-301).

UPDATE: v2.4
- Fixed uneven blue paint between left/right halves of vertical stab tops on CAG livery.
- Adjusted/Added helmet textures for 2.9.3.
- Minor corrections to some details on aft quarter panels based on new reference photo.
- Antenna radomes on vertical stabs recolored.
- Fixed roughmet on pilot patch (inverted depth).
- Changed CAG pilot rank fr om Captain (O-6) to Commander (O-5).

UPDATE: v2.3c
- Fixed a missing dirt layer on the standard livery.
UPDATE: v2.3b
- Fixed missing CAG modex on trailing-edge flaps.
UPDATE: v2.3a
- Fixed missing CAG/DCAG/COTY markings.

UPDATE: v2.3
- Updated pilot and helmet textures for new models added with
- Adjusted patch textures (flipped CAG rank, removed nametag).
- Removed selectable HGU-68 and associated textures (visor argument no longer exists, will be revisited later).

UPDATE: v2.2
- Redone stencils with new font and proper MIL-STD coloring:
    = DO NOT PAINT on antennae
    = NO STEP markers on LEX, wings, and stabs
    = Air Turbine Starter Exhaust
    = Ground (Earth) markers
    = Gun Electrical Safety Switch panel
    = Sling/Hoist Points on upper fuselage
    = Liquid Coolant (plus coolant symbol)
    = Chaff Disp. Safety Switch panel
    = Normal Canopy Control panel
    = Canopy External Manual Opening Receptacle
    = Gun Scavenge door
    = No Unfiltered External Power on Carrier Deck
    = Portside ladder marking
- Weathering adjusted on Door 8 (single-point fueling panel) and Gun Scavenge door access points.
- Updated description.lua files for new modex code
- Adjusted modex texture alpha
- Reduced normal/specular texture size (size optimization)
- Added additional dirt wh ere the radome meets the forward fuselage (covered a noticeable strip wh ere no dirt was present)

UPDATE: v2.1
- JHMCS and HGU-68 helmets redone with new textures; major improvement on the normal and roughmet textures for the reflective tape effect.

UPDATE: v2.0
- File Structure: ALL textures are now stored in the VFA-136 Shared folder. All description.lua files now point to this folder. Recommended to delete all older versions.
- JHMCS and HGU-68 are now selectable for Line and CAG liveries.
- Helmet textures adjusted with 'tape' effect.
- Engine nozzle normal map slightly toned down.
- Engine nozzle interior made slightly dirtier.
- Replaced CAG marking with DCAG marking on CAG livery starboard side based on new reference photo.
- Mirrored 'Chief of the Year' marking on starboard NLG door on CAG livery.
- Replaced NATO fuel symbol marking in corrected location with fuel codes.
- Replaced external electrical connection symbol with adjusted symbol and VAC/VDC values.
- Adjusted squadron name width on external fuel tanks.

UPDATE: v1.10
- Added custom normal and roughness maps for the FPU-8/A to reflect the new filler cap.
- File Size Optimization: Textures shared between the generic and CAG liveries are now stored in a REQUIRED 'VFA-136 Shared' folder; description.lua files have been updated to point to this directory.

UPDATE: v1.9
- Pilot texture updated to new format (custom glove texture removed in lieu of new Nomex glove model).
- Liveries now available for CJTF Blue.

UPDATE: v1.8
- Adjusted AIM-9M-8 texture (NAVAIR markings moved, 9M-8 stencil moved, missile texture now low-vis).
- Added custom GBU-12 texture with gray thermal protection and olive drab Paveway kit.
- FPU-8/A altered with proper jet fuel filler cap.

UPDATE: v1.7
- Updated the description.lua for GBU-24 to appear as thermally-protected.
- Added slight opacity to the 'AB' tail code.

UPDATE: v1.6
- Updated pilot body texture with new face.
- Updated AIM-9M-8 texture with U.S. Naval Air Systems Command markings.
- Updated the description.lua for GBU-32 to appear as thermally-protected.

UPDATE: v1.5
- Added argument 509 to the description.lua to ensure JHMCS is selected on external model.
- Corrected the description.lua to properly use the custom normal map on the rear half of the model.

UPDATE: v1.4
- Increased exterior weathering (desaturated color, increased dirt).
- Added additional grime to the panels wh ere the TEFs meet the wing.
- Adjusted normal map (slightly enhanced fuselage panels and rivets).
- Adjusted AO map (removed baked AO under the centerline and wing pylons).
- Adjusted roughness map (slight decrease of main panel reflectivity to make the paint appear more matte).
- Adjusted metallic map (slight increase to fuselage access panel edges and access points).
- Updated tan flight suit texture (removed visible Velcro on arms, undershirt changed from black to blue).
- Updated pilot patch to new format (CAG right shoulder rank will appear incorrect due to lack of mirroring).
- Updated JHMCS texture to new format (Knighthawks emblem now centered aft).
- Removed custom helmet visor coloration, new default more accurate now.

UPDATE: v1.3
- Corrected inconsistent weathering of the fuselage no-slip treads between the fore and aft sections.
- New pilot textures for more accurate CMU-33 vest, LPU-36/P life preserver, and commonly-worn Wiley X flight gloves.
- Adjusted pilot JHMCS visor opacity and coloration.

UPDATE: v1.2
- Corrected missing vertical tail modex on CAG livery.
- Configured the description.lua to use pre-existing appearance for thermally-protected bombs for GBU-10/12/16/31/38 and Mk-82/82SE/83/84 (reverts to standard appearance when dropped).

UPDATE: v1.1
- Adjusted wing U.S. National Roundel positions to be slightly more accurate.
- Added custom texture for AIM-9M-8 (proper variant for Navy aircraft).
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